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  1. Hi guys, what is your favorite project management tool ? I'm currently using both of the two in the title in my life, and have a little preference about Trello. Did you use one ? Which one do you use the most, and why ?
  2.   The thing that make this space shooter different from other shmup is the freedom for the space ship upgrades :   - Kill enemies, earn XP points ! Each defeated enemy give you XP points, when leveling up, you win competence points and space ship points.     - A total freedom in space ship's improvements You want to increase full power, full mana, or an average for both of them ? no problems ! it's YOUR space ship. - Choose 5 skills between 15 unlock-ables overpowered skills ! Kill bosses to gain their skills, then spend your competence points to upgrade them ! Each boss have its own unique skill. : - Regeneration - Resurrection - Shield - Shockwave - A black hole, A F**KING BLACK HOLE !     But also:   - A very cheap scenario This shmup's scenario was fully written with feet of south Sri Lankan hermits. - 3 levels of difficulty From easy to heroic, even the worst players have a chance. - A social game Challenge your friends and share your score online ! - The indispensable tool of procrastination This funny space shooter is perfect to distract you at work or school ! Don't hesitate and join the game, it's FREE !  
  3. Yeah, when you kill the first 7 bosses, you unlock a new "dimension" where you have to kill an advanced version of those 7 bosses, they have the same look, the idea is the same (Furtif, Kamimaze, etc), but their powers and strengths are different and much more powerful :)
  4. Anyone, maybe a journalist or blogger for making a review on their website? :)
  5. Thank you ! It's the first part of the game, there is another 7 bosses after him :) I tried to correct it as much as I can, but I'm alone and not a native english speaker, so it's possible there is some mistakes.
  6. Thanks :) By curiosity, which app have you wrote ? ^^
  7. I will just add it to my favorite for when i will start 3D games ;)
  8. Like frob say, It's risky only if you plug it in untrusted computers. If you still doesn't wan't to deactivate USB Debugging each time you plug your phone just to charge, use a 2-pin micro-USB, there is no data pin, so, it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I looked at JIRA but it seems it requires a little time before using it at full capacity, maybe I'll try it for larger project. Since hansoft seems to be a paid one, I think I wouldn't be able to test it ^^
  10. I agree for google spreadsheet, it's a mess if you haven't another thing to organize everything. I'm sure Excel would be fine for an "old-school" project management, but I'm rather into Agile, so I found Trello better so far, DropTask isn't bad either, but I find that the "Graphic display" is complicating everything. Never tested JIRA, I will take a look :)
  11. I did it, although it's an android games and decent is a matter of perspective. Working on it on week-ends and coding it in native language, beside my full-time contract. It should be even more possible now since I switched to unity. So, go for it men, and create something awesome !
  12. Argurth

    From scratch vs Unity

      If so i'm not sure that this is very sustaining troll food, because it's been quite a productive and interesting discussion. A troll who comes to start a meaningful conversation fails as a troll   Agreed :)
  13. Argurth

    From scratch vs Unity

    Maybe OP just wanted to troll, and we've all feed him.
  14. Argurth

    From scratch vs Unity

    I see this kind of reasoning a lot and it makes absolutely 0 sense. Knowing how your crappy first timer implementation of something was slow definately doesn't make you know why your game using another implementation is slow, besides when using an engine the implementation is as it is period. If someone starts with unity directly instead of Rolling their own before they're just winning a lot of time AND they will be more knowledgeable in unity (while the other one will be more knowledgeable in how to make their own engine, and use 0% of that knowledge later on when switching to unity).   If you're interested in making your own engine for fun or as a learning tool do so. But it won't make you a better unity 5 developper, not even close, it will just mean you spent time learning something else Just like learning how to make your own OS won't make you a better web developper or knowing how to make a pen won't make you a better writer   It will learn you important knowledges, algorithmic and code optimisation, which can't be learn the easy way, and aren't only useful for unity but also for most of your coding life. The goal being not to have a "Crappy first timer implementation", you will have to rethink what had been wrong until it's not, i'm not just talking about creating an engine but create the whole game. Algorithmic is what make the difference between someone who know how to write while loops and someone who know how to use them efficiently. Code optimisation is what make the difference between someone who doesn't care about ressource allocation and someone who don't. Both of them are the difference between an amateur developper and a professional one. Of course, if it's just to create games as a hobby, it's fine, I'm talking about creating game in order to make your own studio and leaving of it.   (Sorry for bad english, it's isn't my native language)
  15. Argurth

