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  1. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    Thanks for replies. Sure, i will try to be more open. Well right now i'm on my internship and my job is to find what i mentioned before. I will not work with models, because i don't have qualifications for that, but i can ensure that this is not a waste of time. As for IP, open source games is for public use, so there is no way its concerning developers. Also i have successfully contacted with few open source game developers and their only request was to credit them. And after reading so many pessimistic opinions - if we will fail with free game models, hey, at least we tried and we will start to work with licensed models.
  2. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    .obj and .stl formats would work, yes i'm trying to contact developers too. Ok i will explain Nypyren. We need game model because our main segment will be gamers, and the idea is to let them print their favorite characters, weapons etc, BUT first we need model examples from open source games, because we can't afford to buy models from popular games yet. But the trick is that open source games has twisted formats, and there is no possibility to use them, unless i could get them directly from developers. And considering that open source games are free to use, i hope i will find fan made models, also as jbadams said and what i am doing right now - contact developers directly OR hope that some of them will see my post and be willing to share. And please don't judge if i was not accurate enough, all of this is new for me, but i'm learning.  
  3. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    Nypyren, we can't use 3D models directly from open source games, there is no programs to change format into which we need, but if we could get primary models, before it was modified for the game, it might work, so that's why i'm asking and trying to find.
  4. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    Thanks for the information,we will try this method http://www.3ders.org/articles/20141016-extracting-3d-printing-models-from-your-favorite-video-games.html for testing mostly, also we have few more. Nypyren, thank you for sarcastic advice, but we only need game models, not usual free. I am looking forward for any information where i can find available game models.
  5. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    We have some IT specialist's who could do all hard work, but we still looking for available 3D models. And yes, we really need game models.
  6. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    Thanks, by then way, if there is any possibility to get some 3D models from open source game developers directly, please respond, i will give my contacts. We are creating awesome website where you can print 3D models with 3D printer, and need some examples. We are interested only in open source game models.
  7. Almantas Lebednykas

    3D open source model

    Hi guys, does anyone know where can i find open source game 3d models ? p.s i would prefer full 3d model, not codes that must be modified with GIT bash.
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