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    Which laptop do I need?!

      You want a terabyte of RAM??? In a laptop!?   Good luck with that.    I said MEMORY not RAM :p my Desktop has 1TB of Memory << not RAM
  2. Arvanche

    Which laptop do I need?!

    http://store.apple.com/uk/buy-mac/macbook-pro?afid=p238%257CsbOuPsHFv-dc_mtid_187079nc38483_pcrid_62273412973_&cid=aos-uk-kwg-mac&product=MGXA2B/A&step=config#   Ive been looking at this and it says customize, would you recommend any options I should pick in the customize area (configure) and is it a good choice for a laptop? I need one pretty soon and money will come but maybe not too high as thousands of £s aren't gonna come in a year or 2
  3. Arvanche

    Which laptop do I need?!

    would I need an SSD Drive? What differences would it change to a normal laptop? How would I install one ect. and what do you mean by Docking?, more monitors? Because if I were going for more monitors I would stick with my desktop, if im going to do hardcore game designing I would result to my Desktop but I want a laptop so when im away for like a week on a holiday I can still do some basic coding and work here and there, I might just have a laptop for coding and leave the modeling to my pc, if it works fast, well and is easy to use to develop game im fine with it. EDIT: I have had a look and I see what you mean with the thunderbolt ect. I don't think I would need a thunderbolt as I am not using a laptop for my life I use desktop and laptop for college and when im traveling so I think a basic laptop that can run my 3d games and make them would do.
  4. Arvanche

    Which laptop do I need?!

      You absolutely can. Why do you think you can't? That's probably a far better idea than spending more money on a new laptop. You could probably use that money elsewhere. Or save it.   But I would need to bring it back home then by to college, in the college im at you don't sleep there you go home and return in the morning, I think its different where you live and I cant leave it at college with nobody there it could get stolen or somebody else could use it, and I have no other use for the money, besides games for the desktop, finally the desktop is running out of memory and it is jam packed with crap I do when not developing so it would be useful to have a fresh laptop dedicated to developing games.
  5. Arvanche

    Which laptop do I need?!

    Hello! I am a student that likes to use Unity 3D for game development! I am a sole developer and I have to work on Sounds, Coding, Animations, Models, Art everything to make a game! But I can't drag my desktop to college now can I? I need a laptop! But... Which one do I need? It doesn't matter about the price or shape or weight just how useful it will be! What it needs is to be powerful (moderately) I need to be able to make games, but of course I need to be able to test them without the risk of losing frames, I also need to be able to plug in my Drawing Tablet for artwork. I don't know much about the things inside the computer as long as it works well I am fine.   What would be useful: Lots of memory (At least 1TB+) It needs to load websites and scripts FAST! It needs to not crash every second like my last one... It needs to not have a low battery life, at least 4 hours or  more, I cant have it running out in the middle of class now can I? Built in camera to record my face for streams. Built in MIC (I don't want to plug earphones in unless I am in class )   I don't know much about processors like I said so it would be useful if you could help me out on what I need to do to get a laptop that can code make sounds and artwork ect...   What I will use the laptop for: Streaming on Twitch! (I like to stream and have fun there to show my developing) Watching YouTube (Like some nice music in the background of coding) Coding Making sounds and music for my games Digital Artwork with a Tablet Animations Modeling (Blender or Maya)   Like I said Price is no issue a powerful PC that can run multiple applications at the same time with a camera and mic already built in. I would likely have Unity, Maya/Blender, a program to develop sounds (haven't found one yet), Krita(Or other digital art programs), something to make animations (haven't found that either) all ran at the same time on my laptop.   that's about it I hope you can help (I think im using Unity but I may switch to Unreal/Cryengine)   EDIT: I'm also British so please send links where it wont cost me all my money for the transportation of the object and hopefully the website has an option where I can see the price in GBP (£)   EDIT 2: I need it for college projects and when I travel, I cant bring a desktop computer with a massive motherboard on a train or a plane, or in the middle of a class drag a massive computer in. :D
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