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  1. Naujas Try

    My First Game : Reach Up

    nice game, what game engine did you use?
  2. Naujas Try

    Please test out my new game, looking for feedback

    Nice game, hope you will support it in the future :)
  3. Naujas Try

    Save The Babies

    Nice game, but you should improve the overall gameplay
  4. Hallo, I like to create apps and games using Android studio but I've never created multiplayer game. I know only basic consepts. Recently a very nice idea came to my head and I started to think about it. It would be a kind of a game where all players compete against each other but they dont meet virtually. For example, each player will have 3 different attributes: attack, defense and speed. Players will individually train these skills (for example by clicking the screen or doing other tasks) but there will be the table of statistics where all other player may see your stats. So each time the player makes a progress, the table should be updated. Pretty much the same like in games such as travian, etc. : http://imgur.com/a/gK4iv   Also during particular events players will be able to join the teams (alliances) and the system will automatically simulate the battles. As I mentioned there will be no virtual world where players can meet, fight, etc. Their only responsibility will be to train their own skills by doing tasks and then see the result of their battles (the battles will be simulated by the system).  So, my questions are: 1) how do I implement such multiplayer system? 2) would it be enough to have just a database and every 2-3 mins save each player's statistics and display it to other players? or it would be too laggy cuz database operations are quite expensive... 3) maybe there are any alternatives special for android studio? i've found this guide: https://developers.google.com/games/services/android/realtimeMultiplayer but it didn't help cuz in my game there will be no quick games or invite players to lobby opportunities. I want that each player can see other players statistics in real time. 4) what are some useful resources about multiplayer games that I should read before starting to work on my project?
  5. Naujas Try

    My first game (made with Unity)

    "Blawhite Box" is a 2-player turn-based offline game for all ages. *Challenge your friends and family! *Collect keys and exchange them to 1 of 16 amazing effects! *Defeat your opponent as fast as you can! Sounds great? Give it a try! ***Please note that "Blawhite Box" is my first game and you may encounter some bugs or glitches. I would be grateful if you could let me know about it. Please contact me either by pm here or by e-mail blawhitebox@gmail.com   Windows version:    Android version: (the game is not fully optimized for android, but you can try it)   Please write me your suggestions and thoughts:)
  6. But there is possibility that when you release your game, someone will steal your code, publish his own game with the same idea, attract more players and become more popular than the original one. Or is it possible to protect your idea?
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