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  1. I'm programming a 2d side scrolling game and I'm managing to add levels to it. I need to set where objects are placed so that I can load them indistinctly from the engine. And is there also a method to show them graphically? EDIT At the moment I'm using unity but I can't rely on its scene editor because I'm managing to port the project in another engine like libgdx or cocos2d. I've tried tiles editors but they weren't what I needed. I have to set where obstacles are placed. Think to something like jetpack joyride's levels. Or flappy bird with the position of the obstacles loaded statically from a file.
  2.   No, I don't want to use unity scene's editor to set where level objects are (like start point, obstacles position, bonuses... so essentially data, anything that isn't game logic). I'd like to do something like:       Ok you two get the point. Yeah an XML file would be what I need but actually I can't write it with a text editor! I wouldn't see the results. Also, I think that it would be a waste of time making a GUI to set objects places... I think I will write a little plugin for blender or photoshop (So I won't have to make a GUI) that export the project in a file XML formatted for my game and I'll read it with a parser like you said. I've seen that there is a good tile editor but I think that I can't use it since my game's objects aren't tiled and loading them would be very slow for what i need. Thank you all!
  3. I apologize for not being so exhaustive, it's very hard for me to explain... So how does programmers place objects in engines like libgdx (so without a graphical interface)?
  4. You'll get better answers if you follow frob's advice. Sorry I haven't read the last section! I'll add extra information by editing the first post.
  5. What's the best pattern to use when dealing with input?
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