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  1. This is an article from one of the Insomniac Games developers that discusses SIMD instructions and the problem with using vector classes: https://deplinenoise.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/gdc2015_afredriksson_simd.pdf
  2. SOL-2517

    C++ | Fixed Byte Size

        The size of these standard types also depend on the platform ABI. For example, the standard C type "long" is only 4 bytes on 64 bit Windows but 8 bytes on most other 64 bit platforms.         There are compiler switches and pragmas you can use but then you suddenly have to code to support different compilers and make sure that the size of the struct is the same as the ZIP header if you ever plan on reading and writing the entire struct at once. Reading or writing one field at a time using the integer types from the stdint header is guaranteed to work on platforms where those integer types exist so that's the option I would go for (don't forget to account for the endianness though). If you want maximum portability then you're in for a real headache since some platforms might not even have integer types of the same length as those in the ZIP header. It can be solved by messing around with bit masks but it's not something I would bother with unless I knew I was targeting esoteric platforms.
  3. SOL-2517

    default install folder for windows game

      I would put game saves in FOLDERID_SavedGames so that it's easy for the user to find them. Otherwise it might be hard for the average user to find the game saves since AppData is a hidden folder by default. If done properly you can just copy that folder to a new machine and resume the game as usual when needed. I don't consider machine specific settings like keyboard bindings etc to be a part of the game save so those go in FOLDERID_LocalAppData as suggested.
  4. Doing memory allocations in C++ with raw pointers is a disaster waiting to happen.
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