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    [FREE] Soundix

    Full name and version: Soundix 2.0 Price: Free OS: Android 2.3+ For ages: All(0+) Try: Google Play Watch: YouTube Soundix - game, which give you a chance to make sure that your sound memory is not as good as you think. Remember sounds and their places on the screen, then sort sounds that will appear. And yes, that is possible, in theory.   Futures: - Improve sound memory. Use your hearing, because visual othen is false. - Unique sound visualization. Control groups of dinamical moving color particles. - For all ages. - 11 sounds of piano. - Three levels of difficult. Think that you can open last? - Simple interface. No unneeded functions.   Screenshots:
  2. ros972

    [ANDROID] Colorix: Mix the colors!

    UP, version 11.0 was released!
  3. ros972

    [ANDROID] Colorix: Mix the colors!

    UP, new version!
  4. ros972

    [ANDROID] Colorix: Mix the colors!

    UP, verison 4.0 has been released.
  5. ros972

    [ANDROID] Colorix: Mix the colors!

    UP, version 2.0 has been released.
  6. Full name and version: Colorix: Mix the colors! 11.0 Price: Free OS: Android 2.3+ Age category: For all ages(0+) Try now: Google Play   Colorix - unique puzzle-timekiller for children and adults, based on colors mix combinations! Mix and separate colors on screen, try new combinations to complete tasks! How many colors you can mix? [video]https:[/video] Features: - Unique game mechanics. You can control colors, freely moving them on screen. - No age restrictions. - Randomly generated levels. Colorix always puts you in different start conditions with new colors. - More than 20 combinations. Much more colors that you are free to mix. - Hints. You always may see how can you mix desired colors. - Simple interface. Only elements, which are important for comfortable playing.   What's new in 11.0: - New colors unlocking system was added. - Tutorial was updated.   Screenshots: [spoiler][/spoiler]
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