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    Rescue ASCII

    UPD.   Some updates: - added labels for start and finish; - added tooltips for towers; - added another cursor style for building areas and towers; - and the main thing: the game and it's source code now can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/asciidefence/   Thank you for your attention. I'm still waiting for your comments and suggestions. :-)
  2. Hello! It's time for me to announce new little puzzle browser game "2nd power": http://www.kongregate.com/games/qiray/2nd-power The rules of this game are easy: you should use mouse to unite neighboring tiles (nearest left, right, top, bottom and diagonals) by clicking on a tile and dragging it to another one with the same number. You can combine more than 2 tiles per move: for example click on a tile with number 2, drag it to neighbouring one with 2, then (holding your mouse down) drag them to tile with 4 and so on. Combining more than 2 tiles per time bring you score bonuses. Not so interesting like 2048 but easy, yeah? Any suggestions, ideas and criticism are welcome. PS. Some of you may remember my another game Rescue ASCII: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/666476-rescue-ascii/
  3. qiray

    Rescue ASCII

    UPD. I made some updates: - speed setting buttons; - targetting system: each tower can now prefer its own targets (such as fast, strong, expensive, close to finish or random enemies). I also moved this game to Kongregate http://www.kongregate.com/games/qiray/rescue-ascii so it now can be rated.
  4.   Hardcore mode can be interesting but escape chance is a really good idea.
  5. Looks awesome. It's similar to old 90th games and it's realy good. The only thing IMHO to do is to make available escape from a battle.   PS. The main character's helmet looks like Star Wars clone trooper.
  6. qiray

    Rescue ASCII

    Unfortunately my game contains not only ASCII graphics but also circles to display towers' attack range and some tricks with font and line sizes. So it cannot be called a pure ASCII game.
  7. qiray

    Rescue ASCII

    The do a good job of emulating (n)curses in that respect.    Yes, but it's more convenient to draw cirles and to use different line/font size in browser.
  8. qiray

    Rescue ASCII

    Thank you. It sounds good, multicolored graphics can be much better. It's an interesting idea but maybe later. Browsers have good tools for easy displaying nice things like popup windows and others. Of course, sometimes their speed and memory consumption are not ideal.
  9. qiray

    Rescue ASCII

    Greetings everyone! I am glad to say that a new browser tower defense game is now ready. It is called "Rescue ASCII" Features: - ASCII graphics; - 4 tower types; - 3 towers levels; - 30 enemy types; - 4 difficulty levels; - more than 10 maps; - achievements and upgrades; - cookie and text based save/load; - a lot of fun! To play it you just need a modern browser with javascript and canvas (HTML 5) support. The game version is beta so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions and questions please contact me here or via my e-mail: zotovyaa@mail.ru Thanks and have a lot of fun!
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