    From scratch vs Unity

    Simply to understand how things work. In my opinion, When you have enough experience in game development, it's really great to switch to unity as it made thinks a lot more fast and easier. But, if you're new, it's better to create a first game from scratch at least to understand how collision works, loading assets etc. You will need this for thinking with performance. A lot of people start the easy way and don't understand why they finish with a laggy 2D games.
  16. Argurth

    All Jokes aside, what is 6/2(1+2)?

    Totally, agree with my predecessors, the answer is nein, NEIN NEIN NEIN !  
  17. Ok, after one day it's back to normal. Google answered me that it was a problem due to a recent change on their side and that it was corrected after my mail, but nothing will be done for the lost ranks on "Space shooter" keywords unfortunately.
  18. Hi Everyone ! My game had been on Google Play Store for at least 3 weeks now and I have a problem : Monday (23/03), I had a download boost, I changed my advertising method on twitter and launched a new campaign, I had more than one hundred download on that day.   Tuesday (24/03), stil have a good downloading rate, I got around fifty download that day.   Please take note that since saturday(21/03), my Google Play Download statistics haven't been refreshed, and still today (25/03) the last statistic displayed is the saturday's one. I know about my downloads increases from my Advertising service's statistics. This morning, I checked my application on Google Play, and it's displaying "Installs 1-5" but I was "100+" yesterday and should be near "500+". Ratings aren't reset, I even have more than before.   Did this already happen to someone ? It's pretty annoying since it's hihgly lowering my Google Play Ranking.
  19. Yes, I was at 100+ installs before it drops to one. Also, statistics in developper console came back and now show the changes, but still have a problem with the display in Google Play.
  20. As of now, statistics came back, but still stuck at 1-5 installs
  21. Argurth

    Can you boil eggs and pasta at the same time?

    In fact, 1 min was enough, full power, red inside and hot outside. For bigger pieces of meal, I grilled them two times instead of one.
  22. Argurth

    Can you boil eggs and pasta at the same time?

    When I was a student, I used my toaster as a grill for meats. One beefsteak + Toaster bag + 1 Min in toaster = No dishes grilled beefsteak
  23. It's a matter of perspective, but I think before going to unity, you should start with at least one game from scratch. It's always better to know how things are done. I writted my first game in native, doing the full game engine by myself (Entering manually each collision square for each ennemy was such a pain in the ass), but it was very interesting and award me with experience, that is what you need when you start.
  24. A little update :) I think it will be better if I sell them here rather than on amazon
  25. Hi there ! I switched to Unity2D for my futures games projects, so I bought my LibGDX book's collection for nothing ^^' If you're interested by learning LibGDX with books, they're unused and very-well written, if you want the three of them (wich is perfect for mastering this tool), I'm selling the entire pack for 75€ instead of 115€, otherwise, look behind for individual prices.   Also, for those who doesn't wan't to search, I added the Amazon links of those books, for descriptions, reviews and stuffs. - Learning LibGDX Game Development - Second Edition       (I'm selling it for 30€ instead of 40€) - LibGDX Game Development Essentials                                (I'm selling it for 25€ instead of 35€) - LibGDX Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook        (I'm selling it for 30€ instead of 40€)   We will talk about the shipping method by PM, hopping I have the right to post this here ^^ Thanks for reading  
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