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  1. Great news, everyone! North Games Jam is here!   North Games Jam is a free online-based game jam taking place from 2 to 16 of February 2015 sponsored by Unity and with a support of GamesJam.org and Patteri entrepreneurship society(Finland)! Show your game, collect votes from the audience and the jury and get chance to win Unity Pro 1-year license for your team! The main features of the Jam:   ·         You can use pre-made assets and early-stage alpha versions   ·         You can work with your existing teams   ·         Every team has own project page where they can present their game and communicate with audience   ·         If you need new team members just post it on your project’s page   Do not have a team but still would like to participate? No problem! Browse through existing projects and find a team to adopt you! The best projects will be selected by community votes and the special jury of experts.   The winner will get 1-year Unity Pro license and a title of The Champion of The First North Games Jam! For the details visit our website: http://en.gamesjam.org/events/1/  
  2. NorthGameJam

    North Game Jam win a Unity pro 1-year license!

    Only 3 hours left before the submission stage closes! Last chance to upload and update your builds! Hurry up!    Also check out our advice on the game description! Make your project page more attractive and appealing! Remember: the first impression matters!
  3. NorthGameJam

    North Game Jam win a Unity pro 1-year license!

    Folks!   We are glad to present two new respected jury members joining our jam!    They are: Mathias Johansson (SkyGoblin, Sweden) and  Liudas Ubarevicius(SneakyBox, Lithuania)   Hurry up to upload your game as only 5 days left!   
  4. NorthGameJam

    North Game Jam win a Unity pro 1-year license!

    Folks! North Games Jam has already sailed into its journey, but you still have a chance to get on the board and upload your game masterpiece till 16 February!  Nevertheless, some of participating teams are searching for new crew members! Check out the website, If you want to join a team! BTW, Some new awesome jury members are to be revealed soon!    http://en.gamesjam.org/events/1/projects/
  5. NorthGameJam

    North Game Jam win a Unity pro 1-year license!

    The time has come! The North Games Jam is Live! Now you are able to register your games and show everyone what you've got!  Since now until 16 February (11:59PM, GMT +2:00) you can upload your game project. During that period our experts (Jyri Partanen(Rovio, IGDA Finland) and Kim Soares(Kukouri Mobile Enterntainment)) and community will be looking into your projects and evaluate them. The best projects chosen by the jury and games with the greatest amount of votes will be rewarded with the Unity Pro licences and the title of The Champions of First North Games Jam! Don't miss your chance!  Let's begin!
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