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  1. What about actor or commander?
  2. bartm4n

    Explain: Finite State Machines

      Here you go.       That's a really good overview of the topic.     There is a lot of great stuff there. The author makes the content freely available on his website, but also sells in it print and multiple ebook formats if you care to help support him.
  3. bartm4n

    Open World games?

      I must have misinterpreted your passionate hatred of Unity for defensiveness :)     I get that, but I suppose I was making a poor analogy that these engines were all originally conceived with a completely different purpose in mind than what they are being used for today, including large sandbox style games. It's really quite impressive.     I see where you were coming from now, but I guess I just never considered memory management the hard part.   Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, but I fear that I may have derailed the thread from where the OP was headed and for that I apologize.
  4. bartm4n

    Open World games?

    Tangletail - I wasn't attacking you friend, I was just legitimately curious what the limitations were in your opinion I certainly don't want to start an engine vs engine battle, since everyone has their bias and opinion on this and ultimately it just really doesn't matter.          I will call you out on this though: Unreal and CryEngine were both originally developed and optimized for first person shooters - so what? I'm also not sure that I would call C# easy per se, but then again everything is easy when compared to assembly.               Completely agree with you on both of these points.   They promised native multi-scene editing in Unity 5, but it did not make it into the first or second major Unity 5 releases.   I am really not sure why the engine requires a transform for anything that derives from MonoBehaviour. It seems like they should have written something like ScriptBehaviour to account for GameObjects that won't have a physical presence in the game world. This is most likely the result of a design oversight early in development. Although, aside from being awkward it doesn't really hurt anything.         This is completely possible, and actually was possible in Unity 4 if you had a pro license (though it was kind of ugly and had its hiccups). http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application.LoadLevelAsync.html and http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync.html
  5. bartm4n

    Open World games?

      I am curious about this. From your experience, can you speak to the limitations of Unity 5 with regard to open world style games?
  6. bartm4n

    Open World games?

      Why wouldn't they do like every other open world game and break the map into zones that can be "streamed" on demand well before the player can see anything in the zone?
  7.   This pleases my inner troll...
  8. It doesn't really sound like you are looking for a Unity tutorial to me.   It sounds like you are looking for more of the artistic side of things like modelling, skinning, texturing etc. I would recommend that you look at tools for each of those areas and look for tutorials specific to those tools.   If you want to use Unity that is fine, but the things you are talking about wouldn't be generated from within Unity.
  9. bartm4n

    how to learn c#

      I agree with all of that. There are so many different writing styles and learning methods out there that you really just have to know what suits you best.   Yeah, sometimes you will blow money on a book that ends up being shitty, but if you do your due diligence and look at the sample excerpts you can really reduce the number of times that happens.
  10. bartm4n

    how to learn c#

    The answer is that it depends on what you intend to do. However, you should focus on learning the basics of C# and Unity first.    Other things that you might need to learn down the road depending on your goals are shader programming and SQL.
  11. bartm4n

    how to learn c#

    When I want to learn how to do something I typically look for books on Amazon or free tutorials on Google
  12.   Yes, when the Xbox One gets Windows 10 there will be a unified Windows store and development platform.   https://dev.windows.com/en-US/games This actually makes me really excited to be writing a windows game in DirectX right now and to have thrown away the xna requirement for my game   I am right there with you :)
  13.   Then you are awfully ambitious for a beginner to think that you will make $100k a year with any of your first games, since that is really the main reason an indie dev would go pro edition ;)
  14.   Yes, when the Xbox One gets Windows 10 there will be a unified Windows store and development platform.   https://dev.windows.com/en-US/games
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