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    PyDark 2D Game framework (Python/PyGame Library)

    Greetings: I am pleased to announce that i am working on a 2D game making engine called PyDark Creator that will utilize our PyDark 2D game framework to quickly develop games! Non-programmers and Python programmers alike will be able to utilize the engine to create games. PyDark Creator is being designed to reflect YoYo Games Gamemaker, thus, users that are familiar with GameMaker will find PyDark Creator very similar to what they are accustomed too. Although PyDark Creator will hide most of the Python and PyDark code from your view, the engine will allow you to edit the games code directly and even create scripts(or snippets) that you can use all throughout your project(s). I'll be updating this thread as I progress through the development stages. Here's are some screenshots. Regards, Froweey
  2. SirFroweey

    How to import a custom module?

    You are running Python - IDLE(Shell) from a location outside from where your script is located.   Option 1). Open the directory where the pyperclip.py file is located. Then right click on it and select edit with Python - IDLE. This will change IDLEs current working directory. Option 2). Open up Terminal and CD to the location of pyperclip.py then run the command: python pyperclip.py.   Now you'll be able to import pyperclip.py with: import pyperclip
  3. Great job using PyGame! While C++ is faster, it isn't as easy to pick up and make games as it is in Python/PyGame. That being said, I'm developing a 2D game framework on-top of PyGame that employs a bunch of optimization techniques and trips to max out performance. Furthermore, my framework comes built-in with online multiplayer networking code via Twisted. If this seems like a fit for you, you're more than welcomed to join my frameworks community at www.pydark.com
  4. SirFroweey

    Creating a game with Python

    You can use my creation: PyDark 2D Game framework. It's built on-top of Python and PyGame and allows you to quickly create 2D games with less code.   http://www.gamedev.net/topic/665124-pydark-2d-game-framework-pythonpygame-library/
  5. Greetings:   PyDark is a new general-purpose 2d game framework I am building for Python developers looking to quickly create 2D games for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. The framework is still early in its development stages, but already contains code for general sprite functionality, collision testing, user-interface and online mutiplayer net code. PyDark takes care of several details for you so you can focus on the game itself. This makes more rapid game development possible, and it also makes the framework easy to learn.   That being said, I am a huge Python/Django fan, thus I am adopting: ideas, code, and concepts from the Web framework. In fact, the server-sided net code utlizes the Django-ORM to perform database-related tasks. This gives PyDark another layer of awesomeness and abides by Python's object-oriented design.   Remember that PyDark is still early in development, but if you are looking for a 2D game framework that is built on-top of PyGame(SDL) and have limited time to create games. PyDark may be the premier option for you.   PyDark will continue to be expanded, modified and enhanced as the framework progresses in development.   http://www.pydark.com
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