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    I Am Overburdened

    The player takes the role of an artifact hunter, who has a surprisingly large carrying capacity, embarking on a quest to search through dungeon after dungeon for mystical artifacts and answers, in a world where magic has long been forgotten… Run focused campaign, playable in short bursts. Fill a huge inventory having 20 slots. Find more than 100 crazy artifacts, all of them unique. Learn the ins and outs of an RPG system which feels approachable and fresh, but familiar and deep at the same time. Crawl in procedural dungeons generated from hand authored layouts. Collect details about monsters and artifacts in your journal. Unfold a funny story, packed with vicious evils, puns and jokes. Immortalize your best playthroughs in the “Hall of Fame”. What is this 20 slots, 100+ unique artifacts RPG nonsense? Simple, your “hero” does not get more powerful magically by beating some orcs to death and he is not a wizard either. In the world of I Am Overburdened the art of magic wielding was lost, but legendary artifacts and relics retained their power. If you equip these you become stronger, sometimes immeasurably, and you may even learn reactive skills and otherworldly abilities, but no sane person wears two pants…
  2. Hello there! Time for one last small update before I go into full promotion mode regarding the new I Am Overburdened expansion pack Update The new 1.2.6. version is more of a refinement over the existing stuff, but it packs a lovely change which I hope receives a warm welcome. Screen transition I’ve been fighting with level change for a long while to make it look good and readable. I always wanted to help the player instantly recognize where Joey is when entering a new dungeon floor. Finally what I have now feels really good I should have looked into cartoons for inspiration long ago. Bug-fixes While testing the new content I made for the expansion I’ve stumbled into a few issues A huge error found its way into the game code with the previous update. Wearing the “Wizard Hat” item could cause a crash in certain cases upon reaching a dungeon level with a number of hallucinations in it. Now it’s fixed! Please accept my apology if any of your runs came to an unexpected end due to this mistake. I’m really sorry. As you can see on this gif some item combinations could mess up the boss fight scene. Not a major problem, but it looked pretty weird. Bad karma (balance) I constantly tweak difficulty related things with each update and this one is no exception. With luck and a few right choices early on you could become too overpowered and I tried to address this “problem”. Now the game tries to push back a little if you are shredding everything in your path with ease. It isn’t drastic but affects your luck and the pickup and chest spawn rates a bit. The second half of the gameplay was affected mostly so the change focuses on later dungeon levels as well. Upcoming The time has come to start showing some real footage from the expansion pack! The first official reveal is one (or two in this case?) of the new enemies: the Ooze. You can expect the same level of functional diversity. All new beasts are going to have their own special “thing” The expansion will focus on replay value first and foremost and will NOT extend the story. The new monsters will be introduced as part of the existing dungeons as “variants” at certain sections, randomly selected for each run. That is why the Ooze is encountered in the caves. I made good progress in the last month and it looks like I’m only going to release one more update before I complete the enhanced edition of the game. This also means I’m going to reveal a lot more details about the new stuff in the next few weeks! Shopping When I posted about the condition of my hand, I got a lot of suggestions for what to upgrade on my desk. My right got a tad bit better lately (I’m able to use it as “support”), so I decided to buy and try out some ergonomics stuff. The first thing I tried is a vertical mouse and I have to say I’m really impressed so far. It does feel way more comfortable to use than a conventional one and I got the hang of it almost right away. So if you are using your wrists/hands (and a mouse) extensively for work or your hobbies (art, music, design, etc…) do yourself a favor and get one. Since I was shopping I also got a new mug with my favorite comic book characters Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you very much for your support. Take care!
