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    Screen resolution & map size

    Well it was a lot to take in and I'm new at this.     Thanks for clearing that up. I have been thinking about how pixel art is displayed on the screen compared to the more modern character designs... but that helps. 
  2. retro_style

    Screen resolution & map size

      I get the power of two stuff and why we need it which is why I've been making 16x16 graphics but the rest, especially how it applies to screen size, confuses me. I've always been terrible at maths...    Why multiply it by 2 and then by 3? What does this mean?
  3. So I want to make a game for iOS and android devices, using pixel art for my sprites and tiles. I'm thinking about eventually using corona sdk  in order to achieve this. I'm currently testing out the program called tiled. I figured out how to import my own created graphics since my last post and now I just need to know one more thing before I continue my project. This is a little indie project by the way just to see what I can do... anyway I'm currently wondering about screen resolutions and map size. I know that the iPhone 6+ has a screen resolution of 2208x1242 and that the iPad with retina display has a screen resolution of 2048x1536. So using these devices as an example how would I work out a good map size for tiled that would work on these devices. What maths formula do people use to come up with the appropriate map size for a mobile game and how do they do it so that it can fit on multiple mobile devices? Like iOS and android ? 
  4. retro_style

    Question about Tiled

    I got it working!   It's so cool to be able to use your own designs. Fantastic program!
  5. retro_style

    Question about Tiled

      I can't reproduce the disappearing of images. Regarding the margin etc. if you have not made a small border between your tiles then putting spacing and margin to 0 is the right decision.   Maybe take a look at this tutorial if you're trying to learn: http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/introduction-to-tiled-map-editor-a-great-platform-agnostic-tool-for-making-level-maps--gamedev-2838   I still have a copy of all of my stuff (which has been backed up) so that's not the problem. I can follow that link exactly but the images aren't showing up in the side bar. All I can see is a map description. On the link you showed he has the file name in the side bar and the images. It looks like there's a drop down box but there's no such thing in my program...    Edit: The images are showing up under the stamp thingy in tile sets but I can't seem to find how to move them where they should be in that guide. I'm guessing that this is a version difference?
  6. retro_style

    Question about Tiled

      I'm not sure but I'm only trying to import one tile set at the moment. I might try editing the tile though cos there's a lot of unused tiles and many of them have the same tile number... maybe this is messing with things.   This is all just experimentation though. To learn how this program works. 
  7. retro_style

    Question about Tiled

      When I use this optionen Tiled wants me to find a file with the ending .tsx which is the tileset format for tiled. However if I use Map -> Create new Tileset you get to choose some options here. In the dialog you can reference to an external file which can be any kind of image format (jpg, gif, png, etc...).   In the dialog you also have to configure your tiles width, height and some kind of spacing padding if you have a small space between them.     OK I went to new tile set and was able to link the image to the source but then after saving the image just disappeared? Where did it go?     I know the pixel size was right. All my graphics are 16x16 pixels but I left the margin as 0 for both. Should I have changed that? 
  8. retro_style

    Question about Tiled

      The .pyxel ending comes from the pixel art program called Pyxel Edit which I've been using to make all my graphics. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here. I've got files that are named both .png and .pyxel yet Tiles doesn't seem to recognise the files. I've just been going map>add external tile set>to the file but it is greyed out. I don't understand what a lot of that link says either. I just want to be able to import stuff so that I can start designing levels.    Do I need to give the files an element and put them into groups first or something? I'm totally new at this so I have no idea of what I'm doing beyond the art stuff. 
  9. retro_style

    Question about Tiled

    So I'm trying to understand how tiled works. How do we import terrain tiles etc that were made in other programs? Do we need to convert the files into another format? All of my files that I want to use have their own original file ending e.g. .pyxel    When I try to locate the files within the program they turn up as grey -and I can't seem to upload the files. Any help would be much appreciated. 
  10. retro_style

    How organise seperate tiles into tile map?

    Thanks, looks like a nice program. 
  11. Hello,   So after months of testing out various design programs and making some simple seamless tiles I'm almost ready to create a basic tile map for testing purposes. I'm wondering what is the best method to achieve this? I've been working with pixel art so I would prefer not to use something like photoshop if it can be avoided. Are there any other programs out there? thanks. 
  12. retro_style

    Modern 8-bit game

    What do you mean by the default mode? The default mode of what? He means: default "mode 13h" palette "Mode 13h" was a graphics mode back in the DOS and VGA era, used by many 80's/90's PC games, with 320x200 resolution and 256 colours.   Oh... that makes more sense now. That was WAY befor my time lol so it figures. 
  13. retro_style

    Modern 8-bit game

      You're right it doesn't really matter, I was just curious more than anything else.        What do you mean by the default mode? The default mode of what?       That's an interesting idea. I might do that.   So where can I download a NES palette? 
  14. retro_style

    Modern 8-bit game

    Hello,    As you can tell by the title I'm interested in 8-bit games. I was wondering what colours people tend to use in their modern 8-bit games. Do people tend to borrow from the old NES colours or simply design their own palette from scratch? I haven't decided if I want to go with a completely authentic look yet or go with an original palette... If I do decide to go with something like NES can anyone recommend a place where I can download a palette to use?    -retro_ style
  15. retro_style

    Sprites question

    Thanks guys, I think that I like the look of 128x128 for the iPhone 6. I'll try 326 for the resolution and see how that goes.
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