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  1. @Different You're right. I have a list of To-Dos that is easy to motivate me. There are things that I enjoy A LOT about the game making process. Than there are things that I just call work...   because I find it so dreadful.    I'll take your advice and keep a balance so I can mix and match work and motivated ideas/features.
  2. @Tom You're right. Being jealous is not relevant or useful to my productivity... or is it? Personally, it's not.    @Servant I will be looking forward to watching my pixel art improve over the years. Thanks.
  3. lol~ i think you spending a lot of time on game dev is a good thing for people like me.   Is it common to find a similar game being made or released that looks amazing and you feel jealous?   I think my main source of jealousy comes from of my lack of skill in creating sprites.
  4. So true. I have yet to think of my favorite 2D games as AAA titles.    Also didn't think that one individual would do about 2000 hrs / year.   Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the tips. The latest map that I finished was done exactly how you suggested. Of course it was after failing at another attempt that took 5+ hours.   I really like your goal of "good enough" THEN changing it to "great".
  6. Hello, <insert usual background story of an indie dev here>. Well the thing is i'm not really an indie developer.  I would argue that an indie dev is a successful developer (made more profit than their opportunity cost + other expenses) who does not work for a publishing company.  I just view myself as a hobbyist. You see, i've had a problem for quite some time now. Ever since I got a Nintendo Entertainment System as a distraction (around 6 years old), i've been addicted to games. How do I know it's an addiction? My desire to play games bleeds into my productive time. Well, more like take over to a point where there is no productive time (40 - 100 hrs / week easy).   There was a time where I tried to monetize my game playing habits. I started testing games for Activision-Blizzard, THQ, and Encore. I was fortunate enough to work on some fun titles, "Hoyle Casino and Games", "Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare", "MX vs ATV", and "Frontlines: Fuel of War". Even after dumping 60+ hours/week testing games, I still found time to play games afterwards.   This is getting long so i'll start crawling to my point.   A decade later I've finally traded one addiction for another. Making games.   So why am I writing this? To ask for your help. I understand you have no reason to help me, thus the whole throw me a bone title. I'm just scared, especially at times where the work of making a game is TEDIOUS. Even more so when I dump hours into a design/map/feature only to later realize it doesn't meet my standard. So what kind of help am I wanting from you the reader?   Knowledge.   It doesn't matter if you have successfully finished a game, funded it, blew it up, ate it, or know someone that did. I just would like tips or ideas that helped a project succeed. Maybe even tips or techniques that helped the project stay motivated.   Almost forgot, you can find a short clip of what the game is like at our website or facebook page Heartomics. The game is written in C++.   TL;DR   Making a game called Heartomics. Advice and tips that will increase motivation and success rate wanted. 
  7. RT @IGN: Would your relationship survive this challenge? http://t.co/uNvJ424x8A
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