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    Hey everyone! Got advice?

    @frob   Thanks for the feedback! I never really had much experience building a resume (which shows), so that really helps with restructuring it.   I should really work on cleaning up my portfolio and showing only the best projects. I'm gonna remove the older projects since those are all school projects and honestly not very good, while adding projects demonstrating my latest skills.   Everything else seems to be about showcasing what I can do and also about making my resume and my website resonate with each other.   I do want to know more about evidence of holding a regular job. If I was never able to find regular work, how can I prove I can hold a regular job? Is there a way to prove that? Also, 2013 was a year of fruitless job searching and depression. I wasn't sure that was something to account for, so it's left unreported.   @braindigitalis @stupid_programmer   I am definitely going to start networking more as well as continuing refining my own skills as a developer.
  2. uirukun13

    Hey everyone! Got advice?

        Yup I know. I do my best to keep high standards when working on a project. I don't like to release anything until it is fully playable and functional bare minimum. I just need to learn when to stop polishing.         Oh that's a good idea! Although I do feel nervous about showing my stuff, since there are many people way more talented than I am, it is crucial for personal growth. I'm very appreciative of the extremely friendly environment here. I probably should have signed up for this site long ago!         Yes I have looked up local studios and I've been trying to apply, but not luck. I've not been attending IGDA meetings or other meetups here because of self doubt, but if my skill level isn't so much important as it is to simply attend, then I should reconsider. This past Global Game Jam I did talk to an employee at a local studio who told me they will be hiring for QA positions in March, so I've been polishing my skills and trying to bolster my portfolio before then. I even got his business card and he lives in my neighborhood, but I have not contacted him since.   Here is a link to my current resume - Click here   Here is a link to my portfolio - Click here
  3. uirukun13

    Hey everyone! Got advice?

    Thank you for the swift replies! Especially at this time of night. I'm working on projects right now, and I plan to have 3 done and up on my blog by the end of the month. I've already completed a number of games before, although not all of them are published for good reasons (a lot of my early work sucks!).   But yes, I'm happy to have joined this forum! Hopefully I make new friends!
  4. Hey everyone! My name is Wilfido Castaneda and I'm from Chicago! I've been working away on my own, but I figured it's better to come out of my shell and meet like minded people instead of isolating myself!     Also if you have the time to give me some career advice...   I do not have a degree because of money, but I am working hard to build up my portfolio to not only become better at making games, but have something to show future employers. I went to school from Fall 2011 - Fa11 2012.   I wasn't able to finish school but I'm busting my butt to make up for it on my own by working on my own projects. Currently I lean towards design and programming. I already understand the game project cycle from the time I had in school and I'm not really a newbie when it comes to making games. However, my concern comes from not having a degree and I want to know how badly that affects my chances of finding a job in this industry. I'm doing my best to look for and apply for entry level jobs, but currently I have no luck. My options right now include continuing looking for work, or flat out starting my own company, but right now I'd rather get a job and bolster my resume.   Is there any advice you have for me being stuck in this position?
  5. uirukun13

    Game ethics

    Is it alright if I take a crack at this?   I don't think the content of a game matters more than the real world effects it has on players. If we control the contents of what can and cannot go into games, then ultimately what happens is censorship and it becomes harder for developers to create the experiences they want to create, and by effect the messages they want to communicate if applicable. If anything, when it comes to ethics and game content, it falls upon the developers personal ideas of what is ethical and what isn't because content is more about expression. This is something that is subjective and will vary from person to person.   What's more important than that though is how the games affect players' themselves. Take the F2P and IAP template for a game's design. It is very easy to find stories of kids spending lots of their parents' money on some game they were playing. Did these apps have barriers to make it difficult to buy things? Or did the design allow for unrestricted access to these purchasable goods? Is purchasing as easy as pressing one button and being done? Isn't it an issue that developers should account for while designing their apps? I have no proof, but I'm pretty sure some apps did make it easy for themselves to make a good profit without considering huge consequences on the user side, which is very wrong and unethical.   Games that take advantage of players and rob them of time and money, that deprive them of real world relationships, that brainwashes them (the legendary Polybius), or causes unwanted/dangerous physical/mental harm or effects are games I would call unethical.
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