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  1. When working on the project Asteroids there was quite a lot of learning especially concerning classes. What helped the most was the time period I was given by all of you for this project. My first reaction was "Oh, there is no way this can be complete in that amount of time." However, upon trying it was! Now, the following ten algorithms will be studied: Dijkstra's Algorithm Longest Common Subsequence Convex Hull (Graham Scan) Counting Sort Simplex Miller-Rabin Primality test Huffman coding Kruskal's algorithm Simple Greedy Divide and Conquer Algorithms The last two are algorithm types. This post is a request for experiential guidance for the time period recommended for the study of each of these subjects. Alleviating any sort of stress or anxiety that is not necessary is my goal. Each one does not need to be done in its solo entirety; however, being complete is desired. It is not believed that they should all be one exact equal time period but if that's what you have time for that's okay too! Thank you for your empathy, Josheir
  2. Josheir

    C# Library Book

    Your assumption is correct, it's C# 4.0 and .NET framework 4. Thanks for the cool list of the rest, I love that sort of thing! Josheir And the rest of the rest.
  3. Josheir

    C# Library Book

    I thought managed code for Visual C++ was using CLR which was "getting ready" for dot net. And than that got deprecated. Have a nice day, Josheir
  4. C# seems like a good language to learn. The library book is : Head First C# (2nd edition.) The book is published 2010 and it does have a third edition. The thought is "sure it should be worth reading and be advantageous enough especially being a beginner's book." However at chapter two the book mentioned the "CLR" and alarm bells went off. "Isn't this a similarity that was involved in the deprecation before C++/CLI? " So, before this book is read, has it aged nicely enough to be worthwhile? Thank you, Josheir
  5. The era is great... Josheir
  6. While working with some Graphical User Interface, there is an example of Unicode. The text for my control is appearing to be Asian in nature. It is interesting to ask how is Unicode use in foreign countries? Are there actual pictograms, etc. on the keyboard? Maybe they're using some heavier duty software? My guess is an English conversion/completion to displayed foreign possibilities. Josheir
  7. Josheir

    Button Syle Confusion

    ChaosEngine, the API combo box looks okay. I had to make sure the size was big enough to allow pulling down the menu to see the lines. Also, you introduced me to the dot net environment. This is really great, thanks. The idea was to understand lining up more than one control while using a scrollbar. What do you suggest for working with dot net? Thanks; I'm a happy camper, Josheir
  8. Josheir

    Button Syle Confusion

    I suppose we can try this instead : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/Controls/create-a-simple-combo-box Thank you CrazyCdn, Josheir You too Wyrframe.
  9. Josheir

    Button Syle Confusion

    Thanks. There was no help for just the control. Funny though, it was half expected that ResEdit would create the functionality. ResEdit just creates the resource too. Control programming is very cool. How is GUI enough to have a job and/or game job? Best Regards, Josheir
  10. Josheir

    Button Syle Confusion

    Here is the answer (could have guessed this!) It is defined in commctrl.h with #if (NTDDI_VERSION >= NTDDI_VISTA) which depends on _WIN32_WINNT Does this mean it will only work for VISTA and older? The final symbol is confusing too, may there be some help please? Thank you, Josheir
  11. Josheir

    Button Syle Confusion

    The header is included, didn't fix the problem. As far as the .dll, the permission for the folder is now set but it won't allow the file to be deleted because it is in use by another program (even in safe mode.) Any help would be greatly appreciated, however there is doubt that the .dll is the problem. From experience the dll's complain at compile (or execution time?) not with a red squiggly that happens prior. Is this incorrect? Thank You, Josheir
  12. Well I see some open source game code that I want to try to change and it includes scroll bar manipulation. It is also something good to know even if it is quickly. Josheir
  13. In the following C++ windows code: for (int i = 0; i < 100; ++i) { auto hEdit = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, L"WC_BUTTON",L"TEXT", BS_SPLITBUTTON | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | ES_AUTOHSCROLL, 10, 30 * i, 250, 21, hWnd, NULL, hInst, NULL); BS_SPLITBUTTON is undefined. I have also tried 0x0000000C. May I have some help please? I am trying to use API VC++ controls. Thanks in advance, Josheir I have also tried derivations such as "Button"
  14. Well how is everyone? I am really enjoying myself working with windows programming. I am dedicating some time to working with controls. I was just going to start, but than I thought it would be smart to get your opinion. My plan so far is to work on the following: Windows API (C++) WxWidget libray (C++ and other languages) Qt library (C++) C# Visual Basic Is this reasonable/possible? Is there anything else you would suggest? Also, Is there anything I am not taking into consideration that I need to know? Oh, and also I noticed the use of CButton, etc. that looks like something I should learn. I noticed it's use in an open source program. What is this and how is it used? Have a nice day, Josheir
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