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    My First Game Concept

    This feels like an extremely early concept for a story within a game. You've got some basics going for ya, protagonist and antagonist are essential to a lot of stories, but now you have to decide the kind of game you're making, and how you'll incorporate the story.   All the advice I have to give is to make your game the story, not put a story in a game. Anyone can make or watch a movie, anyone can write or read a book, but it's very tricky to get a story into a game because the story has to be happening to the player. If you can do that, people will care about your story.   Good luck bro
  2.   I'll take your word on GML being a sucky coding language for now, I think what I'm probably going to do is make two or three small simple games in GameMaker and see how I feel overall about the engine, language, interface, etc, and see if I'm comfortable moving into a fully fledged coding language like SFML later. (As I said, rookie coder )   And in regards to RPGM, I agree, it's GREAT for JRPGs, but it's so incredibly limited in the ways you can make your JRPG. Sure you can mod in other things, but ultimately, you really have to do JUST what the engine wants, and that's about it. But yes, I did learn quite a bit from looking at Ruby's scripts, even if I didn't absorb too much, I learned how to edit what was there pretty well, and that's pretty cool.
  3. You better not draw tiny pictures first, as that will only create duplicated work when you need a higher resolution and it may be even easier to draw when everything is larger and your not contrained by pixels or hand jittering. If you draw at high res first you can easily resize the pictures down to make them smaller, though try to have an integer multiple for the number of pixels.   Oh heavens no, as a somewhat experienced artist, I always draw the big stuff first, but design it so it's easy to see and understand at a smaller res too.
  4.   These are all great questions for me to ask, thank you! I'll save those links as well, those are gonna be a real help. Yeah, it's gonna be a pretty darn big game with extensive 2D top down maps, so memory optimization's a big factor. I want it to be able to be run on as many systems as possible. Thanks a ton man! I'll give all these a look!     Thanks for your reply too, yo! Yeah, from what I can tell, Unity runs things really really well, but it isn't quite optimized for 2D making yet, which is a little sad in some ways, but oh well, I'll stick to game maker for now. Thanks for your advice!
  5. You guys have all been so helpful, thank you for all your responses! I noticed a lot of people were rather lenient on RPGMaker, so to clarify, the RPGMaker community itself is rather harsh on the interface, engine, and language of it all, so I thought that was a worldwide thing, not just a RPGM comm. thing.   I think I want to make something in GameMaker I think, after much consideration, but here now lies another question I've come up with, after some reading:   Given the parameters of the game I'm making, would it be wise to continue making it with GameMaker in mind? Or is the engine (In your experience) not strong enough to handle such a game?     The game I'm planning on making will definitely have a 720x1280p resolution as it's base, and I've considered making 2 sets of graphics so it can also have a 1080x1920p resolution as well, but lets start with the 720p one.   The game will have large maps with several character sprites, object sprites, many of which will be animated, and chat graphics plus the HUD on screen at once. All hand drawn of course, at the same resolution the screen is rendered at. In your own experience, have you ever had any slowdown in the engine, regarding lots of things being rendered or just onscreen at once? I found that on occassion, Nuclear Throne (again, made in gamemaker) had some slowdown when there was a lot of bullets onscreen, and I'm on a bloody i7 computer, so I was a little perturbed, considering it's tiny base resolution. (Something like 400x600?)   So yeah, do you think the GameMaker engine will be strong enough for my game? Or should I consider another engine? Or maybe that's all just coding problems that can be worked out, I dunno, again, not well versed in it.   Thank you all for your time and posts! It's been extremely helpful.
  6. So I'm in the extremely early planning stages of making a game I've wanted to make for a long while, and while I don't plan on making it for my first game, I certainly would like to make it eventually.   I'm very used to game editors, I am well versed (sadly) in the ways of RPGmaker, and have found GameMaker's interface to be rather friendly, even with coding. (Feel free to mock me for RPGmaker in the replies btw, I don't mind). However, several friends have found that Unity's new 2D engine works wonders, and is rather nice to use as well. They've already coded super simple phone games for themselves, and I think that's just nifty.   So what I'm wondering is, what are the pros and cons of each? What do you prefer to use, and if neither Unity or GameMaker, then what do you use and why? Was it easy to learn, and easy to grasp, or was it just something you're used to? I've played several games made in GameMaker (Hotline Miami, Nuclear Throne) and to this day I still enjoy them immensely. Is it a bad Idea to plan a game entirely in that engine?   Shoot me your thoughts, if you may! I'd very much enjoy them. Keep in mind, I'm a super noob level coder, so tone down the complex speak a bit. I fully plan on learning to code, just not quite yet, since I have long-ish term travel plans coming soon, and I will easily forget everything I would've learned in the 2 years I'd be gone.   Thank you for your time! Have a good day.
  7. UltimaZix

    Game ethics

    Ultimately, I think Vidya is Art. And all art is subject to criticism, but never censorship. People should understand what they're getting into when they consume it.   Is it meant for adults? Alright, I can choose to consume it or not, since I'm an adult. Is it rated adult for sexual content? I won't consume it because I choose not to consume things with that sort of subject matter in it. If I want to take the game away because it offends me, I might be taking it away from somone else who would've enjoyed it. Do I agree with their decision to play the game? No, but that doesn't give me the right to take their choice away.   Same goes for my own content I plan on creating. Do I plan on censoring myself for fear of offending people, or do I make the game the way I want it to be? Do I want things to be made the way they are because that's how they're thought up and how I like something, or do I shoehorn in diversity for the sake of representing someone/something?   I prefer to make a statement more than being Politically Correct, because ultimately I want to provoke thought, not pander to those who already think that way. Ethically, it might feel bad for the player, but it'll definitely give them something to chew on.
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