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  1. you have to know that somebody how claims to have a company, but actually does not, is not one you should apply for.
  2. Shift Quantum

    nice and interesting fresh art. I like it!
  3. Hi, I am working on a FPS+Adventure game in Unreal. The basic game-mechanics and lot of art assets are ready and I would like to integrate some interesting quests and missions next. The setting is realistic, modern day, single-player agent missions with enemies to fight/shoot but also adventure quests like you might find in a typical Adventure game. The adventure part should not be rudimentary like in a RPG (get me x then you get y), rather medium complex quests/tasks/combinations like in traditional adventure games.   References might be spy/secret agents games or movies, e.g. Goldeneye N64. Tools for cooperation skype + google-docs. If you are interested, then send me a PM here. Greets, V --- Mapping & 3D Portfolio/Examples: http://vollkrasser.deviantart.com/gallery/54169567/mapping Architectural visualisation video: https://youtu.be/azO1C9Hqt0g Game-level video: "Valley of the Elves": https://youtu.be/SXsfhxFaHYk      
  4. How can I create a text based adventure game?

    just use this platform, there is everything: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest