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  1. Thanks slicer4ever, that does make me feel safer trying it at home first.  Also, I checked out your games on youtube, really cool stuff!
  2. Thanks wicked250, that's exactly what I was looking for! 
  3. Thanks slicer4ever, I think I will try that.  I am a bit worried about opening ports on my PC so I wanted to do it on an external server, but I suppose learning how to manage the whole security aspect could be interesting as well.  I'm guessing I can open the port for an hour or so each time I test the app and then close it afterwards until I learn a better method.
  4. Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read!  Here is what I am trying to do:     I want to make a simple website that shows you a simple frame.  The first time you click in the frame, the website drops a zero into the frame where you clicked.   It then starts counting up from zero where you clicked.  I want the counting to take place on the server.     I know that I could do this without counting on the server, but I am doing this as a learning project to learn how to write a service.  The only part I do not know how to do is to get the counting to run on a remote server that I do not own.  If I need to rent, that is fine, but I am not sure where to search to compare the cost of renting servers.  I have an account on iPage that provides a SQL database and cloud storage, but so far it looks like they do not provide the option to have any custom server side processing running.        Thanks again for taking the time to read.  Any help greatly appreciated!
  5. @Nypyren: Thanks for the response and advice! I will look up endianness and some other networking tutorials since I don't know much about the "standard networking stuff".   @frob: Thanks for the very thorough response! I agree the beginner section is a good spot for me since I'm pretty new, but if I post again in a month or so I will try to keep my next topic more focused! As for the graphic I had not thought of using an existing engine, but that is probably what I will do. After I brush up on some basic networking (probably youtube tutorials) I'll check out that networking forum. Anyway, huge help, thanks!!
  6. Question 1: Can most mobile development languages send data to a server serialized in a way that I can translate it into a deque<vector<int>> format quickly or should I be using a different approach to communicate commands and events between threads on my server?     Question 2: Any suggestions on where I should look for outside help for developing mobile graphics for the game? Or is it better to take the time to do this myself?     (See below for context if needed)   Where I am right now: I've made simple single player games on computers and on i-phones, but I have never made anything that connects the two and I am hoping to have a game I am working on currently become a mobile multi-player game in the future. I am writing the game in C++ and I am undecided about what language to use for the mobile side (I am also considering paying outside help for the mobile side since I am pretty useless with graphics...)    My Concerns: I don't know how the mobile apps tend to receive and buffer data or how they send data to a server. Because of this, I am not sure how to structure my input/output streams. Currently, I am using deques of vectors holding integer key values to communicate commands and events between threads. I am using the console to simulate user input from an outside source for debugging.     
  7. Hi Frob, thank you for the response!  I agree that does sound like a lot to learn, I had not considered all those aspects!     I'll start working with C++ and ai while I build the server logic and not touch the mobile element at all.  This is the part that does not require any graphics and is also the part that interests me the most.  I just hope that I will not have to completely rewrite the software once I learn what is required by the mobile part of the game!      Hi Dror,   Huge thanks for the tutorial link! Checking it out now!
  8. I am beginning a project unlike anything I have done before and I'd really appreciate if anyone would be willing to look over my game plan and see if I am making any overly optimistic assumptions, etc. I would also appreciate any links to good reference material on this sort of project!   Game Plan:   I am interested in making a multiplayer mobile simulator game in which the users add objects to the simulator but otherwise do not control much else. For this reason I am hoping I will be able to write the majority of the game in C++ without graphics other than a simple management UI. The simulator will involve a complex ai system and will require processing at least one ai actor for each user but no physics and no player controlled actors. After I have the simulator reporting accurately, I would then be interested in putting the mobile app together that reads data from my server and translates that into a visual representation for the user.  I am not sure what language I will use for the mobile app, but I am considering C#.     Any help greatly appreciated!   Thanks!
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