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  1. Thank you for the time-saver concerning the VAO, Josheir
  2. Sorry, yes, build-time error. Thank you for doing as I asked, fleabay. Just what I needed, right? Josheir
  3. This is a follow up to a previous post. MrHallows had asked me to post the project, so I am going to with a new fresh thread so that I can get the most needed help. I have put the class in the main .cpp to simplify for your debugging purposes. My error is : C1189 #error: OpenGL header already included, remove this include, glad already provides it I tried adding : #define GLFW_INCLUDE_NONE, and tried adding this as a preprocessor definitions too. I also tried to change the #ifdef - #endif, except I just couldn't get it working. The code repository URL is : https://github.com/Joshei/GolfProjectRepo/tree/combine_sources/GOLFPROJ The branch is : combine_sources The Commit ID is: a4eaf31 The files involved are : shader_class.cpp, glad.h, glew.h glad1.cpp was also in my project, I removed it to try to solve this problem. Here is the description of the problem at hand: Except for glcolor3f and glRasterPos2i(10,10); the code works without glew.h. When glew is added there is only a runtime error (that is shown above.) I could really use some exact help. You know like, "remove the include for gl.h on lines 50, 65, and 80. Then delete the code at line 80 that states..." I hope that this is not to much to ask for, I really want to win at OpenGL. If I can't get help I could use a much larger file to display the test values or maybe it's possible to write to an open file and view the written data as it's outputted. Thanks in advance, Josheir
  4. I'm just getting back to you, MrHallows. Hopefully you can help me. I'm going to open a separate thread (soon) with the repo address. Thanks, Josheir Edit: The post is in this forum and is titled : Still Trying to Debug an Odd GLEW Issue, Please Help. https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/699307-still-trying-to-debug-an-odd-glew-issue-please-help/ The GitHub repo is at: https://github.com/Joshei/GolfProjectRepo/tree/combine_sources/GOLFPROJ Thank you, Josheir
  5. I'm having trouble with glew sharing some defines that I can't resolve. Does anyone know of a way to get the following statements working instead of an include with glew (glew resolves the red squigglies too.) glColor3f(0, 1, 0.); glRasterPos2i(10,10); I really want to use a quick glut command for now. The command uses the statements above. Thank You, Josheir
  6. The reason I ask, is two different headers are in the same sub folder, there! So, what do you suggest? Josheir
  7. Okay it works...thanks everyone. Needed glew.h, that's all! Josheir So, how is it recommended, fleabay, for organizing the various libs and headers that are used repeatedly? Are we putting them all in a folder for libs and a folder for headers with subfolders? Or, are we putting them all in the directory of each project, too? Thanks again. Josheir
  8. Well, I added the include to glew.h and half my problems were solved. glColor3f(0.1f,0.1f,0.1f) is now working. Maybe this sheds light on the red squiggly beneath glRasterPos3(…? Thank you so much, Josheir
  9. I opened a new project with just : glColor3f(0.5, 0.5, 0.5); in main(). Didn't work either, perplexed!
  10. Thank you for the reply, MrHallows. However all that is already done. I'm stumped. Josheir
  11. I am trying to use : OpenGL and draw some simple text quickly. However I cannot get the top two commands to define. glColor3f(rgb.r, rgb.g, rgb.b); glRasterPos2f(x, y); glutBitmapString(font, string); I tried this : #include <C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v7.1A/Include/gl/GL.h> May I have some help please. The last command which is with glut is fine. Apparently, the problem is not with GLUT or FreeGlut, but with Visual Studio headers. I am using Visual Studio 2017, C++. Thank you, Josheir
  12. Just considering; the hatch too!
  13. Today someone mentions to me that they are using Spotify.com. My general question is, "are there any risks or drawbacks to listening to music through an internet connection on the same computer while coding?" And, "are there any risks or drawbacks to listening to a music cd on the same computer while coding?" Thank you for helping us with our enjoyment, Josheir
  14. I switched back to the : glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES, 0, 36); version and got it working. I now have a cube that rotates from a file load, cool! Josheir
  15. EDIT: SOLVED - MORE OR LESS! I have been trying to get a .obj file to load and display in three dimensions. The object is a cube. I have spent three days on this and need help, please! I have tried numerous .obj files trying to get it to work. I replaced the double slashes with single slashes in the .obj file so that the super simple loader can get the vertexes and indices. Since I am very stuck, the help would be greatly effective to my experience/learning, may I have the help, please? ALso, recently I switched the functionality from : glDrawArrays (GL_TRIANGLES, 0, 3); to lDrawElements( GL_TRIANGLES, 6, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0); The code is here (pastebin) https://pastebin.com/cTLuqaae The .png of the model and the .obj file are attached too. Thank you, Josheir My email is Joshuaeirm@gmail.com. cube100.obj
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