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  1. Blixt Gordon

    Two volumes on same EC2 instance

    OK, but then you don't think that the volumes run simultaneously. I was a bit worried that it was possible to, in some way, attach many volumes to one EC2 instance. Where the (virtualised) EC2 provided processing power and RAM, to serve more than one volume, swapping out volumes that were when waiting for file accesses etc (or something like that). I really want to focus on releasing my game now. As the setup seems to work, I think I will leave it as it is. I don't want to mess something up right now. Please shout if you thing that is a very bad idea! Thank you so much, hplus! I really appreciate your wisdom.
  2. Blixt Gordon

    Two volumes on same EC2 instance

    Do you mean the information in the attached png, that I've copied from the Instance page? What does that mean? Do I still run on the old volume, or am I running on two volumes simultaneously? I'm confused? I really appreciate your help. This is lsblk from the console BTW: lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT xvda 202:0 0 8G 0 disk `-xvda1 202:1 0 8G 0 part xvdf 202:80 0 8G 0 disk `-xvdf1 202:81 0 8G 0 part /
  3. Blixt Gordon

    Two volumes on same EC2 instance

    Ah, you're right, of cause. This is the correct df. df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/xvdf1 8123812 1948064 6075500 25% / devtmpfs 494232 36 494196 1% /dev tmpfs 504720 0 504720 0% /dev/shm But I still don't get it. My attached png shows /dev/sdf and /dev/xvda. And maybe my first post was a bit unclear. As the server now works again, I guess that it runs on the volume that was made from the snapshot, but how do I find out that from those /dev paths? And my goal was to run the EC2 instance with only one volume, the backup. But I can't remove the old volume, as it is a boot volume. Can I boot from the new (backup) volume instead, and then remove the failing volume? What (do you think) is the current state? Is my EC2 instance running two volumes at the same time? One failing, and one working, where the working is handing the web requests? I'm quite confused...
  4. I made some mistake, and ended up in a nonworking EC2 lamp/game server. Fortunately I had made a snapshot, and I used this instruction to restore my EC2 server https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/the-enterprise-cloud/backing-up-and-restoring-snapshots-on-amazon-ec2-machines/. I followed the steps in "Restore a backup snapshot by mounting on an existing EC2 machine", as I didn't want to launch another EC2 instance. My EC2 lamp server now works again, but I'm running with two volumes. I've not done the final steps "copy files" and "clean up", because I didn't need to copy any files. My old, non-functional volume, is still there, but I guess that I'm running on the snapshot volume because my server works again. I've tried to remove the lower (old) volume but then I think that I couldn't do that because it was a boot partition (if I remember correctly). This is from my console: df / Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/xvdf1 8123812 1931360 6092204 25% / I don't know what's going on. Someone that can help me out?
  5. Blixt Gordon

    MySQL/PHP on Amazon AWS (or alternative)

    Thanks guys. I've got one database with two tables now — again. I understand that it's very unlikely that my hobby project would take off, but I like to learn by the way. I see it as a part of my CV, and I like to learn new things.   And BTW hplus, my beer offer stands!   
  6. Blixt Gordon

    MySQL/PHP on Amazon AWS (or alternative)

    hplus:   In case you have time...   Just want to check before I change back. I got the impression that it was good to try to split up databases to be able to run each database on a separate server, but maybe I misunderstood you? The guys answering my question on stackoverflow does not seem very enthusiastic :). Maybe I shall wait with the split until it is necessary?   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35441330/one-table-per-database   If you ever get to Gothenburg, make a post in this thread and I'll by you a couple of beers. I really appreciate your help. 
  7. Blixt Gordon

    Self signed SSL certificate with iOS

    Yep, I will stop at the second line. :)   Many thanks!
  8. I want to connect to my LAMP server (http://www.gamedev.net/topic/674296-mysqlphp-on-amazon-aws-or-alternative/page-1#entry5268738) from my iOS game by SSL.   Some questions: Will a self signed SSL certificated do? I read somewhere on stackoverflow that self signed certificates were unsafe. Are they really unsafe in my case, where I'm in control of both the server and the iOS client?  Is it ok to use a self signed certificate in this way, or will my app be rejected by Apple? A self signed certificate renders a warning on the client side. Will that warning lead to troubles with NSURLSession?
  9. Blixt Gordon