  3. Hi everyone! Here comes a not so spectacular, but hopefully funny update for I Am Overburdened. As the name suggest version 1.2.5. is way more swift than the previous one, plus it is equipped with a nasty new trick to terrorize players Hallucination 2.0 Please welcome “positive” hallucinations. Previously when you accidentally drank poison or a venomous creature attacked you, monster phantasms (non-existent hallucinated creatures) would be placed randomly on the following dungeon level. This feature always felt fun, but a bit insignificant. Its impact was quite low because if you played a lot you could figure out in many cases which of the monsters are hallucinated and you never feared extra monsters when in a good shape (health and loot wise). Now other entities (chests, pickup, etc…) can be hallucinated and their placements are influenced by the level templates and the dungeon generator. The new version is way more effective, a.k.a. confusing If you have an existing save-game no worries. The new save files may be a tiny bit bigger (due to the more complex hallucinations), but the game is backward compatible. Inventory triviality A tiny ease of use feature. Now when opening your inventory while standing next to an item or opened chest the relevant item slot will be focused. The slot of the last picked up item still has priority though! Optimization I keep saying that I Am Overburdened runs on a toaster, but what does this mean and is it really true? Well, for the most part, it IS true. I have a 10+ years old laptop on which I test the game from time to time (1st gen 1.5Ghz Atom CPU, 1Gb RAM for real) and the game is able to run at 60 fps (not that it matters a lot with a turn-based game but still). My work desktop is also quite modest so a performance mistake surfaces easily. The more taxing parts where the real problems lie are switching between screens and launching the game. Checking loot Sadly the inventory screen had a blatantly unoptimized implementation. Opening it could cause almost a second long halt on my older machine. It was still my original prototype implementation. Silly me, sorry for the inconvenience. I simplified the layout data of the screen, remade the loading algorithm and voila. Now it can load within the same frame of the press/click even on a simple computer. A bit slowed down recording of the old and the new inventory opening for comparison. Parts of these changes got into the previous version so you may have experienced the speedup to an extent already. Startup So on the before mentioned toaster, it took 5+ seconds to show the title screen after launching the game. This was mainly due to pre-loading almost all the assets and saved data so that handling the content while the game is running can be simple. I postponed tiny parts of this, but the logic largely stayed the same and instead I choose to simplify the majority of the game data to speed-up load times. Still not lightning fast, but I measured a hefty 40-50% win which is really nice Tech talk So doing some optimizations is definitely a nice thing for the game, but the readers probably won’t die from excitement after skimming through these paragraphs To spice up the entry a little I’m going into some of the details. Warning, technobabble ahead! Starting out optimizing? Easy: measure, measure, and measure. Don’t dive in changing around stuff like a madman since you could easily try to optimize algorithms which don’t really take much time or you could introduce massive changes without big wins. Once you have the answer to “what specifically needs to be optimized” and “what can actually be optimized (preferably with the least effort)” questions you are officially ready to make a mess out of those parts of your code-base After you change something guess what? You measure some more to make sure your experiments do make things faster… Skeletons in the closet I mentioned a lot of data and loading related changes. Simply because reading meta-data took the most time (descriptions of items/monsters/pickups/chests/skills/effects + screen layouts and settings). I knew instantly I could easily optimize these with big wins, because I’m a lazy programmer What that means is I often use simple, generalized tools (usually built-in or third-party and throwaway solutions) for many things to save development time, but these tend to be quite slow (like XML and reflection…). var monsterDescriptions = xmlSerializer.Deserialize<MonsterDescription[]>(file); Yes, it really is this simple to load stuff if you are lazy Before someone attacks me for my choice, I’m not advocating this approach. It does usually work out, but I know that these shortcuts can bite you later on. Back to optimizing So switching to a format which is easier to parse and still not hard to work with. My solution: CSV It eliminates redundant data, tooling support is quite good (excel, google docs, etc…), it is still text-based and super-duper simple to load. <!-- ... --> <EffectDescription> <Name>Splash</Name> <Sprite>EffectSplash</Sprite> <EaseInSeconds>0.35</EaseInSeconds> <EaseOutSeconds>1.0</EaseOutSeconds> <MaxTransparency>0.66</MaxTransparency> <AllowFlip>false</AllowFlip> <Layer>Ground</Layer> </EffectDescription> <!