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  1. phone for dev

    Oops, just to mention I will be using J2ME.
  2. phone for dev

    Hi I'm getting a new mobile phone today (dropped the Samsung D500 and broke the screen for the fifth time!! grr!) Wondering if anyone can reccomend a mobile phone that'll be good for developing for? Last time I looked into it was with the D500 and basically it turned out it would be a terrible phone as the only way to get the games to the phone would be to download them (costly) and the java implementation was meanta be shitty. So basically the phones open to me with the new contract will be pretty much all new phones excluding the smart phones and stuff. Obviously also I don't want to end up with a dud phone, I quite liked the D500 aside from the fact that I always seemed to wake up from a night out with no memory of how that screen stopped working.
  3. What games are you into now?

    Got a few games last week, Far Cry looks lovely but is fairly average. Still great fun with my new 5.1 setup, my headphones with only output to the left ear were becoming...kind of unbearable. Viking Invasion is ace too, should've bought it ages ago. Had a little LAN party with mates at the weekend too, so played plenty of CoD and WarCraft III: pwned everyone on the latter and consistently came in 2nd/3rd in the former :).
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