    Policy Records at AWS

    I'm half way into registering a new domain address at AWS. The cost for a .com address is 12$ a year, but there's also a monthly 50$ "policy record" fee. That's way more than I pay for my whole service at one.com. Do I need this "policy record"? To my understanding, having read the manual, I do. I want to setup a web server described in this thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/674296-mysqlphp-on-amazon-aws-or-alternative/
  10. Is GA the way to go if I want to track usage on my iOS app? I've searched a bit for any tool from Apple, but I've not found any. I just want to make sure that I've not missed something.   Is there any problem with using GA in my app during beta testing, and also after release? Thanks!
  11. Blixt Gordon

    MySQL/PHP on Amazon AWS (or alternative)

    I read your linked tutorial now, and realised that it was based on EC2. I guess that means that it's hardly scalable at all for a mySql application. Am I correct? Maybe I'm missing something?   My understanding: In the LAMP solution I will run the mySql DB and the PHP scripts on a virtual machine, and if it gets overloaded I'm in deep shit.   Am I correct? Or maybe that EC2 VM is very scalable in itself, or maybe multiple VMs can interact with the same mySql DB?    I really suck at web servers and databases. I'm an embedded programmer.   I've got no idea of how many POSTs that I will be able to handle per second. 
  12. Blixt Gordon

    MySQL/PHP on Amazon AWS (or alternative)

    I've said this before, but a big thank you, hplus! Most valuable.   If you have time, do you mind elaborating on this? How shall I design my application for scalability?  And what do you mean by application, for that matter? Do you mean the whole iOS app/PHP/mySql system, or something else?
  13. I store match and player data in a mySql database with interfacing PHP scripts that interface POST requests. My iOS game app reports match and player data after each match, and match and player data is retrieved when statistics shall be shown in some game scenes. I've about 6 different POST commands, and each POST is about 20 bytes in each direction. So it's quite a limited amount of data. In average, during game play, I guess that each app will make about 1 POSTs every 10 seconds.   I will try to release a game within a couple of months. My current service provider is one.com, but I don't think that I can increase the server capacity at one.com if, saying if, my app would be a success. Therefore my play is to move to AWS before the app is released. I've studied AWS today, but I don't find any pre-packaged mySql/PHP solution. I've seen comments about setting up such solutions, and I've seen that it's possible, though.    I'm inexperienced in database systems, and have some questions. I want to do right from start.: Is AWS suited for a mySql/PHP solution, or shall I use another setup for my database functionality with POST interface? Are there service providers that have a more integrated mySql/PHP solution (like the one i use at one.com), which is scalable? Any suggestions? Any other input is much appreciated. I don't want to manage the hardware directly, but I want a scalable higher layer functionality.
  14. Blixt Gordon

    CI for iOS

    I will setup a CI environment for an iOS graphical game app. My working assumption is to use Jenkins.   Of cause Jenkins will be used for basic unit tests, but I plan to go further.   The app can be configured in a mode where AI players play other AI players, and I intend to use that for testing. I want to start the app, in simulator or device, and let the AI players play one match with graphics and all, then exit and report the outcome. I want Jenkins to start the app with a randomized seed, and then report the outcome when the match has finished. Crashes shall of cause be reported as a failed run. I want Jenkins to run matches with new seeds continuously. Day out and day in.   Questions: How shall Jenkins interact with my app? Shall I communicate via files, or in another way?  How shall Jenkins detect a crash? Maybe always crash at the end, and return an exit code? Will this also work when running on device? Are Jenkins/xcodebuild the tools for the job, or shall I go for the Apple CI engine instead? Personally I prefer Jenkins, because I want to learn a more generic tool.
  15. I'm designing a two person turn based game. The player can play against an AI, but the game is also connected to Apple Game Center and to a scoreboard server that is under my control.   I've got the following online functionality in place: a scoreboard server that gets match results, and then increases the score for the winner and decreases the score for the loser. said scoreboard server that can report score, rank, the total number of players & what skill level the player belongs to. The skill level is used in the match making process. Players with equal skill is matched against each other. in game user information something like "You have Score: 2000, Rank 2456 of a total of 20045 players in the world, Level: 3" a sorted scoreboard list inside the game where the score of the players friends can be seen. At the moment I don't plan to implement different graphics etc for different levels. In that sense it will be like chess, e.g. the gameplay does not change with increased skill. But my game is not a board game, it is some kind of sports game —a sport invented by me.   Questions: How shall I present the game center scores to create a will for the players to climb the match ladder? Any good examples of games with good such score reports. Shall I add some "must have" functionality?
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