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    How to get a job in Graphic programming?

      Thank you for the advance and im going to get to work at expanding my work into other projects and target other job within the industry.
  2. dragonCASTjosh

    How to get a job in Graphic programming?

    Having two separate portfolios (as in: two different pages) will only confuse people. You can however have multiple projects on your portfolio which focus on different aspects. One more thing. A quick Google search about you turned up some things that I personally wouldn't want my potential employers to find, like the videos of your 16th birthday on YouTube.     good point ill remove that vid and the other like it
  3. dragonCASTjosh

    How to get a job in Graphic programming?

      Thanks for the advice and i will get straight to that.     I understand you point and im happy to settle for any position in the games industry, although graphics is my ideal.  Do you think its work me making 2 porfolio 1 based around game programming projects and the other based around graphics programming projects.
  4. dragonCASTjosh

    How to get a job in Graphic programming?

      Thanks for the feedback and ill work through the poinst 1 at a time.   and to clear up on the looking for a job whilst in education, my tutors have stated that my programming abilities are way above avarage for college level but i stuggle to get my head around other sections of the corse like art and animation. These sections are draging my grade down to the point where univercitys that offer graphic specific corses are above the grades i have. My tutor suggested that college and education along them lines does not benifit me as all my skills are self tought, and that it would be a good idea to look into getting a job instead of education.
  5. dragonCASTjosh

    How to get a job in Graphic programming?

      Ill get to work on that right now, thanks
  6. So for a while now i have been looking to get a job in graphics programming but have had no sucsess so far. I would like to know if there is any advice you could give me on getting a job, and if there is anything i am doing wrong.   please feedback on any suggestions you have for me   Here is my CV/ Resume: https://dragoncastjosh.wordpress.com/online-cv/ and here is my Porfolio: https://dragoncastjosh.wordpress.com/graphics-programming/   If you see this and your looking to hire a programmer i am happy to work in any position, but i do not have the money to move, therfore somewhere around notthingham in the UK would be perfect. Although i might be able to organise moving around the UK if needed.    -------- Edited: updated website to current feedback
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