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  1. In a real time game, i would like to create an enemy that the first time you fight him, you will be unprepared (huge difficulty spike) and will die because you didn't expect to fight him. I want to focus on feeling of getting "ganked". No previous enemy presented in this game is similar. However i want players that came fully prepared to the encounter to win, by either "reading a strategy guide" or "reloading save game" so that they are fully prepared.   Goal: I want to create a division of the player base in the following groups: a) Casuals or Experts that fight it for the first time: Guaranteed Wipe, Gameover, bye b) Experts that fully expect what to face: Narrow win   Requirements: 1) The enemy is melee. 2) No consumables exist in the game. 3) Jump action to evade him makes no sense. 4) Game has no block actions. I don't want to focus on "micromanagement" of perfecting x button click to win. 5) No Equipment Optimization Min-Max (For rpg games): I don't want to rely on "out of combat" elements to counter him, like equipment or pre-buffing before battle starts.   Things i tried and why they failed: 6) The enemy has infinite movement speed scaling: +50% speed permanent per second (Permanent stacking buff).   Good news: Enemy autowins players who attempt to run away.   Bug: Afk autoattackers win him. I don't want to allow this combat path. How can i disable it ?   Bug: doesn't solve autoattack issue. 7) False Psychological Training: All enemies beforehand are hard hitting and demand kiting beforehand. But this enemy is kite immune. Therefore the enemy relies on "false psychological feedback" on the player to make him run away.   It works for creating the "first timers" get gimped element.   Bug: doesn't solve autoattack issue. 8) Invisible Ambush Skill: This is not a gameplay, just adding extra burst damage to the enemy wont make the player change actions, i want to focus on the player, what "actions" can he do to avoid getting steamrolled.   Actually it works in creating the "feeling" of run and forcing noobs to try to run (mistake).   Bug: what if player decides to attack even when he is low on hp.   Bug: doesn't solve autoattack issue. 9) No Heals: The enemy transmits a disease that instant kills you if you attempt to use any healing ability.   Bug: doesn't solve autoattack issue. 10) Crowd control immunity: enemy attack patterns cannot be disrupted.   Bug: doesn't solve autoattack issue.   Goals (Continued): c) Not a dps race fight: Autoattacks, choreographing the perfect dps rotation will get you killed (guaranteed). d) Therefore, what i ask is to propose a set of "actions" for the player, or a set of "specific enemy weakness" that will allow the player to win.
  2. If you have 36 years of experience as you claim, then you can do it alone, you do not need our permission.   I thought that you were a university student that tried to create this game as an escape from reality. So what i said then, was referring to the fact that while it seems fun to create a game at first, soon it becomes "Work". You won't be able to draw inspiration from the game alone, you will have to find alternative routes to be motivated.
  3. Unfortunately, Suliman is right. Game Development is harder than you think.   You will probably waste months coding a simple aspect of the game, and never manage to create an even playable demo. Yes, you have your assets ready, but combining them randomly will only generate static levels that lack interactivity. In the end it wont be a game.   You could act like a "Script kiddie", throw random prefabs to form a level and call yourself an expert map designer. Write 0 lines of code  and hope the game is representative enough to play the "Money Grab" role.
  4. Wow, you provided me 6 different enemy archetypes that fill the role : 1) Requires Multiple boss fights to defeat, like trillion the god of destruction. 2) Requires Side Quest or World Condition to be defeatable. 3) Specific npc provide hints about the monster weakness therefore not unbeatable. 4) Divinition: to allow to read the enemy's next move before he acts. Thus allow you to counter him. 5) Requires orbs to be destroyed to be attackable. 6) Weakspot on the monster that just isn't telegraphed.  Like, it's got a weakspot on it's right heel.
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