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    Name this causal game

    I've not got a name for you, but maybe something that will help.   You should think about giving it a theme.   What I mean by this, is when you think about games like candy crush that is just a connect 3 game, but it isn't called connect 3. You could to turn the dots into something. Maybe fish or gems or something (Really no idea what), that you then hoop together.   This would make your game soooooo much easier to name. If it was gems you could call it something like Prospector or Gem Grab. It it was fruit you could go with Fruit Loops (though you might get sued for that one.)
  2. EyeTrack

    Slavery, Include Or Not?

    Whatever you choose, to leave it in or take it out, I would suggest dedicating a section of your rules manual to the era in regards to slave history. You can explain a bit of the background of the games setting and the terrible nature of the slave trade, and justify your choice. Explaining that either you wanted to leave it in the game, because you felt like ignoring it and pretending it didn't happen didn't do those who suffered at it's hands justice. Or how you took it out, because you felt that it would be disrespectful to treat such a sombre subject so casually in the game.   I get the feeling more and more that this is why settlers of catan is based in a fictional world
  3. EyeTrack

    RPG Style Game. Every Position Needed!

    Heya, I've been knocking around this forum and it's about time I jumped into a project, so here goes. My name is Alex, I'm 24 and have just finished my degree in digital media production. Due to my background in media production, I'm pretty good at video editing and know my way around programs such as Premier Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. However my real passion is script writing and storytelling. As such I am great at characters, dialogue, quest design, world building and other related tasks. I also have a little experience in 3d modeling in Blender. I'd like to use this opportunity to grow these skills though, as well as learn some coding.
  4. EyeTrack

    Planet names (a lot of them)

    If you play a human then I guess all the planets would be named from a human perspective. So what would we name them? I guess we would keep using our already established naming convention of naming them after Gods. I'm sure across all of our cultures you could find 500 names of gods great and small. This could even help give some flavor text for each planet, with a little about the god and why it is relevant to the planet. The cerberus system may be a system with three suns, and the planet Posiedon may be a water planet?   Greece has just under 100 to get you started: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_tree_of_the_Greek_gods   Then there is Roman, though obviuosly some of them are already in use: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_deities   Then for some less obvious choices there are other cultures like Maori and Mayan who have some great names: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_tree_of_the_M%C4%81ori_gods http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Maya_gods_and_supernatural_beings
  5. EyeTrack

    Names for a "Death Star"

      This mechanic seems kind of like a queen in chess so maybe something down that line would be cool. Monarch or something like that? It also has nice mohership connotations as well!
  6. EyeTrack

    Need a name for this guy

    I think a good voice for him would be something booming like a Brian Blessed style as that would be kind of apropriate for a fireworks salesman, maybe he has to shout due to being partially def from too many loud fireworks or something? As for a name, I think it would help to think of it linked to the fireworks. If it is his firework factory, the fireworks will likely carry his name, so if you can think of something funny to work with that it may be good. Mr Boom's Fireworks or something like that.  
  7. EyeTrack

    A Good Story Idea for an RPG?

    Seems like a good starting point and I think your next step should be to really give your characters some depth. One criticism I have at the moment is that possibly your story feels a bit male heavy. The females in your story, while they do have important roles to move the plot forward, do all feel like supporting cast. Perhaps it could be an older sister looking after her little brother? Something like this would play against traditional fantasy tropes and could make the game more engaging.
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