-- ... --> The old XML version of a special effect for a skill. Name,EaseInSeconds,EaseOutSeconds,Sprite,MaxTransparency,AllowFlip,Chained,Layer ... Splash,0.35,1,EffectSplash,0.66,False,,Ground ... The CSV version of the same effect (the header/meta-info is not repeated for each entry as opposed to XML). My first tests showed a whopping 75-80% load time decrease with some types so I went full steam ahead with converting the data and the loading routines to CSV. I know there are actual wars fought over XML versus JSON versus YAML versus INI/TOML etc… with a lot of casualties already , but before I get some glaring looks for my idiotism for originally using XML over JSON as an example think again! With JSON/YAML/… you still have a ton of redundant data (the property names are duplicated for each object the same way as with XML) and you are probably still using reflection (which is a huge factor in speed) whereas with manual loading and a simple format like CSV you do get 0 redundancy and can easily implement parsing without any runtime type information. EffectDescription ReadEffectDescription(CSVLineReader lineReader) { // each Read* call jumps to the next cell in the CSV line var effectDescription = new EffectDescription(); effectDescription.Name = lineReader.ReadString(); effectDescription.EaseInSeconds = lineReader.ReadSingle(); effectDescription.EaseOutSeconds = lineReader.ReadSingle(); effectDescription.Sprite = lineReader.ReadString(); effectDescription.MaxTransparency = lineReader.ReadSingle(effectDescription.MaxTransparency); effectDescription.AllowFlip = lineReader.ReadBoolean(effectDescription.AllowFlip); var chained = lineReader.ReadString(); if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(chained)) { effectDescription.Chained = chained; } effectDescription.Layer = lineReader.ReadEnum<EffectLayer>(EffectLayer.Spell); return effectDescription; } Reading the effect shown before using a simple manual (non-reflective) CSV reader construct. With converting a huge chunk of the data I saved some disk space too. From 62727 (XML) to 11930 (CSV) bytes which is almost an 81% reduction in size Tips time! Spidi, this all sounds nice but what if I have complex composite data (vectors, colors, arrays) or nested data (dictionaries, trees). Most of these problems can be addressed: Vectors/colors turn into multiple columns (position.x, position.y, colortint.r, colortint.g etc…), or you can turn them into single-cell string “scalar” value: 123;456 (x;y ‘;’ character used as separator), 0xFF0000FF (color red as hex RGBA) etc… Arrays/lists are a bit trickier, but if you have relatively small collections (only a few entries) you can use the same approach as with vectors: 0;1;2;3 (‘;’ character used as the entry separator). Dictionaries? No problem! The first column can be a “Key” column if it can be expressed as a scalar. Done. Trees with parent and child relations? No problem! The first column can be the “Id” column to identify elements and the second is the “Parent” which has the id of the parent element. This way you just need to look out for ordering or you build the tree as a “post-load” step. If all else fails? Then you either stick to your exiting format if optimizing it is not an absolute must or you look for a different representation (e.g.: binary) if it has to be faster. To give an example for both cases the save-games in I Am Overburdened had a hand-rolled binary format from the get-go, but I “had to” stick to XML for the item database. In the latter case, I did not want to lose the ease of editing of items (a lot of work goes into tweaking them) plus the skill data structure is super complicated. I did manage to throw out reflection and use a hand-rolled parsing method though… Oh my goodness, but parsing XML/JSON/YAML/… by hand is utterly disgusting, isn’t it? Well, there are patterns to make it pretty simple: // XmlPacker structure, PackUnpack methods implementing read & write for each primitive string PackUnpack(string name, string value) { if (this.IsReading) { // Checks whether a property read has to be performed // and if the name matches the node if (ShouldRead(name)) { return this.Reader.ReadElementContentAsString(); } } else if (this.IsWriting) { this.Writer.WriteStartElement(name); this.Writer.WriteValue(value); this.Writer.WriteEndElement(); } return value; } // Item class void PackUnpackPropertiesXml(ref XmlPacker packer) { this.Name = packer.PackUnpack("Name", this.Name); this.Type = packer.PackUnpackEnum("Type", this.Type); this.Sprite = packer.PackUnpack("Sprite", this.Sprite); this.Sound = packer.PackUnpack("Sound", this.Sound); this.Level = packer.PackUnpack("Level", this.Level); // other properties ... } // When reading "PackUnpackPropertiesXml" is run in a loop for all child nodes This is called the pup or pack-unpack pattern (at least that is how I know it) and it helps immensely. The actual property parsing code becomes really simple and you will get both a reader and a writer method automatically only by making this one method for a type. Validation Yep, these are relatively major changes for extra performance so besides measuring your results you should definitely evaluate whether the data loaded from the new format matches exactly the old version! Some tips on how to do this efficiently if you have the old loading methods and the new one is already implemented: Equals: implement an equality check for the given type and evaluate with it whether the data loaded from the old format matches the data loaded from the new format. Write: implement a write (save) method for the given type in an arbitrary expansive format and save both the data loaded from the old format and the data loaded from the new format. Now compare the saved data. Assert: generate a bunch of unit tests from the original data. You can execute these asserts on the data loaded from the old format (to make sure code generation worked as intended) and then on the data loaded from the new format. This is my favorite by the way. Was it all worth it for faster startup and inventory opening? Yes, absolutely! Besides improving the user experience, I always had plans of porting the game to mobile platforms. In the last few months with all the optimizations I’ve done I believe it is going run flawlessly without sucking the batteries dry Upcoming? My hand is only a tiny bit better, but at least it is not killing me nowadays. I’m slowly working towards finishing the expansion for I Am Overburdened. Sorry for not sharing new details about it with this entry. To make up for it I’m going to post images and gifs showcasing some of the new monsters and items with the following update For next time I’m planning to release another tiny graphical enhancement. Thanks for reading my post and much love for your support. Stay tuned!
