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    Colorful casual 2D arts and more

    Hi GameDev.net Dwellers, My name is Alexey. I'm a game artist from St.Petersburg, Russia. I've been dealing with 2D game arts for more than 7 years by now and have been through a lot of projects with different companies big and small. I'm a one man army concerning 2D game arts : I can do everything from Sketches and Concepts, to final Ingame Art Asserts render, Icons and Props, Character Design, UI elements, Marketing Illustrations and Logo Designs, Maps and Background Layouts, Animations, And everything in between really . Mainly I steak to this fun casual cartoony look which is so popular with mobile games these days. If you would need something outside my skill box I could find, manage and art direct proper artist for you at most reasonable rates. Kind Regards, Alexey
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