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  1. I love this. I skimmed the article and I've bookmarked the page to read and work alongside it this weekend when I'm not working. I'll give you my thoughts then, for sure.
  2. Vallazar

    What Are You Working On

    I am currently working on a small 2D Platforming game in Unity. I'm just using some simple free art I found on OpenGameArt.org and the bits of knowledge I've gained from reading tutorials over the years to actually try and complete a project. It's mainly just a learning project and I want to recreate it, or something similar to it, in XNA when I'm done, so that I can improve my programming skills a bit more.   I have the first screen completed so far! Now that I have most of the sprites I'm going to be used sliced up and saved as the appropriate prefabs, I'm going to start working on implementing the player character.  
  3. Vallazar

    What I'm Working On - 2D Monster Collection RPG

    This looks very cool, what are you using to create it?
  4. Vallazar

    [UNITY] 2D Graphics Issue

      In the Unity Inspector, I have set the tile sheet to 1 Unity unit per pixel, which should do what you are saying here. When I move the objects in the editor, they move 1 pixel at a time and every pixel is represented, rather than being interpolated, so I do not believe the objects in question are being scaled.   I now understand what you meant previously regarding the border, I will give this a shot. It will take me some time to edit the sprite sheet in that way so I may just try it here and there on a couple of tiles to see if it fixes the problem. In the meantime, I'm just going to keep working on my game. Like I said, the issue has not been present in the actual built version of the game (yet),   Thank you very much for the reply and insight, it has helped greatly. If I have any more questions or end up fixing the problem, I will update this thread.
  5. Vallazar

    [UNITY] 2D Graphics Issue

    Thank you for your reply, haegarr.   I don't know if Unity has an option you're speaking of, but perhaps that is the Filter Mode on the texture? When I set it to Point, it changed the images from being blurred from AA to their original depiction in the tile set.   Anyway, I built and ran the game in the Unity Web Player when the sprites were at a position that was causing the issue in both the Scene and Game view, and in the built version of the game, the glitch is not there. Perhaps it is not actually an issue? I'm pretty confused.   I will try separating the tiles with a border, however; I do not quite understand what you mean by using the next inner pixels to create a border for tiling sprites. Why wouldn't I just want to use a transparent border for both tiles and regular sprites? I am very new to game development and don't know a lot about 2D Graphics (or really anything, for that matter), and am only marginally familiar with sprite sheets/texture atlases.
  6. I've had this problem before with Unity and I thought maybe it was just the sprites I was using, but I'm encountering it again with different sprites. At certain positions extra pixels can be seen on my tiles, in both the Scene and Game view. Sometimes, the extra pixels can be seen in Scene view and not Game view, and vice versa. Sometimes, they don't show up at all. The only thing I can think is that my sprites weren't correctly sliced up in the sprite editor, but I did it manually and have checked several times. When I zoom in extremely close on the sprite editor, I can see the edge of the particular slice in question and it does have a very slight overlap with the tile next to it, but the editor only allows me to move in single "pixel" increments, so I can't move it out of there. I'm very new to Unity, and I have a feeling it's something small that I just don't know or understand yet, so any help would be appreciated!   Extra pixels in both:   Extra pixels in Game view:   Extra pixels in Scene view:   No extra pixels:
  7. Vallazar

    Hello everyone!

    Hello,   My name is Tylen and I am an aspiriing game developer. I'm 24 years old and have wanted to make games almost my entire life. When I was very young, I wanted to write stories. Eventually, because of my passion for playing video games, this grew into a desire to make games. In high school I took some computer science and programming classes and, during my junior and senior year, I went to college for software development. Throughout my couple of years in college, I grew lazy and eventually just left with my high school diploma. I have not done much in the way of productivity or creativity since, but I have dabbled a bit in game development. Specifically, I have worked with XNA and Unity since I consider myself most proficient in C#.   Anyway, I've decided it's time to crack down and really get started on my career. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn and I hope I can get there with the help of a solid community, which is why I have found my way here! I work long hours during the week but that gives me three days per weekend to work on game design, game programming, and game writing, so mostly expect to see me here on the weekends. I do not know if I have much insight to give any other beginners, but I will try and I will have plenty questions of my own! Please be honest, constructive, and if you have to, brutal; I'm here to learn!
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