  4. frequentHello everyone! This entry will be a bit more personal and full of rambling about game development in real life and how come making a tiny bug-fix update for a game takes a whole month. Stay awhile, because if you can put up with my whining, you are going to read some real advice The unexpected Around a month ago severe cartilage damage and bone wear (arthrosis) was diagnosed in my right wrist-bone(s). This is a permanent change. One that quite possibly will heavily affect my future I always had problems with my hand, we could call it chronic pain I guess, but it never was so frequent or so drastic that I thought something could be really wrong… In middle school, I thought it must be my hobbies. A lot of Diablo and other games plus art (both classical and digital). In university, I thought it must be my studies. My hobbies stayed with me and I started programming multiple hours daily. As an employed programmer, software became my full-time job and I thought it must be my life-style. I started pouring hours after work into game development and art daily because I really wanted to make games, not just business software. Probably you are rolling your eyes by now, that I must be crazy for not taking care of myself, but I’m pretty sure if you are reading this you may have a similar history and of course I always did everything I could to heal. I always took sufficient rest, sometimes totally stopping these activities for a few days taking medicinal products to recover, plus in the last few years, I used various supporters to help my hands during work. I never experienced wild long-lasting pains. Except for 5 weeks ago. I heard it called pianist disease by a Doc and it is fairly common amongst musicians, artists, programmers, essentially anyone using their fingers and wrists excessively for work. I’ve been doing physiotherapy and taking medication during the last month besides keeping my hand in a splint and barely using it at all. It is better now. I only experience pain if I disobey the “try not to use your right hand!” rule Doctors told me that the pain will become manageable, but surgery seems to be necessary if I want to use it again for work… Yep, you guessed it well. Even though I’m right-handed (was?) and relatively fast at typing (was!) writing this entry took me a while because I used my left hand only. That is how a tiny bug-fix update takes a month Now onto the advice part: Life will throw unexpected things at you. Even if you are at a point where everything seems to click and nothing can stop you, I’m pretty sure there is something that can. Take care of yourself and if you happen to experience similar things consult with a doctor to see if you can prevent bigger problems down the line. The update Since players discovered some glaring issues lately and I just managed to repair a few long-standing problems, I decided to put out a build with important fixes in it ASAP as version 1.2.4. Not saved Sadly the path was not “ensured” (existence of directories) in all cases when saving the game. I estimate, that this could affect quite a few people, but not many reported it so far on any of the channels for the game. I hope this means it worked for most people and not many run into it If you did lose a save I’m really sorry. Please accept my apology and know that now it is fixed and works as intended. Hallucinated boss Some items in the game are totally insane and their combinations, well let just say they can lead to weird outcomes One of these is the “Carnival Mask” which can turn monsters into hallucinations. It cannot be triggered on the boss level, as there are no other monsters around the boss itself. Except when you have an item on you which can summon monsters in certain situations. Mix in some chemical X and bang! The boss can easily turn into a hallucination, preventing the player from completing the run. Funny thing is that I already had a configuration coded for items to optionally disable them against certain enemy types (e.g.: the boss), but I probably thought this could not happen. Fixed! Left-handed Due to the underlying technology I used the game could not support left-handed mouse usage (left and right buttons switched in the operating system). I swapped out parts of the tech and fixed this problem. As you can guess I only realized the existence of the issue when I myself started using my mouse in this mode To all the left-handed people in the world who would have loved playing I Am Overburdened with a mouse: I’m sorry for not realizing this before! Focus on what you are doing! There were some reports about the game occasionally capturing mouse input even if its window is not in focus. I tried fixing this before, but I never had the complete picture about what is going wrong. I’m still not sure if it is fully fixed, but I could reproduce a case when it occurred and with the input tech change, I could correct this problem too. Special thanks to all the community members who reported and helped in the diagnostics of these issues. Is this the end?! This slowed me to a crawl (no pun intended), but there is no way I’m stopping game development I just wasn’t prepared for it. Neither physically nor mentally. It will take some time getting used to it, but my left-hand dexterity is getting better each day and hopefully, surgery will further improve the state of things later on. It is uncertain now how long it will take, but I will follow through my plans and deliver the content expansion pack for I Am Overburdened. Thank you very much for reading my post and for all your support. Take care!
