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  1. Wow Delite413 that's really inspiring and helpful thanks so much.   Would you give me links that helped you to learn?     Is C++ really going to be obsolete soon and not used anymore? Or are there games out there will still be built on it in the future? Because I know my favourite game is based on C++ and using an Unreal Engine... That's why I was thinking to start C++.     About that C# free course. It sounds interesting but it sounds like it's not as professional as C++ or Java. If one was to learn it and go through with it would it then greatly help to learn C++ after?     How do you rate the book "How to think like a programmer" ? Is it good or are there better/easier books you can recommend that teaches from start to finish C++/Java or at least from a beginner to an advanced level?
  2. Oh thanks for this I'll give it a try although I'm not interested in Android games but games for the PC that are build on engines such as Unreal engine or CryEngine that are based on C++ if I'm correct.   Are there free C++ courses out there or at least inexpensive online? Or is it possible to learn C++ just by reading through articles and such posted on forums?
  3.   I'm not concerned about them, I can imagine it would be harder but what I mean is in terms of accessibility to material that is needed to learn is it possible to do that without taking expensive courses and not pay much, if anything pay for some books and that's it.   I would like to start learning to improve games that I'm passionate about. You know how you discuss about games on forums about what you're unhappy about and what changes you would like to see. I wish I could take it in my own hands and do that. To improve games and create new features.     Yes.     Could you enlighten me with some direction like useful links/websites of material to learn either free or small amount of money. Because I really don't know how to find them myself if starting from very scratch.
  4. Yes I've checked them, thank you for giving me the links. There is so many books it's hard to choose. Could you tell me few I should read to start somewhere.   And could you please answer the question whether it's possible to learn programming just by yourself without taking expensive courses in college and going to classes?
  5. I'm keen to start to learn programming but I don't know where to start... Could anyone help me where if there are sources online to do that for free or possibly small amount of money?   Is it possible to learn programming by yourself online or using books without taking a degree in college and be taught in classes?    If so would anyone please give some links of sources or website step by step where one could learn and master it? Thank you in advance.
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