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  1. I've had this question many times but always forgot to ask about it. Could a single asset be made out of two or more pieces / objects?   What I mean is, for example, lets say we have a high poly model of a Sword and we have made two versions of the low poly model 1.- The first one is made as a single piece and its 1,000 triangles 2.- The second one was modeled in two pieces: Blade and Handle, and together are 600 triangles   Would the second one be the best option?, or does game engines have problems with assets made of separated pieces?  
  2. CGXel

    Unity - Playtest problem

      Ah I get it!, even tho my Pen can do everything that my mouse can do they're two different things, so I would need to change the script or use a plugin so the controller reads the Pen's actions besides expecting a Mouse action, right?, Thanks a lot! :D  (I've reached my quota of positive votes lol)
  3. CGXel

    Unity - Normals

    So basically it should look like this always?   The options are: Normals = Import, Calculate, None Tangents = Calculate, None     Edit:   Tested it, I guess I understood it wrong and only Normals should be set to "Import", becasue if I set Tangents to "None" the texture looks wrong Thanks for the explanation :)
  4. CGXel

    Unity - Script Languages

      I'm watching a video about OOP to understand what's that :)   (still have no idea what's .NET Framework)   You seem to know about this :)   (OO = OOP?,  Object Oriented Programing?), I'll note all you said and give it another read when I have a proper understanding of this subject, because at the moment I'm having a hard time understanding all that, but thanks again!, any useful information is always welcome   Interesting :)  Yea, so I guess if I do my code with C# and ran into a problem I could easily find help since most people uses it
  5. CGXel

    Unity - Playtest problem

    Yup like, while on Playtest I can't move the camera around with my Tablet's pen, so without disconecting my tablet (I just put the pen down) I turn on the wireless mouse and I'm able to move the camera, and then without turning off the wireless mouse I try to check if now the pen works, but it still doesn't, Gian-Reto can you move the Playtest camera using your tablet? a) I don't know what you mean by this, since my PC its in spanish and Joystick its translated literally to "Palanca de Mando" and there's no such thing named like that I have no idea, if that's like the drivers both my Tablet's Pen and Wireless Mouse are listed as "Mouse" in properties. b) doesn't works, still can't move the camera during a Playtest
  6. CGXel

    Unity - Normals

    Sorry I don't understand what you mean, like importing the normal map besides pasting it into the project folder?, I'm kinda slow   Thank you Reto :D  don't sweat it!, thank you for the information :) will add those to my notes
  7. CGXel

    Unity - Script Languages

    Thank you Nypyren, EddieV223 and swiftcoder :)   I will try to learn C#  
  8. CGXel

    Unity - Normals

    Why does my normal map looks so bad in Unity and really good on Marmoset Toolbag? (I expected it to look different in Unity, but not this bad)   Look how in Unity I can see the original edges of the mesh, and on Marmoset they're hiden by the Normal map (on other 3D programs like Maya those edges are hiden too)     My normal settings       My Unity scene just has the mesh and a directional light (tried point light and doesn't look any better)   Am I doing something wrong or that's how the normals are supposed to look like in Unity?   Edit: Unchecked "Create from Gray Scale" and changed the Format to "Compressed" But if someone has some tips to make it look even better please share it with me   (even tho it already looks like what I had on Marmoset)  
  9. CGXel

    Unity - Script Languages

    So basically... C# its better?
  10. I've heard that Javascript is the easiest of the languages that Unity supports, but I was wondering what are the differences between (for example) using Javascript besides C#?, what are the pros and cons?, or does Javascript isn't able to do some task that C# does?   Please explain :)  thank you in advance
  11. CGXel

    Unity - Playtest problem

    Thanks for the info :) still wasn't able to fix it, but since I have a wireless mouse isn't much of a problem
  12. When I enter on Playtest mode I can't move the pov camera around, I'm not using a mouse, I'm using a tablet, and then when I connect the mouse I can move the pov camera, how can I fix it so I can move the camera with the tablet? (Intuos Pro)   Edit: Could someone move this topic to "For Beginner's" section please? (silly me)
  13. CGXel

    Game Perfomance

    Thank you all for your answers and for being so nice      I'll keep an eye to read the blog phil_t suggested, because I don't have any programing knowledge so far and I've just started using Unity (there seem to be good tutorials on Digital Tutors)   Could anyone suggest me a good online curse or any useful tips for basic programming? (for Unity), I don't know anything about this topic but my first long term goal its to finish a simple indie game   Edit: Here's an useful link I've found http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/374930/what-should-i-learn-first.html (I really don't remember how did I get to that webpage, becasue I don't see the same link posted on this topic, lol...)   I've found hundreds of tutorials so far, I'm really excited!, time to learn and take notes :)
  14. (excuse my grammar and my weird way to connect phrases, I speak spanish) I was wondering what decreases a Game's perfomance? (like FPS), for example, I know (or I've been told) that having models with too many triangles will decrease a game perfomance, so... yea... what are all those "things" that slow the perfomance?, it'd be useful too knowing how much does it affects it, like, "too many textures would slow the perfomance, but not as much as too many triangles in the scene" (something like that)   Any kind of information its useful!
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