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    PC or Mobile? (collectible card game)

        Thanks. I will decide to release my game on steam first.
  2. gnemnij1

    PC or Mobile? (collectible card game)

    The salary is actually higher for mobile devs compared to PC devs. I might be wrong. I should check more job-seeking website.
  3. gnemnij1

    PC or Mobile? (collectible card game)

      Thanks for the suggestions! I know a one-time-deal game will be more profitable on steam but the monetization of my game is F2P, means steam is not an option to me. If I want to go cross-platform, I might need a payment solution that can handle PC and mobile together, I suppose, which will make it a more difficult case?
  4. gnemnij1

    PC or Mobile? (collectible card game)

        That sounds good but are there any precedents to take reference? I have seen a lots good PC games ported to mobile but not many cases in reverse come to me mind quickly.
  5. Hello everyone, I am Gnemnij, a developer from China.   This is my first post on GD.N and actually this is my only second day of this forum. I came here with my question which I had hesitated for a while. I read a lot of posts around to see if I can find a similar question raised by someone else but I didnt.   The story is, I finished a CCG(collectible card game) design recently. You can just imagine the game as an Hearthstone-like game but the core game play is semi-real time rather than turn-based, which opens the possibility to create multiple players card game since turn-based game is unbearable when there are more than two players in a game. I also introduced some unprecedented concept to the design while around 50% mechanism were cut from the traditional CCG to spare "room" for new stuff.   I started to looking for technical partners to start this business from last month. The problem in front of me is I can't decide the platform of this game: PC or Mobile? I heard that the marketing plan should be finished even before the programmers step in, and the platform decision will largely determine the whole marketing direction. so, I really hope you veterans could share some thoughts with me. BTW, the game will be published globally.   PC Pros      · Don't need to sacrifice content for pack size and mobile screen. This is quite important.      · I can show players a complex story with more depth which is hard to achieve on mobile game.      · easier to find core players on PC than mobile(better market).   Cons      · Longer development cycle, technical perspective and product perspective( more details than mobile game), higher budget requirement      · Less easier to find good programmers than mobile game programmers  in China.      · I basically don't know anything about PC game publishing! I don't know who to find and how to deal with the payment channel and etc.   Mobile  Pros      · Less budget needed ( less time for development and relatively lower salary for mobile game programmers)      · I had one year experience in mobile game publishing. Just enough to know what to do and who to talk to.       · Touch control will make the game more interesting, maybe.   Cons      · In my opinion, this game genre doesn't fit the mobile game logic ---- 5 minutes session is short, but not short enough for mobile game---- This is just of one example.   Thanks guys. Looking forward to your suggestions!         
  6. In my opinion, a casual game of this genre without social interactive (leader board, share and brag) is not that easy to well monetized, especially in my country, China. Here are my humble opinions:   1. Gambling   Due to the fact that chinese love gambling while the government doesnt allow this thing appears in the game shop, "gacha" is extremely valued by chinese developers.  Even in these kind of casual games. If you have something special that players would like to approach, put it in a random "box" rather than directly sell it.   2. Fun of collection   Either skins, avatars or levels, make it collectible and satisfy those players who have a interest to gather stuff. this can boost player to embrace the "box" I just mentioned. For example, player can get red bunny, blue bunny and white bunny from the "box"  simultaneously, he/she will unlock the "American bunny" (is this funny? I dont know) which runs quicker than normal bunny.   only above two idea come to me currently and hope they help a little bit.
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