  5. Hi there! So it came to pass, that only a tiny update gets completed within two weeks while working on another way bigger project Hopefully, the user interface enhancements in I Am Overburdened version 1.2.3. will be appreciated still. The book of monsters The biggest (albeit functionally neglectable) change is the new “Book of Monsters” layout. Now the unlocked monsters can be explored using a scrollable grid just like in the case of the “Tome of Artifacts”. It looks much less crammed + this was a necessary change for the future Yep, this also means new monsters will join the party with the upcoming bigger content update (currently it looks like 4 to be more exact) and for this to happen the presentation had to be changed beforehand to accommodate. Scroll madness All the scroll-bars (not just the new monsters book one) were updated to handle up/down clicks too + screens where scrolling grids reacted to mouse movement (Stash, Treasury), were fixed since they could produce horrible noises with the quickly changing focused artifacts. Nearby beasts How could I forget about this feature?! The same thing was implemented for the “Tome of Artifacts” with nearby items long ago, but somehow I missed this one. Opening the “Book of Monsters” next to an enemy now selects it immediately. Tome hot-keys I also added hot-keys for accessing the tomes (Left Ctrl + A for the “Tome of Artifacts”, Left Ctrl + M for the “Book of Monsters”) with only one press as they may be opened semi-frequently during play. The input guide was updated to reflect these changes. In-game inventory on steroids! A real nemesis of mine. I could not find a good way to notify the player about nearby items so far. I tried multiple things in the past (some even made it into the game), but I was never satisfied. I think I got it now? I really like the current version. Let me know what you think! Little development history One thing I tried long ago was changing the color palette of the slots which may be affected by a neighbor item pickup. Empty slots became lighter and used slots became red. I scrapped this approach because I could not find good enough color variants and it generally did not look that useful. To give at least some help to the players I decided to add in-world slot notifications. I liked them quite a lot so I released this feature a while ago, but I admit that functionally it was not best (e.g.: with a full inventory the slot icons don’t help too much )… Then it hit me! Don’t change the slots I have to focus on, change the ones I don’t have to focus on. May sound counter-intuitive, but it worked way better than my first color based attempt It wasn’t a ~perfect solution though. I just could not pinpoint the best time when to fade in and out unrelated slots. It looked a bit chaotic. With some iteration, I worked it out though. If there is a rapid change just forget the whole thing (disable the feature) so it doesn’t bother the player and only fade out the unneeded slots if the player stays still a little nearby an item (or items). Summer Sale In the meantime I Am Overburdened also joined the Summer Sale! You can buy it at Steam or at itch.io for dirt cheap (50% Off – 2.49$, may vary based on region). What’s next? This is the first “teaser” update where changes related to the expansion pack crawled into the official build of the game and I shared tiny but concrete info about what is to come. Expect a few more updates like this in the upcoming weeks, but soon (hopefully really soon) I will unleash a bigger and better I Am Overburdened upon the world Thank you very much for following my progress and for all your support. Stay tuned!
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    I Am Overburdened, cosmetics

    @kseh my inner six year old responded: "you got to do something about it, you got to do the right thing!" My hands are totally full now with a different bigger project, but I'll do my best to make it a reality. Of course, it is impossible (and would be irresponsible) to promise a date, but I would love to make it accessible on phones by now just as much! I can promise though, that once it is done you'll be notified and will get it right away Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement everyone!
