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    Hello Everyone!   I am curious what mediums everyone uses when in the idea generation stage.  Is it a recent movie you've seen, book you read, TV show?  What gets your creative juices going?  Fire away...
  2. Michael_Curley

    4K UHD

    Its discussions like this everyone that has me excited to get into the industry.  What are some other innovative features you all have introduced to your games that you are proud of?  Good and bad.
  3. Michael_Curley

    4K UHD

    This topic got more attention than I thought!  Do you think a developer could use something like this as a value add?  First game with 4k resolution etc?
  4. Michael_Curley

    Getting out of the industry?

    Are these salaried positions or paid hourly?  I currently work in luxury hospitality and salaried positions are expected to work a minimum of 55 hours per week, so it is not just game industry specific.  I see a trend in a lot of business that they think the can tell their employees to work as much as they can and not expect people to look for work elsewhere.  Is work life balance not something that is embraced anymore?  If these are hourly positions I would think they would have no trouble getting people to work overtime.
  5. Michael_Curley

    4K UHD

    Hey Guys and Gals!   I just purchased a 4k UHD TV and it is awesome!  How long do you think it will take until game developers are utilizing the amazing picture quality?
  6. Michael_Curley

    Hello Everyone!

      Thanks Tom!  I looks like there is a group in Jacksonville that is in the works.  I will see if I can get things going there.
  7. Michael_Curley

    Hello Everyone!

    Sounds a lot like Hospitality Derek.  Do you have any specific networking sites you would recommend?  I am on the usual social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin etc.  Getting a foot in the door is usually the hardest part, but I am not exactly a single 20 something either.  Having to care for my family will be cruicial in this transition as well.  I do appreciate the feedback.  It is all very helpfull.
  8. Michael_Curley

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!   I am currently in the luxury hospitality field. This will be my 20th year in the hospitality business and while it has been very rewarding from a personal and professional level, I am starting to feel like the Dunkin Doughnuts guy.  I have always been a passionate gamer.  I am drawn most to the creative aspect of the business.  I have a photography business that I run, so I am familiar with Photoshop, but am just getting started with programming and 3d software like Maya.  My ideal situation would be to get a foot in the door doing game art and work my way up to a lead design position from there.   DerekL:  Would you say that most of the failure rate is due to an over saturated market or a lack of effort on the candidates themselves?
  9. Michael_Curley

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks!  I needed a good chuckle today.  Tom is a witty fella.  Great information to ponder as well.  Thanks for the kick in the right direction.
  10. Michael_Curley

    Hello Everyone!

    Good Afternoon Everyone!   I am in the process of changing careers.  I have been working in luxury hospitality for the last 10 years and am finally taking action into the game world.  I am in the process of finishing a degree in Game Design and would love some suggestions on how to keep a step ahead.  I would love some tips on how I can make the transition a little easier.  Thanks in Advance!
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