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  1. My windowed application looks fine at 1920 x 1080 on a very large TV. Can I have faith that with the 4x and 8x there will always be a resolution that will work well for me? Josheir EDIT : The width only uses 27 inches. It seems like it would be okay since 2k are usually 23 inches diagonal and higher and 4k and 8k can use an allowable resolution.
  2. Sorry, 2K. I'm using Windows API. I guess it isn't, I thought it might not be readable on the higher resolutions, for example 4k or higher (it would be to little) especially the button text (geeze, it would be beneficial if it is readable )? I have never worked with these large monitors so I need help in understanding. How would my buttons/button text and actual font text appear on these higher resolutions? By manually resize the window what do you mean, could you be more specific and it's unclear to me. I'm thinking maybe you mean the user changes their own resolution in display settings? . Thanks everyone, Josheir
  3. Well, I believe I have skinned the cat. I use factors to work with scaling and there is a width and height to the font for scaling too. Now do I change it for different resolutions? Josheir
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by a level of indirection. I have the button now displaying a label but I'm stumped about how it will appear on the 2x, 4x, 8x. My understanding was to make everything looking similar to double the size of an image on 2x, etc. Now how can I work the button text than as far as making it look good on the larger resolution monitors? Thanks; I've really struggled with this scaling, Josheir
  5. There I was caught up in the moment, I found a solution to the button font size (fairly certain.) Now, there is just the original important question. Thank you, Josheir
  6. Now that I think of it perhaps I am doomed anyways because the VC++ API buttons' labels might not scale up right. Does anyone know about this too? Thank you, Josheir
  7. Hello everyone, this is a very important question so I hope I get a response, please. I created a program using windows API and it is nice. However In a separate thread we discussed scaling up the graphics of a different game I was working on. Now what I'm working on is a windowed utility that is 1024 x 768 for every monitor below 2x. My question is do I need to scale up this simple window with buttons too. I can do this if I need to, but the program is small so I was wondering if this is the way to go (increasing the size of the buttons, and the font size.) So, do I need to make a different version for 2x, 4x, 8x? I hope I get a response or I'm doomed. Thanks, Josheir
  8. Josheir

    Visual Studio C++ Question

    Sure, it's something like this: 1>c:\latest\win32project10\win32project10\file.cpp(293) 1> Win32Project10.vcxproj -> C:\latest hear it\Win32Project10\Debug\Project.exe 1> Win32Project10.vcxproj -> C:\latest hear it\Win32Project10\Debug\Project.pdb (Full PDB) Notice there are the unwanted: Win32Project10 (six to be exact.) It runs okay, I'm trying to make it pretty! Thank you, Josheir
  9. Oh dear, am I supposed to be awarding pixels to those who help me? I didn't know. Josheir
  10. I am working on a personal search and improve effort that is other peoples' three dimensional RPG.  I am trying to balance everything in my life and want to place revitalized effort into looking at code, and revitalized effort into a business/programming project.  

    Best Regards,


  11. I have some important questions on the backburner but first I have a question of interest. When using Visual Studio 2015 with C++ there are predefined environmental variables such as $SolutionDir that are used for the build. I have searched long and hard to no avail. I am trying to modify these in a simple way. I moved my file structure and although it did work relatively (which is great) the build still mentions the old folders' names that were named before the change to the next project. Thank you, Josheir Edit: If it helps they are also called macros.
  12. Josheir

    3D Action Art, Wondering

    I am enjoying programming in C++. Now I am curious about graphics after playing the older 3D action game Half-Life. What are the solutions for creating 3D action art for someone who is artistic and has a good eye but doesn't use software to create art that works in a game like this. Is there plenty of art out there to work with and use? What is the recommended software and is it an engine? What is recommended for me; I want to program primarily but would like to dabble in art such as 3D walls, etc. Perhaps there are construction kits or something. Wondering, Josheir
  13. Thanks everyone! Gosh, has it only been four months? Josheir
  14. Alberth, what does this mean I'm not understanding... Thanks, Josheir Thank you SkyPenguin, this is where I left off too. Josheir
  15. Josheir

    Program for a Eula...

    Edit: I suppose an included installer might be nice too...
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