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  1. rustin

    Connecting clients

    As I known, many games in Europe and America is always offline, but an internet game is necessary for friends  playing a game together.   So in my option, the server is needful, and developing server side is very easier than you think about. Just need socket skill and how to send msg to another client.   We have an open-source server framework, may it can help you know how to program a strong game server.   And we use C++ too, see in Github
  2. It depends on what CPU you used, most Intel CPU is little-endian, ARM is big-endian, some mobile phones is big-endian.   You can use a little code to test which endian it is in your platform.
  3. rustin

    Starting out with networking

    Our team use C++, libevent and protobuf as network and serialization libraries, include architecture and logical module, maybe it can help you to learn how to program game server, see https://github.com/ketoo/NoahGameFrame
  4. Our team use C++ in backend development, we open source in Github(see NFrame).  Because we always use C++ many years.   But as a server, the most important is service, not the programming language, every language can do this, so don't be worried about language, just choose the most familiar one.   All roads lead to Rome
  5. Hi, first of all, I and my team are doing the same thing, we open source a game server framework, we call it NoahGameFrame, short as NFrame, we put this project source code in Github.   You think this thing have some good or bad influence, it is not superfluous, you need more time to maintain it and answer people's issues. But there's a positive thing, it's a helpful thing to you and other programmers.   I suggest you need to find some friends in the same camp, they can involve this project and get an improvement in their skills. 
  6. rustin

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    Add you on skype, we can talk about the networking solution on skype
  7. ping your public IP, if it's ok, then maybe something wrong in your code. else my your public IP cannot access, check the port and firewall   I notice your codes use boost::asio, then you can compile the asio echo example to test
  8. rustin

    how to protect mysql strings?

    use a mysql proxy(like: DBServer) between your app and mysql database, then your app cannot get mysql info
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