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    Daemonical - Multiplayer Horror Game

    One more, caught a demon while he was climbing!  
  2. FearemGames

    Daemonical - Multiplayer Horror Game

    Thanks for the feedback Ben, glad you like it.   Here is a new screenshot, featuring headlamp usage:  
  3. FearemGames

    Daemonical - Multiplayer Horror Game

    Third Person Camera testing:   Basic tree climbing test:
  4. FearemGames

    Daemonical - Multiplayer Horror Game

    Demon gameplay WIP screenshot:
  5. FearemGames

    Daemonical - Multiplayer Horror Game

    All alpha version characters:  
  6. Daemonical is a multiplayer asymmetrical survival horror game that will match human players against a demonic enemy.   It will feature character customization, realistic graphics, in-game voice chat, innovative and fun gameplay and a really scary atmosphere and setting.   Latest Video Update:   Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fearemgames Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/fearemgames Twitter - https://twitter.com/fearemgames             General Gameplay   Game will feature a couple of gameplay modes in the end, but we are starting out with what we believe is a pretty innovative mode in the genre.   Game starts with 2-5 human players in the forest, or some other environment that will be featured in the maps to come. They are basically just tourists that happen to find themselves in a very unsettling situation.   Night is falling, and once it comes, one of them will be possesed by a demon. No one knows who it will be until it happens.   Human Gameplay   Goal of the humans is either to  try to hide from the demon until day arrives, or light up a couple of holy altars on the map in order to “cleanse” the map of all the evil.   Humans have a couple of choices at the start of the game - will they stick together and risk being killed by the demon once it possesses someone, or will they spread out, and try to meet up later on with the ones who stay human. They can also try to divide themselves into groups of 2-3 and try to survive that way. We really want them to make their own story as they play, and there are so much possibilities.   Their only protection against the demon is fire. Since the demon was tortured and burned in hell for centuries, it fears fire, and as long as players are near a fire source, demon can’t hurt them.   They can pick up branches on the floor and light them up, but they burn out eventually, and they are hard to find.   If a human player is killed by a demon, his spirit will get thrown out of his body. In that “spirit” state, his goal is either to find his body again in order to revive himself, or to help out the other players by following them and warning them about the dangers around them, or directing them to the altars.   Alive players will barely be able to see the dead, but they will be able to hear them and read their chat.   Humans are played in a first person mode in order to enhance the immersion.   Demon Gameplay   A goal for the demon player is to kill all the players and use their life force in order to cast a spell on himself that will allow him to survive the daylight. It must only kill each player once, even if they revive themselves later on, he already took the life force from them that he required.   Demon is an evil supernatural being that cannot be killed. It can only be stunned by fire, or other possible evil repellants. (to be decided on)   It can sense the humans from a distance, but once he comes close, his powers are weakened by their life force, and he can only see or hear them. If he stays still for some time, he will be able to hear their heartbeat if they are close.   It is fast, strong, and can climb trees. He will likely be able to put out magical traps that distract humans and make their senses fail in order to confuse them, distract them, or put out their fire sources.   The demon is played in a third person mode in order to give it a better overview of the situation.   Technology   Game is made completely by using Unity3d. We are currently using the free version, but plan to upgrade before the release, in order to further polish the game and it’s appearance.   We are using Photon for networking, and Mixamo services for characters and animations.   The team   In it’s core, we are a self-funded two-man team from Croatia, Europe. We are also working with a couple of people that are covering the areas that are not in our area of expertise, such as art and sound design.   Status and plans   Game is currently about 30% done. We are planning to finish up a rough alpha version some time in May, and enter the Steam Greenlight around that time.   The best way to check what's going on is keeping track of our youtube videos.
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