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    Drawing a city in 3D

      I am not worried about the project management details at present, but just investigating the direction and approach of such an initiative. It has been done before: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/uk/london/10404898/3D-animation-see-London-as-it-looked-before-the-Great-Fire.html and won an award. Your other pointers are excellent, thank you.
  2. technossomy

    Drawing a city in 3D

      It is an actual town with maps, photos, paintings, drawings, digitised documentation etc going back to Roman Times. This is very much an actual town. This also means that we have multiple maps of the city plan through the ages, accurate to the cm. The first step is to get the facades in and other street features are for later.
  3. technossomy

    Drawing a city in 3D

    And then another multiple of that to cover the houses for every century. It wouldn't be too hard to get someone to pull a couple hundred photos off the web, because about a third of the buildings are listed monuments and have a high-res version on the web. The key however is to line them all up according to the city plan. What tools would be used for this?
  4. technossomy

    Drawing a city in 3D

    Thank you for your response. Have never done 3D modeling. By the way, we would already be very happy where the result is a set of facades, ie without having to model the houses individually. It is just that these facades should line up fairly accurately with the street plan.
  5. technossomy

    Drawing a city in 3D

    For a local history volunteering club I am looking to develop a walk-through version of the town in question through the ages. So I would like to offer the user a choice of centuries (1500, 1600, ..., 2000) and have him/her walk through the city, much like Google Street view, or even better, like Assassin's Creed in Florence and Paris. I am only looking at the part within the city walls. Maps are available going back till at least 1500. Switching between centuries means I would have to accommodate for changes in real estate, either in whole or in part, and perhaps even groups of houses. The street plan has not changed, apart from closing riverways. As a start I would probably approach it as follows: obtain the x,y,z coordinates of all houses, as a rough guess 5000; complexity can be reduced in that houses are typically joined, so that a specific (x,y) of one house is the same as that of its neighbour. obtain photographs or drawings of each house as it would have looked like in each century and apply them as a skin to match the coordinates. find a viewer that will allow a user to perform a walk through, say HTML5.   Just to be clear, there is no AI, no story, no characters. Something like this might well be described as "skinning a static maze". How is such a process normally done? What tools would be used? What type of relevant experience would we have to ask for in case we put this out in the market?
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