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  1. WOW! I've done it! It's working!!! I did what Lactose! said - played to the last game of the season, then saved and compared the save with another one at the start of the year. This helped me to find the exact segment which stores the year, then I copied it and pasted this segment into a "fresh" save game where I'm at the start of the first year in Manager mode. Now I have a save where I'm in my first season and the year is 2009 instead of 2006. All I have to do now is to play until 2014/15 (luckily the game has a simulation mode so I won't have to actually play all the matches), to repeat the same procedure and that's it. Finally I'll be able to bring my FIFA 07 completely "back to life". Thanks A LOT everyone here for the support but especially Lactose! - without his valuable advice this wouldn't have been possible. You are the best!!!
  2. Thank you. Yes, I actually tried something similar - I started a new game, copied this file elsewhere and then played until the start of the new season. After that I copared the "fresh" save game with the one in the second season and tried inserting/replacing the segment located by the end of my old save (where I think the value for the year is located) with the one in the new, but all I got when trying to load the file was "Unable to load FIFA07" message. But now I'm going to try the way you told me.
  3. Thank you for this, I found a trainer that allows you to change the ammount of money in your saves (for FIFA 07, I mean) so there must be some way to change the year as well. I'll look for something similar to Bit Slicer but for Windows and I'll see if it works. I'll also try hex editing the save game file (again, I already tried several times with no luck). And hope that someone more familiar with the FIFA games and the way they work sees this thread and helps me find the answer that I'm looking for so much.
  4. Depends, not really familiar with the game. Does it let you keep playing seasons year after year and the timer keep going up? There isn't really "one way fits all" to how they would have done it.   Yes, the game works this way - you finish one season and then it goes into the next one which means another year (season 2006/07 then 2007/08 and so on).   Waterlimon - yes, I've already contacted the person who made the tool by email, but didn't receive a reply - as far as I know he isn't very active online anymore and is probably no longer interested in FIFA 07.
  5. Usually if the start date is hardcoded somewhere then the game has to derive the values from the year from something. If the save file only has days and months they may have went the route of deriving the year by dividing the months and adding the result. They'll have to have SOME kind of indicator in the save file to derive the year if it can change in save games. What that can be is anyones guess. It could be the entire date, months, day, an integer value that gets added and specifies years since start. Anything really.   But if I have the approximate location of this value in the save could this be helpful? Another thing that I must mention is that with this tool it was also possible to change the year BUT only within the current season - for example if there is a match on 28.12.2006, you could change the date for it to, let's say 03.01.2007. And SeanMiddleDitch, I had some later FIFA titles (12, 13), but newer ones aren't really my type, otherwise I wouldn't have been trying to do this in 07.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. I tried looking for plain text and days and years in my save file, but it's probably encrypted so I found nothing in it. And I know that (at least the days and the months) are stored in this file because there is a tool made before which allows you to change the days and months in your season by editing your savegame but not the years. Actually I mostly need to change the year, the days and months aren't so important for me.
  7. Hello, sorry if I'm not posting in the right place, I'm not a game developer and I'm not really familiar with programming languages, but I came accross a problem that only someone who is more experienced in this field (like most members here) would be able to solve.   I'm a big fan of FIFA 07. I know that it's an old game, but for me it's the best FIFA title ever made. Thanks to the tools created by the FIFA community in the past, I'm able to update the teams in it, making them with players who are currently playing for them. And although this is something that really takes a lot of time, I still enjoy doing it. But there is something which seems harder to do and not possible with the tools created by the FIFA editors. Since FIFA 07 is already 8 years old, the Manager mode (the seasons) in it start from 2006/07. And I want to make my first season start from 2014/15 so that I could make my FIFA game completely up-to-date with real life. Maybe some will think that this is something minor, but it's really bothering me and I want to fix it very much. The only way to do this that I could think about was editing my save game file. I opened it with a hex editor, but there are thousands of symbols and I have no idea which values are for the dates in my career and how do I need to replace them. The only thing that I managed to find out was that they are located somewhere by the end of the file, but I could be wrong. I also know (from the information that I found online) that FIFA is written in C++ if that could be useful to you.   Could anyone help me with this issue please? I understand that it probably won't be easy, but with instructions from people with knowledge in game programming, familiar with the structure of save game files, maybe I'll be able to do it, making my FIFA 07 really up-to-date. Thank you for your time. Helping me would be greatly appreciated.
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