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    Super Red-Hot Hero

    Hi everybody! It's been a long time since my las post, we've been so busy. I would like to update the info about our game. I also  would like to inform yout that we've started a greenlight campaign and we'll start a kickstarter in a few weeks. If you want to have a look at it and if you like it and you want to help us wit your vote, it would be GREAT.   Many thanks!!    Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=619919489
  2. Bernardolo

    Super Red-Hot Hero

    Well, today I want to talk about the most basic power which we will use in Super Red-Hot Hero: the Red-Hot Travel. With the Red-Hot Travel, our Hero can jump between Red-Hot Energy portals (what we call a Density). Those densities are made of a large amount of concentrated energy. This power is very useful not just because you can move further than jumping, but because Red-Hot Hero can avoid walls, enemies... For example you can go through this big yellow block (which in the future will have some nice graphics ;)):   You can, also, aim with the left stick to target your prefered density. When you Travel, some of your movement speed appears as inertia at the end of the travel, so you can use it to jump large dangerous areas if you choose wisely your targets...   Note: yes, those black things are very dangerous and mortal spikes. You know, under development graphics and so... To choose the target between visible densities, we use what we called Red-Hot Target (Oh! Something called Red-Hot something! Unbelievable!). The Red-Hot Target is a simple system that allows you to aim your Travels, but don't make it more difficult if any density is ok for you. To see how it works, a picture is worth a thousand words:   As a final example with the Travel, I will show a combination of powers. As you progress in the game, you will find new (and always amazing!!) powers. For example, you can shoot at your enemies with the Blast Gloves (so mockup at the moment, I promise a post with improves). And as those enemies are made of Red-Hot Energy, they create densities when they die. Perfect to move faster through the stage.   Indeed, we shown more combos in the first video, but at the moment there are so many thing to improve... Our idea with this system is to give the player some freedom to create their own way, using the enemies as puzzle pieces. Well, and in many of these gifs the camera is nearest to the player than in most part of the game (I made very small gifs because i don't know how to make them bigger without increasing the size of the file too much ^^'), but in the ingame stages, the Red-Hot Travel option will create multiple ways to solve some parts or find hidden objects. Or just to move faster while a giant tsunami of magma is chasing you. But this is another story...
  3. Bernardolo

    Super Red-Hot Hero

    It's been a long time without posting anything, but we have been working hard, so I think it is time to show some new aspects. The Energy System Super Red-Hot Hero (hereafter SRHH) survives on Red-Hot Energy, but his energy will not last forever. Furthermore, his blast glove uses the same Red-Hot Energy. So, SRHH needs to collect energy or he will end like...   For the time being, SRHH can recover energy by picking little Red-Hot Energy spots.   Or he can fill a complete slot in the bar picking the most powerful Cells (used, also, to improve the energy bar... but this will be another story ;))   The idea behind this system is to add a frenetic component to the game, because you can't be quiet anymore. But, at the same time, control when and how this will start to be a problem (at the first levels, for example, the Red-Hot Energy spots will be common, but not in the hardest ones).
  4. Bernardolo

    Super Red-Hot Hero

    Thanks Ninjaboi! Yes, it will be a competitive multi-player mode. I will talk about it when we have more to show ;)
  5. Bernardolo

    Super Red-Hot Hero

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
  6. Bernardolo

    Bloody Jumps

    hahaha. I like it
  7. Bernardolo

    Super Red-Hot Hero

      A frantic platformer game by StrangeLight Games IMAGE LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO       Super Red-Hot Hero is a frantic action-platformer game inspired by Super Mario Bros, Super Meat Boy and Megaman. Play as Super Red-Hot Hero, the guy whose heart was replaced by a cell of thermal energy. But not any energy. His heart was replaced by a cell of Red-Hot Energy, the most powerful thermal energy ever created. With such an amount of Red-Hot Energy pulsing through our hero’s veins, Super Red-Hot Hero blew up the laboratory where Kazan Army created him and he ran away. With his new powers he can hop through the explosions of Red-Hot Energy at the speed of light, punching and shooting the forces of the Kazan Army in his path. Make your enemies explode to hop into their explosions of Red-Hot Energy!!   More than fifty frantic and full-of-explosions stages! Amazing powers to facilitate making things explode, and create Red-Hot Explosions to hop in! Punch enemies! Shoot enemies! Different ways to complete the stages depending on your creativity making enemies explode! Stunning Red-Hot Music Easy to play. Hard to master. Always fun. StrangeLight Games was founded in 2013 by a group of friends. We decided to start a small indie studio to make games that we would like to play. In 2014 we were selected to participate in the GameBcn program, a videogames company accelerator powered by Incubio, La Caixa and La Generalitat de Catalunya. Nowadays we are three people developing Super Red-Hot Hero, and looking for a publisher to release it on consoles and pc.   www.strangelightgames.com contact@strangelightgames.com twitter.com/StrangeLightGMS facebook.com/Strangelightgames
  8. Bernardolo

    Punch Club (ex. VHS Story)

    The sprites are beautiful. And the icons are pure love.  I'll be following that project! 
  9. Bernardolo

    Bloody Jumps

    Haha it looks cool. I would like to see some gameplay :)
  10. The art is amazing. I want to see more! And the picture with the logo is very cool too. Congrats for the editor too.
  11. Bernardolo

    Is Video games development strictly for geniuses?

    The most important thing you'll need, in my opinion is passion. When you have passion, you don't have problems in spending hours and hours trying to achieve your goals. If you have passion you will spend most of your "non-developing" time reading about it, analyzing video games and imagining how to do "that thing".   Discipline and beginning with small projects, as they said is very important too.    If you really want to do it you'll find the way. 
  12. Bernardolo


    Hi AdamDrew!. It would be very interesting an article about lighting in 2d Games. I would participate with my experiences if you want, it's a headache for me too.   I'm really new here to say welcome, but... welcome :)
  13. Bernardolo

    Red Goddess

    Cool thanks! Mail sended!
  14. Bernardolo

    Red Goddess

    It looks awesome! I really like your colors. I specially like the 2d looking bushes. It's a very good way to fill big spaces and they look cool.   We are making a 2.5D sidescroller too (a platformer with short stages, not the same) in Barcelona. We are working in GameBcn at present, and we met your game because many people told us to look at your game to get some inspiration.   I'm happy to tell you directly congrats for the style, I can't wait to try it!
  15. Bernardolo

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks people!   Our game is a sidescroller platformer in 2.5D inspired by Super Mario and Megaman. I hope to show you some material in a few days and receive your feedback :).    jbadams, it's my presentation and I'm writing very carefully looking for some grammar on google. I think it will be worse in the future :-D
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