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  1. We just made our game, "The Falling Dead" free on IOS and Android.   Let us know what you think  
  2. Hi, my game "Zxill: A Legend of Time" is now available on Steam for early access. The game has been created and maintained by two people; one for art and one for everything else.   The game is a Time Attack/Adventure/RPG with procedurally generated dungeons and expanding worlds.   We still have some polishing to do here and there and a few features to finish off but we are currently looking for as much user feedback as possible to ensure we deliver the best possible experience.   If anyone can spare the time and money to give our game a shot your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Contact details for feedback will be posted bellow.    -[YOU CAN GET THE GAME HERE]-   Thanks :)           Features:  -Expanding Worlds  -Random Encounters  -Combo Based Battle System  -Procedurally Generated World Maps  -Procedurally Generated Dungeons  -Villages -Shops -Random Chest Spawning -Random NPC Spawning     Gameplay: Fight, adventure and explore against the clock to collect the crystals and save the world. Perform this ancient ritual in time to witness the creation of a new larger world. Keep up the pace and watch your world expand. Fall behind and be cursed with saving the same world over and over. Die and risk loosing everything...               We really hope you enjoy the game and look forward to hearing your feedback.   You can contact us here on twitter or email   Thanks for reading :)
  3. Hi, I'm here to introduce myself and the game I am currently working on, "Super Space Meltdown". It's a top-down retro-inspired shooter with a UI reminiscent of an FPS and control mechanics insprited by top-down strategy games and action RPGs. I have also been trying hard to get the shooting to be like that sort of click mayhem you get in games like Diablo which is to say that the way you have to fire your gun is kind of like a clicker/incremental game. We are a little ways off releasing the full version of the game as I am adding a kind of endless random level system which will basically mean the game will be an endless space station with play cycles similar to that of other popular procedural games. We are currently selling the game for 65 pence (less than a dollar) on itch and at the moment you get a 10 level demo for Mac and PC. Once all of the additional content we want to add is in the game we plan to release on as many platforms as possible and intend to send free copies of the game to anyone who purchases the game during its current "early access" phase. You can get it here: Any support is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy. Nice to meet you. Thanks in advance.  
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