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  1. Thank you guys! I'll see how things go, don't worry I read all of your posts, I was asleep xD To emphasise more on my project, I'm only thinking of doing around over a hundred unique activities with a lot of them procedurally generated. I also allocated 6 hours a week for this project as I have other commitments. I don't know what will happen. Sure, the design part is the most fun IMO but I just hope I'll be able to do it. Again, thank you. :)
  2. I can understand. I don't think I'd care if it took me 10 years. I'm only 20, I can take my time. XD    I guess I can see what Jacmoe said, it can be done, just would take ages...
  3. Yo! I've made a topic here before and it was about an idea I've had and only found it was impossible. I've been making another simple 2d platformer and it's been quite decent. Except now I got an idea that is quite innovative and am going to scrap my hard work, problem is? I've only seen AAA dev teams along the lines of Rockstar and Ubisoft pull it off properly. That is, a fully open 3d world... My idea is along the lines of a game with an open world that includes fully open progression. What do I mean? A game that has no main story missions/quests and is progressed as the player does what they want to do, everything unlockable such as abilities, weapons and customisation is locked behind an experience system. Which is basically earned through doing the activities you want. The world will be around as big as Saints Row. So not all that huge at all but will be regularly updated after release. And will have a specialisation system for a more traditional sense of progression. It will be done on Unreal Engine but I just don't know if I have the skills for this...
  4. Ahh SL is a big inspiration and I played it a fair bit. Yeah, my ambitions are pretty similar. XD I just don't know how to sustain the servers and such as a one man team. Everything else I can do but most if not all MMOs/multiplayer games have teams of 100+
  5. So I did a Developer Journal and deleted it straight away due to sounding completely silly.   I called it "Project Will" and had to do with an MMO kind of thing that was a completely player-driven sandbox. I want to outsource it but the costs will be ginormous. I want to develop it myself but I have absolutely no skills besides art. What do I do with this idea?   The dot points I posted:   An ambitious project to change the gaming landscape Completely player driven No NPCs, quests or built in lore Online, persistent world Combat is optional Many occupations to take Players will be able to build their own assets maybe making a profit Players carve their own story Native Oculus Rift support Basically true sandbox No intro or tutorials, straight into the action from the start No mobs, players take care of that role Griefing will somehow be disallowed Players can opt out of PvP situations Procedurally generated world as well as public events Playable personas completely customizable from scratch, only with choosing their species and race Multiple servers with different "procedurally generated" worlds respectively There will be a limit in customization, materials in the world can only be used to customize Limit in world size, maybe the size of France Servers treated as "nations" somewhat, invading other servers maybe possible Social interaction with other players very important but not mandatory Players shape the lore themselves Cave formations can be found and not instanced World will start out with no buildings, players create their own using a separate application Limits in what you can make, for setting purposes   Basically everything I thought of that has to do with the mechanics. The setting and style i'm not sure about right now.   Hope someone can help. :)
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