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  1. That's what my friend told me as well. I guess I have my path set :). Thank you!   Then why do you want to go there? Look around at affordable universities, identify some that do offer what you want to study.   Turns out I wasn't looking hard enough. They have it.   Thanks guys!
  2. Dave please help me understand here.   From what I understand I'm currently going to a school for an AS degree (CWPA-AS) so I can become a "proven student" so I can go to uni, and get a BS in Computer Science. I can't get into a University straight away due me fucking up a bit in HS.   So CAN I go AS (where I am) to a Uni for a BS in Computer Science? I want to go to USF, but I can't seem to find a Computer Science program there.   I'm sorry if I'm coming off as dull, but I'm just really trying my best to understand here.
  3.   I didn't come here to try to be obtuse, but I have to disagree. For me I think that a structured program will help me learn the basics, and the rest I can supplement with online materials, books, or whatever else. The way I see it is I'm 20 years old no degree, only 1 year experience, and the more time I spend doing jack all is wasting my potential, and making getting hired more unlikely.
  4.   Don't let a natural difficulty with math deter you from your passion.  Maybe you can find some inspiration from these guys.  I think they provide a very interesting and inspiring perspective.   The other big issue is that I would have to do 4 years in college (realistically 5 years) to get a computer science degree, and it would be exponentially harder.   On one hand I could do what I plan to do now, get a job, do game dev. on the side, and consider a computer science degree down the road.
  5. I'm currently going to college for CWPA-AS (Computer Programming and Analysis) with tracks C++ & C# chosen. My plan is AS degree -> Internship (pref paid) -> Job -> CWPA-BS (for job security). My question is how exactly should I branch into game development? Do I just choose an internship with a game developer? One of my courses is named "Internship", and I figure I can choose from, or any place I can find. What I am asking is... What should be my timeline on doing things? This is coming from someone who didn't do all that well with online tutorials, but has always been fairly interested in game dev, engines, and the back end of things (no comment). I do have some VERY BASIC programming skills (visual basic, and some scripting). I'm currently a [confused] undergrad in college. My other problem is that I've read that most places want a Computer Science degree which involves lots of math, but my issue is... I'm TERRIBLE at math. What do I do? Thanks for reading.
  6. RT @Jobbe03: @LDLCHappy @cArnCS Fnatic is becoming a joke. Hope your sponsors pull out.
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