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  1. Well instead of not doing anything at all, changing the code even at the end of the project (which I'm not saying by any means is better than along the way,) is making mental connections with the actual code by: working on it, seeing it, doing it, remembering it. It is definitely better than nothing at all other than "next time." People tend to remember what they work on more than just wishing towards it with a future promise. Of course it is also important that we change are behaviors, but this is not yet an option in this case. What we're talking about is doing something valuable enough with our time over doing nothing and deciding that we will do the changes next time. Over sanitized, well I don't think there is a penalty for making code better. If necessary, it could be explained. Josheir
  2. I think changing the code if even a sweep is also practical learning. This applies more to a different "sweeping change," being consistent with capitalization for different variable types and names. Josheir
  3. Well I'm polishing up this project so that it may be presentable if needs be (at an interview perhaps.) One of the criticisms was the spacing seemed to be random in the functions. I thought why not just make it all the same. Is it suggested that I do this all manually instead? Thanks again, Josheir
  4. Also, I noticed that the .cpp files have one extra line space before the last brace when the function has no return (void return type.) Once again, is this the standard and how is it changed to none? Thank you very much. Josheir
  5. I just removed all the white vertical white space for my C++ Visual Studio 2017 project using : ^.$\n What is the recommended standard for the spacing between functions. Is it suggested that a line break be placed after each of the functions' closing brace? If so, is there a convenient method or do I just go through all the code and press enter after each function? Anything else I need to know about line spacing? I don't mean to be petty, I'm just finishing up this project, Thank you, Josheir
  6. GitHub Public Repo Password Protection

    Well I went for a walk and was thinking maybe I should try a new local repo to understand this password entering problem. So upon doing so I encountered "Sign Out" under Team Explorer - Home - Projects - Manage Connections. This seems to have done the trick, Visual Studio is now asking for my Username/Email and Password when Connecting. That's all it was, should be problem solved I think. You all agree? Thank you, Josheir
  7. GitHub Public Repo Password Protection

    By "either way" and these two paragraphs do you mean that know matter how its working my repo is protected by a password or a SSH key? That is a different computer can not access my repo without my password no matter how my software is working? I checked with the remote command and I looked at the config file and they displayed the url for fetch and push. I looked at the SSH link and deleted the unused SSH and there was no effect. I clicked on the links for Oauth and one link said: no Oauth applications, and the other link asked if i would like to generate a personal token. According to Matias one of three options is happening, so I assume since I'm not using an SSH key and I'm not being asked for the password that the password is being stored in a working manner on my harddrive, right? I think I'm just looking for general security, that is protection from other computers changing my own source code on the GitHub server. I think this will be secure enough. Thanks for your help, I really want to get going on this project but I want to be sure that my code won't be modified. Josheir
  8. GitHub Public Repo Password Protection

    This seems to be what I desire. Perhaps this is all happening behind the scenes. Like I said I am never prompted for the password and I am logging in form one computer and pushing form the other. There is one key not used. I change things remotely so I assume this was set up behind the scenes? I have two sessions and I have logged in from two computers so i am assuming whatever these tokens are, they are being handled by both of my computers : one for my browser and one for Team Explorer. Under recovery tokens there are none. I'm not trying to get to bogged down, I'm just trying to get the feel for the software and was wondering why I am never being asked for a password? I don't know how important the key and the OAuth tokens are, is it a go? Like I said mainly I just don't want people changing my actual code. Thanks, Josheir
  9. I published an existing project to GitHub from Visual Studio 2017 Team Explorer (C++.) Is my public (and local?) repo protected by a password? I'm ready to start using version control, myself, to learn from and I want to make sure someone can't go to my public repo and delete or edit. There seems to be some suggestion about cloning, but I haven't done this. Am I protected by a password? When I set up the account a month ago I seem to remember creating a password and I set up an organization that I'm an owner to. I am never issued with a password request on the internet or from team explorer, is there a simple secure method of security, or am I already protected? Thank you, Josheir
  10. Team Explorer Remote and Local Master Branches

    Mission accomplished; thank you, Josheir
  11. Team Explorer Remote and Local Master Branches

    The instructions I was reading say to change the provided text in the text editor so I am thinking maybe reedit what they provided and delete anything else and then close and save? Is this my proper "generation?" Thank you, Josheir
  12. Team Explorer Remote and Local Master Branches

    Really cool jpetrie, what a great post; thank you! That about ends my immediate learning of GitHub. One thing though when using the command line for git I have been instructed to change three lines of something I see in a text editor that opens and than save and close editor. It's for: > git rebase -i HEAD~5 I'm not rebasing yet, but I am interested in how the text editor will work, will I just use the arrow keys change it and than save and close? Or maybe I copy or paste? My question is how do the commands function? After a new window will open up for a single commit message. Thank you; sincerely, Josheir
  13. Just published my first game. Any advice?

    Requires coordination.
  14. Just published my first game. Any advice?

    Fun time, thanks; pretty easy to understand, Josheir
  15. Team Explorer Remote and Local Master Branches

    Now how does the Pull Request work with regards to all this? I was thinking it was some sort of communication area for before the merging of the feature branch to the master branch (local,) there's even a merge button on the UI. So is it right that the Pull Request merges the local commits to the local master on it's closing Than I must push it to the "remote location" with my regular GUI? There seems to be some mention of Pull Request and making rules that will prevent merging (unless overridden by a regular UI method?) until some criteria is met. For example, must be reviewed by some user/s? As long as w'ere discussing this, I read somewhere that you can make changes and push commits and their would be immediate reflection in the Pull Request? I don't quite understand - but I'll believe this when I see it! And finally, am I correct in my understanding that the Pull Request is used as needed, and not all the time? Thank you all for your help, Josheir