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  1. manaruto

    my flocking demo

    Thanks, will be combining  flocking algorithm with A* to make it handle concave objects. next to that  different formation , grouping to units,.. fog of war,..   i want to try more stuff about RTS games :D :D
  2. manaruto

    my flocking demo

    Thanks :)
  3. manaruto

    my flocking demo

    Yes it is. It's just steering force between unit and each others or between units and small obstacles in the map. I think in combination with A* it can handle concave objects or finding available paths into the house like you said.
  4. manaruto

    my flocking demo

    It's not contain any pathfinding algorithms,.. it's just steering based solution as IADaveMark said. The normal pathfinding algorithms , all units will pile up at doorway and wait their turn, but for sure you can add more functions like finding all paths available to go through the building then make units go inside from different doors i got your idea ,.. it's pretty nice if it used in SWAT force game :D ,.. may be i will give it a try in future :D      
  5. manaruto

    my flocking demo

    i have implemented my flocking algorithm to simple project let me know what you think
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