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  1. Hello,     Uh uh, I understand.       Yeah sometimes I feel in the same situation. But the fact is if you continue to retry these kind of levels, you may continue to lose. Several TD games have been designed as thinking games. So you need to stop and think to determine why you have lost. What's happened in the map ? And if you do that, you find the problem and now are able to solve the problem, to find a good strategy.   For example, I've played to a very challenging mobile game. I've reached one level in which I have lost a first time, then a second, a third. I try to understand the problem, find a solution, apply and continue to lose. And so on. And I was about to surrender when I stopped playing the game and begin to think why I've lost. I've found the real problem, a solution and try to apply this. Successful !
  2. Hi guys !   Thank you a lot for your answers ! Very fascinating.          Hum, curious. Can you tell me how you prove this affirmation ? I've found an article published in 2012 which explain players often try to optimize area cover zone whereas increase the time tower is effective is more efficient. Baylor Wetzel, Effects of Representation on Solving Complex Spatial-Temporal Problems, 2012 <http://www.aaai.org/ocs/index.php/AAAI/AAAI12/paper/viewFile/4893/5294> If you look at the post I've published on my blog, I've given several examples where I've lost several times. The problem was precisely I tried to optimised the area cover zone. When I've realized the problem was temporal, I have found the solution.       2) speed, how much time does the player have to react(how many reactions does he have to make in a short interval, or can he just set up his defenses and then click "next wave")     I have understand there are some debates to know if it's better to give or not to player time to react ? I've found on internet some posts of developer who is against that. Ie let the player continue to build during a pause for example. Against maps where it's necesssary to scroll. His point was the most important with tower defense is to let player focus on the game and be thinking and not reacting. I find this is interesting.       Yeah, I agree. Very interesting.         For the moment, I havn't found any TD games where it demands very exact layouts. For example, I played a year ago to Giants and Dwarves TD. I thank at this time during a level, it was necessary to build a given kind of tower before a given wave, and then to buy another specific tower because another given tower. And I tried to plan a strategy allowing me to that. I've played a new time currently to this game. And I realize it was wrong ! I'm not forced to buy a given kind of tower before a givel wave. The point was to define a strategy in which I am able to buy different kind of towers and to build them. So why have I lost ? Have I too much upgraded this tower or bought too much towers at a given place in the map ? If so, the strategy isn't harmonious enough and I must improve.   I agree about the problem of how optimize accross different waves. The point is to focus on this wave and try to build your strategy to be winningful against this specific wave. If the strategy is good enough, you can build towers and destroy all of the previous waves?    
  3. Hi guy !   Need your help ! I try to understand why a tower defense game may be considered as easy or challenging. One of the aspect of the question maybe is the fact we treat temporal problems such as if they were spatial problems.   On this article, I explain you that and try to give some examples https://lovetowerdefense.wordpress.com/2015/07/13/tower-defence-games-temporal-or-spatial-problem/   Can you give me some examples of games or levels of TD games you've found very challenging ? What was the problem to solve ? Why was you not able to solve it ? How have you find the solution ? This distinction between temporal and spatial problem, do you think it's pertinent ?   Thank you in advance for your help.  
  4. hardcore_joueur

    Design of a vertical tower defense

    Hi!   Thank you, I'm happy to see you find it's a good idea !     Thank you for your suggestions. Very interesting. Design the game with a platform perspective is a good idea, I havn't thought to that. I will think about it.     Yeah you're right !    Thank you. Unfortunately I am not able to make the game. I've tried to discover gamemaker and it was catastrophic ! I prefer publish my ideas and if a game developer is interested, he can create a game with it !   My dream is to see someone develop the game or a game inspired by this.
  5. hardcore_joueur

    Design of a vertical tower defense

    Hi,   Happy to see some of you have read my post and discover my game on my blog.   Is my idea of TD game interesting ? On my blog, I have only published some draw of maps. But I have also designed level and waves coming. If you find my idea interesting, I will be happy to talk about how I imagine waves could come and be destroyed !   Hope We will talk about that :)
  6. Hi!   I love tower defense games ! I test lots of them and like to analyze their structure. Over the last summer, I've had the idea to draw a vertical tower defense game. They aren't many games like this kind.   Concept is easy. Balls are slicing from one platform to another one. And then continue to go below. The objective, putting towers, is to destroy balls before they fall at the bottom of the screen.   They are just a few number of levels and number of waves but I've imagined a very challenging tower defense !    I don't know how to develop the game and it doesn't interest me. But if my ideas can help a developer to create his game, or if he wants to develop the TD game I've imagined, it will be a great pleasure for me !   I've published on my blog quick draws of levels I've imagined ! https://lovetowerdefense.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/design-jeu-tower-defense-game/   Feedbacks of this work are appreciated ! Thank you Best  
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