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  1.   Sorry . . I updated my question. What I meant was.   How do we make everything an abstract class of Task. From this, I mean. For the Task System we would need a queue of Tasks. For everything that we need to do. We make it inherit from Task. Add those tasks that we need to do into the Task Queue and process it. But the problem is. How do we make everything as a Task?
  2. Sup guys . .   I'm scratching my head on this particular topic for quite some time already. I've been reading several books and watching GDC's on this particular topic aswell. But I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.   I want to write an engine which fulfill several things. Task-Based Multi-Threaded System Network System (Possibly Multi-Threaded aswell) OpenGL Rendering System (Possibly Multi-Threaded aswell) The core of the system must fulfill these things. But this is easier said than done.   There are many problems that I can think of which bothers me as I know very little of it. In fact, this entire project thing. I know very little of it.   Memory (How is it handled in this complex engine) How do we make everything an abstract class of Task ? Is it possible to Multi-Thread OpenGL calls? Is so . . How?   These are just some of the larger doubts which I have. If someone could provide me with some insights and design patterns. That would be awesome!   Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi everyone,   I am new to pathfinding but i have read and watched through some articles, blogs and videos about Pathfinding.   Since those that i have read and watched from are mainly for RTS Games, Grid Based Pathfinding.   I couldnt find any tutorials where it explains in details of how you can make your own Node Based Pathfinding System.   So i hope, you guys could give me some insightful information to enlight me or even provide useful links which can help me.     I just want to make a very Basic Node Based Pathfinding system, and from that i hope to work from it to make it into a Pathfinding System suitable for my game.     Thank you in advance, you help is very much appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone,   I am trying to create an algorithm which handles a NavMesh / Point Graph Generation for 2D Procedural Platforms Level in Unity3D. The reason why i say NavMesh / Point Graph is because i dont know for sure which one would be better for my 2D Procedural Platform Levels.   What i believe is that Point Graph would be better.   The major things i think i would have to face are; - Navigating through the Platforms - Jumping from a platform to another   I have read through the basics of Pathfinding; - http://arongranberg.com/astar/features# - http://www.redblobgames.com/   Although i have never made a Pathfinding System and my coding skills arent all that good, but i am willing to learn. Please, if possible could you guys reply with simple English. I dont understand the complicated terms. Thanks in advance for that.     So this is what i have in mind. SInce i know how to say it in theory i dont know how to put it in code. So please, give me advises, criticisms and most of all new theories. Since i already have a working Procedural Platform Generator, I plan to work from that. From that Point Graph, I plan to generate Points above the Platforms, on each end. So the AI knows where it can navigate. Once it can navigation from one end of the Platform to another. Its time to implement Jumping. So to do so, i plan to Raycast some Math Trajectories. So when the Raycast has hit the next platform ( in some way , i havent figured out exactly how ) and it needs to jump to the next platform. Then it will jump.   Some slight problems i have right now are; - Generating the Grid to do the Pathfinding ( Main Problem ) I know for normal Pathfinding, Normals Linear Grids are used. But i am certain that for my situation i cant use that. So how can i generate my Graph ? Please include some algorithms - How is jumping done ? ( Major - Minor Problem ) Am i to program some code for the computer to input some buttons so the AI will jump ? - How can i perfectly do the Trajectories ? ( Major - Minor Problem ) - How are cost / weight calculated ? ( Minor Problem )       Thank you so much. Your help is very much appreciated.    
  5. I am just wondering . . What kind of grid would i be using for my situation ?
  6. I have no idea where to start. I am using Unity3D. I have many question such as, How am i to make my tiles ? - How can i implement and vary the tiles from my Physics ( e.g. my speed ) How am i to write my Pathfinding Algorithm ?
  7. Im trying to write code a my Procedural Platformer Game , but i have no idea where to start. Ive looked up A* Pathfinding in general, but i cant seem to find A* Pathfinding with Procedural Platformer Levels. That is, jumping from platform to platform. So would anyone give me some pointers as to how to approach this problem ? That is, taking into the account of the: - Enemies Physics ( Gravity , Acceleration, Speed ) - Enemies jumping from platform to platform How would i be coding it different for a normal A* Pathfinding and a Procedural Level. Link for A* Pathfinding Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...MC9SPnKjfp9eGW Link for Procedural Level - http://ashblue.github.io/pathfinding-platformer/
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