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  1. dreamer1986

    A good place that teaches C#

    Since I suspect you want to learn C# to use in Unity, even though I can't help with website suggestions, I can recommend the Learning C# Programming With Unity 3D book by Alex Okita.
  2. dreamer1986

    How do you organize your time for game dev?

    Great advice, thank you :)
  3. dreamer1986

    How do you organize your time for game dev?

      Well, my degrees are in Psychology, International Relations and Science of Education, and so I am working on a serious game in UE4, related somewhat to the Roman Empire, but I don't want to go into detail right now :) .     Well, this is something I wanted to do for a long time, but didn't have time to do it until a few months ago, when I could focus on it full time.I feel its the right choice, but why do you say to "not do that", and consider it risky?   And to be honest, I really am happy I finally can be somewhat a "hikikomori", after years of socializing way too much, so there's that :D . And working like mad all day every day isn't my style, I always preferred strict schedules, and so leaving time for other activities I love doing.   Might as well change my degree then.   I'm terrible at planning time so my advice isn't worth much.  First of all, you might want to read this article: http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/business/production-and-management/getting-games-done-r3564 I also remember someone saying you have to force yourself to work on your game. For example, you set timer to 1 hour, sit down, and work on your game. You have to do 1 hour every day at minimum, no excuses, no procrastination, etc. Just 1 hour spent on your game, and it doesn't even matter what you do. Good article, thank you. I will try this 5 1 1 method, it sounds efficient.
  4. As a beginner full time lone wolf game developer, I find it quite difficult sometimes to decide on which aspects to focus on every day, and how to manage time, to be able to work on the project, have a personal life, and play games.   And again, I don't know if I should focus a couple of days on programming, then a couple on level design, then story writing, asset creation, and so on, or if I should mix different activities every day.   Can you please share your experience on what you found as an efficient schedule to achieve your goals? Even small details, like hour to wake up, breaks you take and why, are helpful. Also, do you take a day off once a week to recharge? Thank you.
  5. Thank you, Tom Sloper, I will stop horriblizing in this case :)
  6. So you say that my non traditional education could be an advantage eventually? That gives me hope, thank you :)
  7. After looking at various Programing job offers, I saw that the requirements for a Junior Position require at least a Bachelor in Informatics, Mathematics, and the like. I personally have diplomas in Psychology, International Relations, Science of Education, and I just started learning programing, 3d graphics and animation for game design once I finished these studies, mostly because I feel drawn to this field.   Am I doomed to never find a job in game design companies?
  8. dreamer1986

    Game engine or programming luanguage?

    Follow a few Unity game design tutorials, and you will see that while in Unity you can place objects, you need to program those objects for them to be able to do something or interact with each other.
  9. I've started reading Learning C# programming with unity 3d. Great book, thank you :)
  10. I followed a few of the video tutorials, both official and unofficial, and I feel I'm ready to start studying some books. Already read The Art of Game Design, and I have a few others, but any suggestion is welcome, no matter the difficulty level, from beginner to expert. Thanks, Dreamer
  11. Okay, thank you again, frob. It seems that as a beginner, I have months, or even years of work ahead of me, before I even get the chance to earn some small amounts of money. Not very encouraging :(
  12. dreamer1986

    How do you motivate yourself for game design?

    Very good advice, Sidd, thank you.
  13. Yes, thank you Ravyne, it makes sense to focus on what you are good at, and find a niche.   But I am curious, are all the professionals that sell various things in the Asset Store experts in art? For example people that finished Art School, and other studies that are similar? Because my education is in a totally different area, and I am mostly interested in game design. I plan to invest some time working to develop something to sell in the Asset Store, to be able to get some funds while learning.
  14. Thank you for your suggestions, theAnmator. Yes, I was thinking in working in the game engine as well, since I am planning to release my own game eventually :) .
  15.   Yes, you are right, Gian-Reto, thank you. At least I can keep the hope that if I get good enough, there is a real possibility to make money. My goal of releasing a complete game will most likely take a lot of time, and so, any source of income while learning, no matter how small, is very welcome, and highly motivating.
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