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  1. Thank you, have fun with your java... Sincerely, Josheir
  2. Now for both of these actions (git or upload,) the files will be .h or .cpp and I am using Visual Studio IDE (c++.) Now will these source code files be view-able with other IDEs for these two suggestions? Thanks again, Josheir
  3. Great, exactly as needed. Simple and to the point! Thank you; Sincerely, Josheir
  4. I'm using Visual C++. I've been waiting to ask this question, but because Markypooch has mentioned the term branching for git in another post: So, I though I'd ask now. I am hoping for responses to be understandable toward a beginner/youngster and comprehensive too. When everyone is working as a team on a project be it with Git or a regular software development team with source control how is the software worked on as a team. I think the wording is "checking out parts of the software." So if two people are needing to work on one part at the same time does one programmer wait for the other programmer or is there some other sort of methodology? What if one is looking for an error and you don't know where it is and other members have "checked out parts of the program" how do people work/debug the same code. And how does everyone stay organized in the debugging process? Do people write portions of functions that one can guarantee more likely to work? Maybe it is called merging when two programmers work on the same section at once and it is reassembled by hand while staying organized and well documented? Perhaps we use instructive comments: //Put a while loop here that... //This function will take parameters that fit the requirements of... and will cause the variables to .... Maybe communication for using the same function: my part will take and cause... your part will take and cause, and we build it in a fashion that is modular. When one person writes a program for themselves they can look at everything for the bugs and solve them, how does this compare with working as a team? Is more confidence and ability and organization needed? Maybe we describe interfaces of modularity and use partiality. Sincerely and Thankfully (this has been on my mind for a while now,) Josheir
  5. Thank you, Josheir
  6. Okay, I am using C++ for Asteroids and I am getting ready to post into something like : for code review. I have 5 headers and 6 cpps including the main.cpp. I was wondering if I should use different links or just put each one after each other? Maybe someones has created the idea of tabs? Thank you, Josheir