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    I Am Overburdened, journal entry

    Hi @jbadams Thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully, my stay will be more substantial and useful than the last time
  8. Hello everyone! New I Am Overburdened update, new entry This time instead of launching new content or features I’m upgrading the graphics of the game a little. Graphical facelift As I hinted before on social media I’ve been working on multiple graphics related changes. This is the first update for I Am Overburdened focusing only on the visual aspect. If the response is good I may create another similar one Let me know what you think! Auto-Tiling The biggest graphical improvement is the auto-tiling feature of the dungeon levels. In short, it is a technique to (dynamically) change tiles based on their neighbors to achieve a much less “blocky” look and to add depth to the scenes. To me, the difference is night and day. It does make the grid structure of the levels less readable (functionally may be a bit of a downgrade), but it makes the dungeons feel much more claustrophobic so all in all, I feel like it is a big win Some technical details: The most flexible and well-established method is the “blob” or 8-way auto-tiling where you create special tile graphics with the required corners for all the relevant neighbor combinations (47 exist, the first part of the image). Each neighbor is represented by a bit (power of 2 value, the second part of the image) and by combining the flags of the ~important matching neighbors you get a unique value identifying the required tile. Even though I coded a system like this long ago I decided to go with a different technique because of the amount of graphical work required… So I switched to the “sub-tile” approach. It is super simple to implement and requires much less sprite work while still achieving a similar result. The idea here is to split tiles which require special corner graphics and check the relevant neighbors for each corner. To cover each situation 4 variants are required so 16 sub-tiles. Based on the horizontal, vertical and diagonal neighbors of a given corner the appropriate sub-tile graphic can be selected and voila. Auto-tiling. Crystal clear The looks of the last episode in the game received some valid criticism. My original goal was to make the “Crystalline Cavern” a bit confusing. Almost like a place full of mirrors. I think I went a little overboard and visual clarity suffered a lot. I’ve redrawn parts of the tile-set, recolored the rest and a new walking effect was introduced to preserve the reflecting and mirror-like feeling. Rain The ambient sounds in the inn just weren’t doing it justice. I added some splash effects outside of the building to set a more convincing mood. Bugs & Performance The fixes and optimizations are graphics related too. The biggest enhancement is the introduction of multiple (rendering) layers within the effect system and overall improved effect handling performance. Effect layers This problem probably did not bother many players, but some environment effects looked funny before the introduction of multi-layer spell effects. Fixed! Mouse control sprites There was a tiny sprite state related bug which could only occur when controlling the game with the mouse. Not anymore. Spell performance Although the game could always run on a “toaster” hitches and frame-spikes during spell heavy moments weren’t uncommon. This is now a thing of the past. Next stop? Work continues on I Am Overburdened. The planned content expansion pack is shaping up nicely. So far, I deliberately kept concrete info about it to the minimum since I’m still really bad at estimating the work left and I would like it to be a surprising and bigger release. This means the upcoming few updates will be similar to this and the last one (just a bunch of tiny changes), but I’m going to start teasing the new features in the following weeks Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Take care!
  9. Hi there! Maybe I should start with some rambling about why I’ve been dormant for so long, but I want to jump right into the details of the latest I Am Overburdened update I’ve just released. I’m leaving the boring bits to the end ! Update Version 1.2.1. has a plethora of changes, but most of these are fixes, tunings and other tiny additions. All in all it is not THE huge content update I’ve been teasing, but it has a bunch of nice things I hope many will appreciate. The game has been localized to German ( …) and Spanish ( …). With this second set of official translations the game now supports 7 languages 😮 ! Hopefully this way even more players will be able to enjoy the wacky descriptions and dialogues I would love to add even more in the future, but I can’t make promises yet as these take time and money. Will try my best. Special thanks to the translators for their work: Nico Weiß (canemus): German, Juan Buleo (PsychoKurt): Spanish Mouse and UI When I Am Overburdened launched it lacked proper mouse support. I patched-in this feature shortly after and I tried upgrading it ever since, but there are still a few ideas left worth pursuing. Book graphics and controls The menu book graphics were improved with a simple trick and all the screens received separate “Back” and “Close” buttons. This way it is way easier to navigate them (some menu “stacks” were quite deep) + now it is possible to move around with only the left mouse button easily. In-game UI There is a new book icon under the health-bar for opening the menus. Again this allows left mouse button only navigation during play. Inn renovation The same way the user interface needed some changes to better support controlling the game with mouse only, the inn had to be updated a bit to accommodate. I added a journal next to the innkeeper which can be used to access the main menu. Stash confusion Many players claimed that they did not notice the “Stash” in the inn and had no idea about collecting starting items. Mea culpa, this was a big design error on my end. Now when it has items in it there is a smoke effect triggered when entering the inn similar to the ones accompanying other unlocks and play variants. Hope this helps in discovering the unlocked starter items. Bug-fixes and tweaks Besides adding new languages a lot of localization fixes found their way into the game. Layouts of the menus were changed a little to make translated content better fit them. I also increased the item pickups notification time for longer fluff texts as translators suggested. A small balance change was applied too. The luck penalty on nightmare difficulty has been decreased to 3 from 5. It is not a heavy impact modification, but it does make nightmare an itsy-bitsy less luck based. Path-finding I made a mistake in the underlying path-finding system which caused a rare but weird issue when controlling the player with the mouse. Fixed! That is all for this update, but soon more will follow! So what’s up? Sadly In the last six months I had to face a lot of difficulties (financial, personal and housing/moving related). Due to this I left the game hibernated and as a result its community dwindled I really wish to do a 180 on this. I’m going to have free time for making updates in the upcoming months and I already re-organized my TODO list and plans. I’m also working on a somewhat “new” project pretty closely related to I Am Overburdened To sum it up, I really had neither time, nor money or energy to work on the game. Thankfully it looks like now I’m on track to complete updates I’ve been dying to deliver for months now Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Stay tuned!
