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  1. Not really sure about new Unity 5 networking and have completely no experience with bolt engine. However, from what I can say, networking Unity used to have should be enough. Thing is, if you are doing MMO game, you need to have good grasp of how and when you need to synchronise information and you didn't share any details of your project, but it is absolutely possible to do a decent synchronisation model using tools Unity currently provides. Not sure about way other tools handle it, but you will probably need some abilities regarding databases (SQL) and some scripting language (PHP? Python?) to provide access to data from SQL through WWW class. 
  2. Thanks a lot! For now, I started building solution using agsXMPP and jabber server. Will post it if I get any interesting results.
  3. Hi, I haven't found relevant topic on last few pages - please feel free to merge with another topic if my ctrl-f skipped something relevant :)   I'm writing a Unity networked game. Architecture-wise, clients connect to central server application (also Unity for now), which provides features like creating rooms etc. When players start a game, actual game process is started on server and starts listening for players, clients connect to it, everyone is happy.   However, there is one issue that bugs me for a longer time now - chat.   In theory, the easiest solution would be to solve problem using builtin Unity RPCs with a bit of data stored in MySQL database. However, I'm afraid that would lead to inappropriate scaling of central server application, which already handles a lot of network traffic.   So - I'm thinking of using some XMPP (jabber) library or building custom TCP sockets based solution. Then, service could be located on a server machine, and in case of bad scaling - moved to separate machine.   Has anyone handled this issue before? Is there any rule of thumb regarding this?
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