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    Any general tips about the game industry?

      My hope is to have both, I just wondered where my efforts should be concentrated the most or whether it is going to have to be a balance (as far as i can tell there has to be a balance). Luckily I love my course and I really feel I am learning relevant skills to become a software engineer in the game development industry so I don't necessarily feel like my degree is completely separate from my portfolio (as some people might).  I love game development, or what experience I have of it, but I always put my university work before my personal projects which I hope doesn't hold me back from showing my passion and drive to pursue projects outside of university.    Whilst on this subject, i'm enrolled on a longer MENG (masters of engineering course) for computer science at the moment. I enjoy learning and being on this course I get an opportunity to do a team games project next year, where as the BENG (bachelors of engineering) students have to do an individual project. (all of this BENG and MENG stuff might sound foreign to you, and it probably is if you aren't from the UK!). But I wondered what you thought of a masters over a bachelors? I want to do the masters because of the extra knowledge I will gain, a love for the subject that I learn and the ability to do this games project but I wonder if this will actually make me any more employable at all?   I totally get the draw backs of hiring junior's... it's a harsh reality that we can pull a company back like that but I guess those experienced employees started somewhere as well. 
  2. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

      That's a good point actually!     Yeah, I suppose that does seem like the best option... I just want to steer clear of becoming a 'jack of all trades master of none'. Working for the web team means 8:30-5:30, 5 days a week. Of course that isn't my whole week but it's the majority of it and I fear once again that my portfolio will go on the back burner.
  3. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

      Think i'm getting the idea that neither is really more important than the other and ultimately, having both a degree and a solid portfolio is going to increase your chances of a successful job application over someone who lacks in one of those areas. I have, however, heard of people getting jobs purely based on their portfolio but I guess that's probably very rare.     This was the sort of information i was looking for on this question, thanks!      Programming is my passion, so there is no issues there! I obviously lack professional experience but from what experience I have I can relate with the non-game related programming. I have done web development part time during the academic year and full time during summer for the last two years and I loved it to start with but it really is dead boring. I don't feel challenged at all, however when doing game development (admittedly only my own projects and not in an actual studio which may make this somewhat biased) I am challenged and never bored!     Might have to move to Australia then! :)      I'm actually in the UK, I admit game dev interns over here are also rare. I know of people who have got internships in local companies that weren't advertising but the number of advertised internships are limited. Riot games offers a decent number of internships each year, as well as EA (although i'm sure i'd be taken advantage of there). I guess i'll just have to see what i can do!   Thank you for taking time out of your day to respond to my questions, your answers have really helped me out
  4. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

      I initially thought you meant you need neither, but I think i've come to the conclusion you meant neither is more important? I suppose it makes sense to be an accumulation of interview, portfolio, education etc. that secures the job in the end.     This is good to hear, from what I had found researching on the internet it seemed inevitable that If I get a job in the industry that i'd be working those ridiculous hours. Good to hear that it isn't everywhere.     Definitely missed that then!!     I seem to be getting this information quite a lot, i really thought the portfolio was more important! It's good that i've figured out where to focus my attention more then. However if i want a game dev internship they usually look at your portfolio, so i guess having a solid portfolio is going to help get the experience. I said in a post earlier about web development work over summer. Do you think web development experience over summer would be better than building up a solid portfolio? (I know i've already had an answer but another perspective would be great).   Thanks a lot for responding by the way! It really is helping me out :)
  5. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

      Programming probably would be considered my forte and what I enjoy the most, but I admit if I got offered a 3d art job (specifically character art) I wouldn't turn it down! Having said that, I am focusing on programming and trying to stay away from the 'jack of all trades master of none' issue. I just do some character design when I need a break! If i were to go more specific into the programming side of things, i'm interested in rendering programming and maybe even being a technical artist.         This sort of information was exactly what I was looking for! thanks!         I'm actually quite surprised... Just because work experience at a web development studio is not necessarily directly related to game development although it does show the ability to work on relatively large software projects as part of a team I suppose.
  6. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

      Thanks for the warning but I really don't think there is anything that could put me off game development! Maybe i'm naive... Who knows
  7. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

    Hi josh, thank you for the response!   The implication was that I want to work in the game industry, but thinking about it that is a very vague goal.     I suppose I probably shouldn't have phrased the question as I did, I maybe should have phrased it as "what is the application process for prospective game programmers like?". I'm curious about what stages there are in the process, do you get your programming knowledge tested? or do they gain an idea of your programming knowledge through your education/portfolio? Would the interview be one on one, or group interview? Also, is it likely that a prospective employee would have to attend multiple interviews/telephone interviews? I realise that it will significantly differ as you said, but any experiences or any info on the process would be awesome!     This is something that has always worried me, I fear that i'll get into a job that I love and then be taken for a ride! I suppose it is a case of putting my foot down at the start, although i'm sure I wouldn't have the gut to do so on my first job! Thanks for the advice and glad you don't have learned not to put up with it!     Unfortunately, it seems to take a pretty good portfolio to even get that experience. My portfolio is slowly but surely being built, last few years I have worked over the summer at a local web development company (which I do not have a massive passion for). I was thinking of taking the summer off work(by work I mean paid work) to really buff out my portfolio so that hopefully I can land a game development internship the following. What do you think of this? would further experience in a software development team not relevant to games be better than building a portfolio entirely based around games?   Thank you so much for the response, i really value your opinion! :)   Dacre
  8. daccapDevel

    Any general tips about the game industry?

    Hi Tom, thanks for the advice. It seems that I was a bit hasty is posting this before reading that section and there looks to be a lot of great content there.   If possible can I keep the thread alive to gather extra information and/or other opinions?   thanks, Dacre
  9. Hey all,   my name is Dacre i'm currently in my second year studying computer science at the university of Bristol in the UK. I'm a keen programmer, of course, and my main interest is in real time rendering. I'm also a 3d art hobbyist when I need a break from programming!   I realise that the game development industry is super competitive and I've realised that if i'm going to get to where I want to be, I need a plan. This is why i'm posting here today, i'm hoping to gather some information about the industry to ensure I make an effective plan. I have made a few questions below, if you could answer any of these I would greatly appreciate it!   What do you think is more important when applying for a game programming role, a portfolio or a degree? (or is it a must to have both?)   Any ideas what the interview process is like for prospective game programmers?   If you are a game programmer, do you enjoy your job? Was this something you always wanted to do?   Game developers are often said to work upward of 80/90 hours, is this true? anyone experienced this at all?   How hard do you feel it is to find jobs within the game industry at the moment?    What do you think is the best way to stand out to prospective employers?   Work experience (internships) or building a portfolio, which is more important in your opinion?   Any information about the game industry, even if not relevant to the questions i've posted would be awesome!    thank you in advance,   Dacre  
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