  10. Thanks for the insight, great write-up! Living in a neighboring country and the circumstances and expenses are somewhat close to yours. Thankfully Hungary has a tax treaty with the US, but income taxes here are CRAZY, so I kind of understand your view. There is one thing you could look into and think about: The "dreaded" publisher. I know it sounds crazy as you are preparing for a full-blown campaign and planning to self-publish, but if you sign on with a publisher (for e.g.: one from the EU or the US) if I'm not mistaken together you could keep 70% of each sold Steam unit and by giving them an approx 30% cut you would get the same amount of money per unit (or maybe even more depending on their cut) + they could help you out a lot with pr and marketing (and much more) increasing your chances of reaching a big enough audience to recoup your investment and make a profit. Of course this is a difficult topic and choosing / pitching-to a publisher is not an easy decision / task, plus if your campaign succeeds you probably won't need much help with the release Just thought I throw in this idea as food for thought. Good luck with the game, it looks awesome + keep the cool posts coming
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    I Am Overburdened, saving my soul

    Thanks for the warm welcome , it feels good to be back ! I hope I'll be able to create some interesting blogs/vlogs in the upcoming months
  12. Hello everyone, So much time has passed. I’ve been away from my online life and making games for months. Thanks to some new opportunities it looks like the time has come for me to return to active development again And what better way to restart my venture than putting out new updates for my games I will share some details about my short term plans soon, but I’m devoting this entry to a long-overdue I Am Overburdened update! Update Version 1.2.0 is live and the highlight of it is the save-game feature! Besides this one major addition, it is mostly a bug-fix and tweak build. Save & Exit Finally the game can be suspended in the dungeon and continued later. Since a full play-through is relatively short plus I Am Overburdened is primarily a rogue-like and save-scumming would undermine this core idea so only one save slot exists. Of course more could be added with slots only having a continue option if there are genuine requests for it, but I think the game works well this way. This is more like a convenience feature to be able to stop playing at any point you wish and finish the run when you have the time to spare. The pause menu had to be reorganized a bit, since it was already crammed. As you can see it’s cleaner now and the last option saves and closes the game. I would like to create a more technical post too about this specific feature. Kind of like a tutorial about aspects of save systems. Let me know if you are interested! Immediate (Save &) Exit The immediate exit hot-key was remapped from F10 to F9. Sorry about this change, it was a necessity (os/platform reasons), but as a bright side it also supports saving the game. So now if you hit F9 during play and the game could be continued (e.g.: the player is not dead ), the state will be saved just like when saving and exiting using the pause menu. This change is already reflected in the input guide. Pesky bugs I’ve been working on the game on and off in short bursts in the last months and alongside with the community I discovered some problems too. I fixed quite a few things so I’m simply going to list them: Few items and their related skills could cause a crash under super specific circumstances. It’s not likely many of you run into these issues, but if your play was interrupted by a crash I’m sorry. Certain item skills with persisting effects (e.g.: Fear, Cripple) could get stuck or be triggered on recently summoned/resurrected monsters in rare cases. These were not visible, but could affect how well you did, so my apologies for the occasional unfair (de-)buffs. The positioning of hallucinations from toxicity effects (e.g.: Toad monsters, poison in potion) were not correctly randomized. These hallucinated monsters were always placed in the upper-left quarter of the map, breaking the illusion. Now this is fixed. A while ago I added item-slot notifications to item pickups and chests when standing nearby. It did not occur to me though, that with this modification the treasury pickups and chests triggered unnecessary ones too. Oops, fixed! In balance With this update balance tweaks found their way into the game too. There were still some complaints regarding this aspect, so I made normal mode a tad bit harder and nightmare difficulty a tiny bit more forgiving. These are not substantial changes, only slightly affecting the pickup and chest spawn rates. Another extra is “near death” detection. Simply put if you end up in a really bad situation at some point, the game tries not to punish you even harder on the next dungeon level These changes are subtle, so they keep the game challenging, but they were introduced to make it more fair at the same time. Boss confusion Some people found the boss level corpses confusing. I don’t know if the new version will work out better (this is not the first time I change this ), but now the number of corpses (below the one serving as the story hint) are tied to the unlock progress of the boss entry in the monster book. I know some other unlocks still need more and better hints too. I’m going to work on these problems in the near future… Am I still alive? Yes, pretty much. Due to personal and financial reasons I had to put full-time game development on hold for a long while, but I’m back now and I will be working on my projects in the upcoming months. Before I vanished from the face of the INTERNETZ I teased possible ports and a bigger content update for I Am Overburdened. These are not forgotten and progressing well In a week or two I will reveal more details about my plans. Until then, have a fun-filled time. Thanks for reading and take care!
