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    Am I wasting my time with this

    I hear what your all saying, I just dont want to learn something thats going to die in 6 months as I worry I'll find an unpassable bug that never gets fixed cause the devs have lost interest. Monogame worries me that if you look back the site was updated all the time, now however it seems on the face of it that its being neglected and I'm making the assumption that people are loosing interest in it. Unity looks all spangled and hip but also looks like you're learning thier way (Like early IBM) I just want something I can make kick ass games on, thats not going to bork out in 6 months and is not going to drown me in either end user written plugins or so much crap I could spend a life time looking at a features list. Sounds like alot to ask but being new to this im trying not to make it any harder than it needs to be, if that makes any sense
  2.   Yeah I figured but it gives me a good place to start/tweak rather than the limping Pigeon I had before. I'll take your suggestion and look at some books however, thanks
  3. I'm a fairly competent C# programmer (Long term hobbiest) looking to move into games, 2D initially till I get my feet wet and then likely 3D. Looking at the engines/DevEnv's available I seem to have the choice of either Monogame or Unity. I was initially set on using Monogame but the deeper I research this it appears I'm wasting my time, the website never seems to be updated, theres not an aweful lot of resources or books on the subject...It just generally appears to be completely dead and any feedback just seems to be "use the XNA stuff". Unity on the other hand seems to be where its at but looks like I'm going to be spending more time learning "the Unity way" rather than how to develop games.   My question is this, do I stick with mono; am I wrong about Unity; or do I take the opportunity now and learn C++ before I start, thus opening myself up to a whole world of "really useful engines - The Fat Controller 1992" 
  4. I've found it!!!!!   http://www.kinovea.org/ (free tool meant for sports analysis)   works a treat, grab a video from anywhere, draw on it frame by frame, playback and reproduce the motion in Synfig/Spine. As far as I've got with the process so far its taken my animations to another level
  5. yeah, its that reference that I'm after not so much a 3D motion capture just a way of grabbing the general movement for certain animations. Short of splitting a video in to frames and drawing over each one with mspaint
  6. Not only am I struggling to find a tool to do this, I'm struggling to find the best way to explain it.   Basically I need a tool that will allow me to cature raw motion so I can replicate it in a 2D animation tool, I currently use (Synfig) which works great until I can afford to outlay on a paid tool (probably Spine)   The tool I'm looking for....Say I wanted to animate a 2D hero with a run animation, I usually just wing it and do the movement myself, which looks ok but I'd rather get it right. So I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to take a video of a runner from youtube or where ever and overlay a skeleton for one full rotation of his legs\a step. Then I can replicate this motion in my 2D software. Does anyone know of such a tool? Or am I just dreaming?
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