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  1. Hi Guys,    My name is Swilam. I have spent 10 months producing Unity game development tutorials which will be available on my youtube channel (Game Anatomy), and I’d like to invite you to check them out. At this moment, I’m working on a series of videos explaining 2D physics in Unity, you can find them here:     I will be adding more videos to this playlist every other day, so if you like the material, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to be always updated.   You comments and feedback are always welcome.
  2. Hey guys,   Most people [ especially parents :) ] consider playing games a waste of time. The next time when your parents tell you stop playing games and go to study, show them this video:     I hope they will change their minds :)
  3. Hey guys,   During the last year, I have been working hard to build a comprehensive Unity course that teaches you how to build great games. The course is published on Udemy and you can find it here:    Build Your Dream Game: The Complete Unity 5 Beginner's Guide   This course is for complete beginners, and every single lesson in the course has been pre-directed and supplied with animated materials that help deliver complex concepts in the easiest way possible.    I hope you like it.
  4. Unity 5 New Audio Features   Guys, I started a Unity training series lately, and here is my first video in this series:     In this video, I introduce Unity 5 new audio features (audio mixers, audio groups, effects, snapshots, and views), with a simple and easy illustration, then I give live examples on how to use these features.   In addition, the video explains the relation between all of these concepts, how to use them to create an audio work flow, and how to apply various audio filters, like echo, audio reverbs, send, receive, and ducking effects.   I hope you like it.   Your feedback matters, please let me know your opinions.
  5. Swilam

    Understand Video Game Genres

      Thanks a lot Doctor, I'm glad you like it :)
  6. Swilam

    Understand Video Game Genres

    @fr     I thought that starting with game genres would be good for beginners, who might not know the difference between game types. What do you think ? 
  7. Hello Guys,   I created a video that compiles almost every popular video game genre, watch it here:     The video describes how games are classified, and it gives examples for each game type it presents.    I hope you like it. I’d like to know your feedback. 
  8. Hello Guys,   I still remember my first days with game development (which was around 5 years ago). I still remember how complex it looked to be a game developer. Physics, math, graphics, animations, modeling, and programming. I think being a surgeon is much easier.   Not only this, but you as a new game developer, will find yourself surrounded by many terms and concepts that you have to grasp very well to survive in this field.    After going into all this, I decided to start a new channel on youtube in which I will keep posting videos that explain the complex game development terms and concepts to new game developers to make their lives easier.   My latest video which I just published today explains the difference between forward and inverse kinematics, watch it here:     If you like the idea, don't forget to subscribe to the Game Anatomy Channel to be updated with future videos, and share the video if you like it.    And I'm looking forward for hearing about your constructive feedback, so if you have comments (good or bad), please let me know.   Thanks,
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