  13. Hi everyone! Two Magic Item Tech games have joined the "Summer Sale" on Steam and itch.io I Am Overburdened The silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots, is 40% off so currently it's only 2.99$ (may vary based on region, base price is 4.99$) ! You can buy it at Steam or at itch.io. Go go go dungeon crawlers !!! Operation KREEP The best couch co-op multiplayer Alien satire action game, is 83% so currently it's only 0.50$ (may vary based on region, base price is 2.99$) !!! If you are a sucker for retro party games like Bomberman (Dyna Blaster) or Battle City make sure to give it a try! You can buy it at Steam or at itch.io. Remember: In space no one can hear you KREEP... I hope you check them out and they will be to your liking ! P.S.: Magic Item Tech also has a Steam developer page now. Feel free to follow me there to receive first hand news about my games, updates and sales. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, have an awesome summer full of fun Cheers!
  14. Hi there! Lately I had less free time to post updates about about my games, but I just released a tiny new update for I Am Overburdened and I have some news/plans to share so here comes a short entry Update Version 1.1.8 is online, featuring mostly fixes and fine-tunings, but lets see in detail what it has to offer! Achievement bug fixed Due to some timing and file-reading mistakes in rare cases some achievements were not unlocked. The boss, monsters and the four artifact unlocking related trophies may have been affected for some players. Now the problem is solved and I added an extra step to the startup logic of the game so that achievements missed by previous versions will be unlocked automatically (e.g.: if you unlocked all the monsters, but the achievement is missing). My apologies for each of you who run into this problem. Item pickup and shop enhancements Item pickups (especially buying one in the shop) bugged quite a few people, due to not knowing what kind of item one receives. I wanted to leave item collection as a "mystery" and unlocking artifacts being both a reward and a learning process, but I understand the inconvenience of this. To alleviate it a little I added a simple item slot notification when the player moves next to an artifact. Another hopefully useful addition is the "same item speech" in the shop, which triggered before when you tried to pick up an item you already own, but now it triggers before buying items you have equipped too. What's next? Finally the Mac and Linux ports are getting closer to the finish line and the save-game feature is already functional ! It will still take a week or two to stabilize and complete them, but they are next in line and will be out later this month Anything longer term? I'm also working on a bigger update. I may have mentioned it before, but it is still too early to show anything in action, however it will see the light of day by the end of summer. My long term plans are a bit vague at the moment. I think I have clear goals in my mind, but no exact plans on how I could reach them. I want to deliver more updates for I Am Overburdened and I would love to port it to multiple platforms (console and mobile to be exact), but I don't really have the resources nor the contacts to really do it. Will see what the future holds... As always if you have useful tips for me, any suggestions or critique, I'm all ears. Drop me a comment or a mail! Thanks for reading my post and for your continued support. Take care!
  15. Spidi

    Operation KREEP

    In space no one can hear you KREEP... Operation KREEP is a two-dimensional top-down couch co-op multiplayer action game. An extraterrestrial organism threatens deep space exploration missions! Only trained personnel working as a team can eliminate these infestations. But, the corporation financing the space endeavor has a private mail for you: Cold hard cash for the alien alive! Which side will you choose? Features: Engage in a frantic local multiplayer action game (offline 1-4) Play single player matches against AI agents Fight in a dozen of arenas and pick from multiple player skins Try out various game rule mutators to take part in hilarious matches Decide, with or against your friends?! Both keyboard and controller support
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