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    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    [New Update] In this video we will show you the progress made on the AI system, and also the improvement made on the door opening mechanics. AI system: -improved root locomotion -improved run in range Door opening mechanics: -interactable doors from distance  -improved: forward walking to the door (animation) So far Unreal Engine helped us a lot with the development, and it turns out to be way more stabile than Unity (no offence to Unity users). We encountered so many errors on Unity, and that's why we decided to make this major change with the cost of losing some precious time to get use with it. But, we made the right choice.
  2. Alexandru Bahna?u

    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    [Update] In the past month we have made some major changes to the game development. One of them is leaving behind Unity and moved the whole project to Unreal Engine. We can tell that it was a smart move. So far, Unreal made the work much easier, having many of the tools and integrations already implemented, compared with Unity...where we tried to make our own tools to ease the development process, but we ended up having so much errors. It was very frustrating. That being said, we've made some screenshots with the new game engine.         We have also made a new DevBlog Episode, the third one. You can see it on our Youtube channel:     Hope you like the changes.
  3. Alexandru Bahna?u

    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    In the last couple of weeks we've made some serious progress with our project. The world biulding team have expanded a few buildings, giving them the opportunity to fill the rooms and corridors with object that will give a bigger horror impact to the game.         Hope you like it.
  4. Alexandru Bahna?u

    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    We’ve updated the “Feature Blog” section of our website with a few articles about our team and the development of our project. Check them out: http://www.project-discord.com/category/features-blog/
  5. Alexandru Bahna?u

    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    Hi guys, We’ve managed to twitch a bit the lighting system of the rooms. Added some lens flare and light flickering effect, plus we’ve managed to solve the problem of some minor bugs.       The full video can be found on our youtube channel:
  6. Alexandru Bahna?u

    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    Today we've managed to add the door opening animation to the main build. It still has some minor bugs that need to be fixed...but it's still work in progress.
  7. Alexandru Bahna?u

    [DevBlog] Project Discord Video DevBlog Episode #1

    Hi guys   We’ve finished our second episode of development blog. This one is mainly focused on the motion capture process for door opening mechanics and the opening/closing animations of the character. And also the animation implementation method.     Click on image to see the Youtube video.   Hope you it’s useful to you.
  8. Hello Gamedev community,   Project Discord's development team started a video devblog of the game. This is the first video of the development blog series, and we hope to keep making this kind of videos, with new updates, features, walkthrough tutorials and so on.     Hope you like it.      
  9. Hello GameDev community,   We are a small team of indie game developers and we would like to announce that we will enter on the gaming market with a unique 3rd person shooter horror survival game. The demo is our biggest target so far, we predict that in a few months it will be ready. As soon as it’s done, it will be available for free on Steam.   Below, you can see some of the work and concepts done by our team         Hope you like it, and feel free to leave us some feedback if you want.   Those who are interested on future updates, can subscribe to our website – project-discord (dot) com or you can find us on twitter and facebook by the name Project Discord.     Cheers, Alex - Project Discord
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