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    Rivya Rebellion

    Just finished transferring all existing art assets into Spriter. Now character customization will be pretty easy to implement in addition to adding new character animations or improving previous ones.     Currently, I am still readjusting Rivya storyline so I can at least see myself finishing the game in around a year and a half. Currently, development estimation based on current storyline is around 2 - 3 years due to content. Trying to aim for around 15 - 20 hours of gameplay which is already a pretty huge workload for a single indie developer. This issue is worsen by the fact I can't bring myself to remove any of the planned factions and their interaction with Rivya and the player.   Next tasks will be focusing on inserting ammunition mechanics for throwing weapons and guns and displaying the amount of remaining ammunition via the UI.
  2. FuriousGamer87

    Rivya Rebellion

    Currently doing refactoring of my art assets, animation system and all codes related to it in my game. Thanks to Spriter, future creation of new animations and art assets will be much faster that I believe I can add several new animations and have them automatically update all characters instantly. This will also improve character customization thanks to quick character mapping, which also ensure I can induce gender change operation on a player character if I am evil enough should the plot require it without much fuss.   Meanwhile, I completed the initial injury table. This table will only be used when player characters, for whatever reasons, are rendered unconscious upon the battlefield. Everytime one goes unconscious, a d20 will be rolled for results. Here's the initial table.   If you get the same injury result that you already have, you will reroll until you either got a different injury or you lucked out.   The refactoring will probably last a while since there's quite a lot of art assets that already been done and need to be integrated with Spriter.
  3. FuriousGamer87

    Rivya Rebellion

    Alright back from the Chinese New Year celebration and have back quite some progress soon after. I recently finished the mechanics linking the area to battlefield and from battlefield back to area. On the way, I also finished the preliminary loot and XP gain screen. The loot you gain from each finished battle or encounter will be added into the party stash. You will redistribute the stuff from there later. Most importantly is that the loot and XP screen are not dedicated for battle aftermaths only and can and will be used to show both material and immaterial gains after a finished NPC encounter, location investigation, trap disarmament and others. With all the mechanics necessary for the mission gameplay demo done, I will now switched to content creation and now focusing on a new enemy type, school bullies. Here's some gifs to demonstrate the linkage:  
  4. FuriousGamer87

    Rivya Rebellion

      I am currently developing a SRPG inspired by tabletop mechanics which is set in a fictional modern setting. So expect crazy magic and spiritual hi-jinks, accompany by gunfire and explosives. If you enjoy games like Temple of Elemental Evil and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, do read on.   Yes, that fella is using an automatic rifle     There are two different story, one for the demo and one for the actual game. This is to ensure the main story plot is not spoiled until the game is actually ready.    For the demo, the premise is that a band of pregenerated heroes is recruited as test subjects for a sadomasochistic controller called "~Developer-kun~" to fight a group of con artists who called themselves the Liberty for All political group who prey on the young and old via get rich quick and MLM scams.   For the actual game, you play as a band of upstart rebels who main goals is to overthrow the Golden Divines, the main faction that is currently ruling Rivya with an iron fist. However, you and them are not the only active factions in Rivya, as there are several existing factions too in Rivya, each with their own VIPs, members and schemes. What will happen to each faction's scheme and what will happen to Rivya will all depend on the wildcard in the power politics of Rivya, you, the player.   The tone of both demo and actual game will highly based on satire.   Disclaimer: The main story is a parody of the gamers' consumer revolt known popularly as GamerGate.   Heavily inspired by 4th DnD Nearly all of the combat mechanics are inspired by 4th Edition of the Dungeon and Dragons ruleset. Play the combat demo to figured out how much. If you have any question regarding the mechanics in the demo, ask away.   Will be mission-based instead of just battle-based What this means that you can't just think of surviving just a battle, you have to consider how to survive and succeed the entire mission. You can say that it's pretty much a series of interlinking battles and misc events (traps, treasures, NPCs, etc.) with the players trying to gauge how much resources they have left (recoveries, techniques, items and heroic points) versus how much challenges that they fear still are left in that mission if it is completed. The most recent game that attempted this style of gameplay is Darkest Dungeon.   Thomas is hopeful, despite reality and experience telling him otherwise, that something nice lies in the unknown locale Techniques need to be searched and learned In the game, I will deviate from 4th DnD style of granting techniques on level-up and force players to seek new techniques themselves in their adventure. I think this is grant players the freedom to choose the techniques they wished to acquire while giving flavor due to who and where those techniques are taught.  Most importantly, due your own decisions in the game, you may open up a set of techniques from a faction while locking out the techniques taught by a faction that now hated you.   Rare Magical/Sci-fi Items Most magical/sci-fi items in this game can't be bought. They are simply too rare and can only be acquire during side missions or decisions that you make. As such, they don't grant lel +1 to hit, instead they grant special techniques and traits to their wielders.    Enemy Knowledge Mechanics The other thing is that for most enemies that you encountered in this game, you can't view much of their stats. This is because you don't know much about them. You can remedy this by researching about each factions to gain insight about their objectives, their leaders and their combat abilities. You have to choose though, which to concentrate on and whether to even bother to do any research in the first place. Each level of knowledge you gained give new combat bonus and insight against that particular faction   A Custom Band of Heroes Yes, you get to create your own band of rebels, up to a maximum of four. While there will be a few NPCs that may join your party later in the game, you pretty much have to depend on your own characters to carry you through the game. Feel free to create a party of your own avatar + a harem of pornstars if you so desire. Or a merry band of women that need no man. There will be a lot of customization options available during character creation to accommodate your imagination as best I can.   Fire, always good against trolls and hipsters.           Please install the directx stuff first. Most of the people who got graphical glitches in my previous games didn't bother to try to install it at all. The above image link to the initial audio-less combat demo, which I am currently attempted to use to gather feedback for the combat mechanics. The full mission-based gameplay demo (with audio) is currently in development.
  5.   Pretty much the reason I enter the hard world of game development. The western SRPGs are too simple for my taste and the japanese ones are too grindy. I decided to stop complaining and give a effort to make my own SRPG with a robust system and good level and game design that don't have grind. So far, development have been going very well so I am glad I make that decision a year ago.
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