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  1. A game similar to papers please in the sense that you oversee transport and immigration but at a higher level. The player will be given multiple choices such as accepting or denying an immigrant to deporting or imprisoning people. The goal of the job is to make sure the law is followed and the people are safe, but the players goal is to make enough money to have a kid because childbirth rights are reserved for the rich. The game is supposed to be a simulation set in the future, and deals with what's morally right. There are very strict population and movement laws.   The player will mainly oversee immigrants and handle their cases.   -Case types- Immigration In - An immigrant   wants to move to the country Visitation In - An immigrant   wants to visit the country. Work In - An immigrant   wants to work in the country. Immigration Out- Someone wants to leave the country. Visitation Out - Someone wants to visit another country. Work Out - Someone wants to work outside the country. Immigrant Crime - An immigrant  has committed a crime. Immigrant Complaint - Someone has complained about an immigrant. Citizenship - Someone wants to be a considered citizen. Personhood - Someone wants to be considered a person.   Each person will have a case, which is a description of the persons Information, Status, and History. The player will use this to judge the person's fate.   -Person’s Information- Passport Movement Card ID Gen tag   -Person’s Status- Civil status Statements Financial stats   -History- Legal history Notable history Movement history   I will be spending the next 30-40(maybe 50) days trying to make this game, so I need feedback on my ideas, real feedback. I need to know if it seems good, what seems bad, things to cut, things to add, and what is unclear. *** Flame if needed, just don't give me a "yep"***
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