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  1. Why should anyone work for you? If YOU sell the assets on the marketplace and give a rev-share to the modeller who does all the work, then its always better for the modeller to sell directly and get all the revenue. If you only want to pay a "commission" based on the revenue you get from sales, then you have no risk at all and would make money off others peoples work. Sounds pretty much like a try for a scam to me.
  2. Vollkrasser

    Hyper-realistic MMO Medieval Simulator Project

    You cant do that with royalty and hobby people. you need a large team of professionals working fulltime for many months. and you need a 2-3 digit million dollar budget.
  3. Vollkrasser

    Dev Team Required

    Do you have any experience making games and leading teams? What is youre field of expertise and contribution to the project? Do you have any budget for basic assets? You should really mentions those basics in youre ad, otherwise people have to assume youre just fishing for people making a game for you.
  4. you have this position already posted some days ago:
  5. Vollkrasser

    Unreal 4 - Heroes & Legends

    what would "you" offer as payment?
  6. you have to know that somebody how claims to have a company, but actually does not, is not one you should apply for.
  7. Vollkrasser

    Shift Quantum

    nice and interesting fresh art. I like it!
  8. Vollkrasser

    How can I create a text based adventure game?

    just use this platform, there is everything: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest
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